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#2040330 Predictions Hereford v Hx F.A cup 3rd qual rd Sat 30th Sept

Posted by sittingbull on 30 September 2017 - 04:59 PM

Can I congratulate the 54 who made the 400 mile round trip, made themselves heard during the game, and were more than gracious in defeat in the Oxford Arms, true fans who even drank cider in the cider county. All the best for the rest of your season, hope you all do/ had a safe journey home.

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#1870004 What is the Solution? (Guernsey fixtures)

Posted by Windsor_Sec on 1 January 2013 - 03:22 PM

.....and my contribution to the debate?
I just want to acknowledge the time and effort the fixture secretary, Alan Constable, has put given in order to get ALL the fixtures for the CCL re-arranged. He has a thankless task and he will not please all the people all the time etc etc but without his work the worse case scenario would be no league and no games played.
So thank you Mr Constable, I applaud you.

Well said John, some sense at last !

When Alan returns on Thursday from a well-earned break [Don't forget he's a club secretary as well as CCL secretary] he might just look at all the crap posted on here and say enough is enough and stand aside to let some of the so-called experts take the job on and I wouldn't blame him one little bit.
What he and the management committe have decided to implement to solve the problem has not been done to favour Guernsey or any other club but simply to solve the problems caused by something out of their control ie the weather !
I've said it before but here goes again - each club has to go to Guernsey once [in the league] and each club has plenty of notice to make their arrangements whatever day of the week it is. If any club cannot get a team together for whatever day it is then they should seriously consider whether they should be playing at this level of the non-league pyramid ! That may sound harsh but change the scenario to one whereby you're required to travel to the borders of Scotland for an FA Vase fixture which would invariably mean a minimum of two days away possibly three, do you whinge and moan or get on with it ? Some might say 'Oh that's a one off' and that's exactly my point, so is your trip to Guernsey ! If more clubs focused on the game instead of the free jolly it then becomes nothing more than another league game albeit with different travel arrangements. Too many clubs are green-eyed about the Green Lions but I've seen plenty of clubs like Guernsey over the last 30 years who have ambition and suffer jealousy because of it. They as a club have gone out of their way to accomodate any potential issues with their membership of the league, in fact they've probably gone over the top in what they offer to visiting clubs so deal with it and be thankful as it's not like they've done anything to cause the problems with the weather ?
Having experienced the Isthmian and Southern League's setup I'm amazed at just what great service the officials of the CCL provide to its' member clubs on a voluntary basis only to be slagged off by a minority who think football is just about them and not every club in the league and all I would say to that minority is that if you think you can do the job better than the current incumbents then put yourselves up for election at the next AGM but don't be surprised if you don't get voted in as the clubs in general know what a great job the management committee are doing.
At the end of the season only one club is likely to have suffered the consequences of the wet Winter and that is Guernsey as their forthcoming schedule will surely be too big an obstacle to them finishing in a promotion place but, if they were able to do it, they would only have the utmost admiration from me as they can't just pull in quality players to bolster their squad for what lies ahead unlike the other title challengers who basically have the whole of the South of England to find players from if required.
What will be interesting now is how Egham and Badshot Lea react to the problems Guernsey face. Do they sit with what they've got squad-wise and think they're good enough to claim a promotion place [don't forget there could be two promotion spots this season] or do they splash a bit more cash and bolster their squads to ensure they have good cover when other players are injured/suspended. Either way both clubs must think that Christmas has come around again as they'll never have a better opportunity to finish above Guernsey !
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#1847140 Bored of all the bickering

Posted by bomaya on 19 September 2012 - 07:19 PM

I know I'm not the only one who has become totally bored with so many threads and posts here being full of tiresome bickering.

As a mod I have seen more complaints about it in the last week than in years.

I personally think we need to cut out the personal attacks, the abuse and the vendettas.

We really don't need threads that are purely attacks on other people especially if they aren't even players or managers. We're all surely mature enough to treat this forum properly ie to discuss the ccl without resorting to childish name calling.

I have mod powers and I'm prepared to use them. Please feel free to talk about this issue here but refrain from all the nonsense described above please.
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#1773499 What the hell

Posted by Smudge on 17 November 2011 - 12:09 PM

My posts recently have gone UNLIKED,cant for the life of me think why.Maybe if I post nice things,my rating will increase.I LOVE GUERNSEY now there's a start.
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#1812502 What a great Season!!!!!

Posted by Picto Cotts on 20 April 2012 - 12:17 AM

Juices flowing nicely on this thread. Here are my thoughts on the refereeing topic, for what they're worth. The referees I know, and I know a few very well, are some of the most fervent football fanatics I've met. They love the game as dearly as any fan, player, manager and indeed have been, or currently are also, supporters of clubs, players and occasionally managers. They think nothing of giving up sometimes 8 hours on a Saturday or Tuesday night to travel to and from, and referee, or run a line on a game for as little as £30.(do the maths, significantly less than the minimum wage)Added to this they pay for affiliation fees, kit, boots, expenses getting to and from in service training events and also take unpaid time off work to persue their hobby, usually making an operating loss across a season.
They, just like their illustrious colleagues on the select group, are human beings. Fallible, flawed and prone to mistakes, especially when put under pressure. They'd love to be perfect and not react adversely to provocation. Sometimes assertiveness can be seen as being arrogant, and they don't for one minute condone swearing at players or being arrogant but the middle of a tasty local derby in the CCFL premier division is no place for a wall flower.
They are well versed in the LotG, but that in itself is not sufficient. As being well versed in the Highway Code does not necessarily make you a good driver. The principles of the LotG lie in its practical application and interpretation.(hence why 'laws' and note rules)
Despite the popular belief that they cannot use common sense when refereeing, they can, and do, use common sense provided players and managers use it too, otherwise they have to apply law more ridgidly.
What absolutely amazes me is that we haven't had a referee assault a player or more so a spectator. Some of the bile and vitriol I've heard aimed at referees, sometimes for awarding the most blatent free kick, has been disgusting. In any other walk of life the perpetrator would either end up on their backside or wouldn't have the bottle to say it in the first place.
To have the mansized balls to step across that white line and put their reputaion in the firing line must take some doing. They try to build relationships with clubs, managers and players but inevitably they will make decisions that do not favour one club or another. Its wholey natural that these decisions anger, frustrate, puzzle more so perhaps than a manager who makes an incorrect team selection, a centre forward who misses a simple tap in or a goalkeeper who fumbles a tame shot and concededs a goal.
None of them want to referee in games where nobody says boo to a goose, but some of the personal verbal assaults have been down right criminal, threats made to them, their personal property and on one occasion to a member of thier family.
Have to say that when I've been to games, the odd idiot aside,most clubs and fans have been nothing short of supurb. This and perhaps the next step up is what I consider to be 'proper football'. Proper people, including referees, who give up valuable time to help run their club, play and manage it for little or no reward simply because it's what they love doing.

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#1891092 Thanks to everyone at Guernsey

Posted by Geggy on 1 April 2013 - 06:06 PM

A loss today but on behalf of the Windsor FC Supporters Club wanted to thank everyone from Guernsey for making today such a terrific day andfor supporting so kindly with the charity donations etc. What a thoroughly nice bunch of supporters, players and management. Absolute credit to their club. We had a great trip trip there in December and we hope we repaid that hospitality today. Great that Roary the Lion made it over him and Scotty the Stag looked like best friends!! People have questioned Guernsey's participation in the division and some have accused them of arrogance but in our two games what a great bunch of people. Good luck for the rest of the season and hope you secure promotion! And if you do the clubs should definitely consider a pre season friendly!
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Posted by E&E Rich on 26 February 2013 - 12:50 PM

Thanks chaps. My contributors to the programme, Alan, Evan and Lyndon do an excellent job and provide a balance to my admittedly anorak side, even though one of them was criticised the other day by someone who'd never bothered to write an article in his life, which is maybe typical of many at non-league football. I always put every contribution in as long as it is relevant in some way to us and obviously not offensive.

The whole reason I put things like that article up on our website is because I feel it's all about getting the supporters and players involved in their club. It's not about telling the world, although if someone living in the Epsom or Ewell area notices this, or even someone living elsewhere who used to live in Epsom or Ewell and runs a business, then they might just want to get involved as sponsors love winning teams. For this rare period in our recent history we fit that description. It won't last long, because runs like this are rare, which is why it was such a story. Information like this are difficult to get out when we are so close to the Sutton United's and Leatherhead's of this world who take most of the local coverage. If we are to compete with them, we have to shout loudly.

Years ago I used to put stats out for our Sunday league side. Each week many of them would be asking me where the latest ones were as they wanted to see how we were doing. Obviously some players weren't so interested, but it engendered loyalty between them and the club, so more of them stayed longer. By covering our history and player stats I am trying to do the same at the club to make the players feel included and not just another stopping point on their career. For example, no one would have had a clue otherwise that two of our players had recently scored 100 goals for the club, nor how they compared against the other players historically, or that Kyle Hough scored 27 penalties in a row for us, a phenomenal record that would just disappear otherwise. I even heard one player returned to the club this year because he "wanted to be a legend" in reference to the book and series I produced in the programme a couple of years back. If that were true that would be great, but I only got it hearsay. Either way, they are very close to entering that elite group of fifty now.

The whole intention behind everything I do is to create extra support, and hopefully therefore extra revenue for our club. If anyone seriously thinks we are slipping under the radar they are deluded, as most see us as a serious threat now, even if we remain third favourites in most people's eyes. Pressure comes with the territory and good players learn to deal with it, and will even thrive on it. If anyone feels that the opposition could be any more motivated by something as trivial as this in on pitch terms, then they weren't motivated in the first place and won't retain that motivation for long. As the season gets towards "squeaky bum time" the better prepared we are will be of greater benefit. The off the field duties need to be left to people who are trying to promote the club as we are in desperate need of money. Twenty years without a ground kind of tests your patience if, going "home" really is your first priority.

Anyone who thinks we are genuinely saying that we are the best team in the country misses the point completely, in fact, just for the hard of learning I even put at the start of the article "jst for a bit of fun". I don't see anyone slagging South Park off because they have a national campaign out there with celebrities involved, and quite rightly so. They are an organised club that are going places. They have a plan and a future and good luck to them for making the most of what they've got. You can also see that there is a clear plan at clubs like Bedfont Sports and Hanworth Villa too, clubs that were little more than a pub side not that long ago, but will be promoted before many of the "established" clubs at this level.

Finally, anyone who says "what are you talking about, you've never played football at this level before" then you are right as I was only up to Div 1 local Sunday League. However, in my sport of 8 ball pool, I played at a significantly higher level and was the longest serving member of a team that became Champions of England in 2009. I was in the top 70 in the country on the Professional Uk Tour and had eight England trials in 13 years, a privilege that only goes to eight people in the South East each year. That's not showing off, that's just to explain that I understand pressure and motivation very, very well.
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#1871520 GFC granted permission to build fence and new gates.....

Posted by JohnM-Redrock on 8 January 2013 - 11:47 AM

Apologies for starting yet another GFC related thread but.....

The islands Planning Department has granted the landlords of Footes Lane (Culture & Leisure, a government department) permission to build a 1.83m perimeter boundary timber fence to be painted black on both sides as well as new gates.

A another step forward toward meeting FA ground grading rules.

Financing the work will be covered solely by GFC and hopefully completed by the 31 March deadline
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#1869988 What is the Solution? (Guernsey fixtures)

Posted by JohnM-Redrock on 1 January 2013 - 12:51 PM

.....and my contribution to the debate?

I just want to acknowledge the time and effort the fixture secretary, Alan Constable, has put given in order to get ALL the fixtures for the CCL re-arranged. He has a thankless task and he will not please all the people all the time etc etc but without his work the worse case scenario would be no league and no games played.

So thank you Mr Constable, I applaud you.
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#1843016 Badshot Lea v Folkestone Invicta

Posted by In The Know on 8 September 2012 - 06:23 PM

Words cannot describe this game but I will try.
Unbeaten Folkestone got off to a perfect start after 4 mins with leading scorer Stuart King putting them 1-0 up. Badshot Lea enjoyed some good possession for the rest of the half but disaster struck just before the interval. A dubious penalty was awarded and Marsden converted although Watto got a hand to it. 2-0 to Folkestone at the interval.
2nd half belonged to the home side. Changed formation and gave it a go. Ryan Scott pulled a goal back on 54 minutes with a low shot into the corner. Badshot Lea continued to push for the equaliser but it didn't look like it was going to come. All three subs were sent on and on 86 minutes badshot lea were level through a Dan Ker cross come shot... Who cares it went in 2-2... Only one side were going for the winner. Folkestone clearly were happy with a Wednesday replay...Cue Jamie Hoppitt. On 90+ minutes he ran down the right wing and sent in a deep cross for substitute Brad Smith to head powerfully home to send the home side and supporters into ecstasy. After the week that Brad has had I could not think of another Badshot Lea player to score the winner. Roll on Monday for the 2nd Qualifying draw. Good luck to South Park in the replay with Walton.
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#2033025 Ware Reprived

Posted by Munchkin on 13 May 2017 - 11:25 PM

These reprieves are nonsense, I know Ware were in a relegation spot by 1 goal, but why is failure rewarded over promoting clubs? Really doesn't make sense to me.
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#1972537 Are CCL Clubs missing the boat ?

Posted by TRS on 2 February 2015 - 09:45 PM



But we are all agreed getting the funding for every single non league club is never ever going to happen. So who are the lucky ones that should get the grants from the council??




Dorking hopefully in 18 months time! Be quite ironic one day when all CCL games are off due to the weather, except at Meadowbank :)

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#1889242 Time for Action.

Posted by Smudge on 23 March 2013 - 11:17 AM

Personally think now is the time for all Non Leagues and Clubs to unite,and approach the FA as one,regards a months extension to the current season.Think it is about time that the hierachy,started helping their Member Clubs,the local F.A.s should also add their voice to this request as well.Never will there be a better time to stand up to the FA,already this week,their has been great Newspaper coverage,about the ridiculous fixture backlog that Guernsey FC face.When will the FA,realise that Non League Clubs do not have state of the art facilities like their Premier League counterparts,but are a big part of the British way of life,and have been for generations.Stand up as one,and they would at least have to consider a longer extension to this season.
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#1870196 What is the Solution? (Guernsey fixtures)

Posted by Non League Nigel on 2 January 2013 - 11:19 AM

I can see arguments for and against but some of the stuff on here is embarrasing. Clubs can argue all they want but i know for a fact speaking to one or two players at the affected clubs that the biggest loss for them is a night out in Guernsey. It's Senior football so being able to fufill a fixture on a Sunday shouldnt be a problem at all.

What where the league to do? anyone got a better idea then lets hear it. If they had consulted everyone they would have all said no we want to go on a Saturday so in these circumstances the fixture secetary had to put his foot down and make some tough decesions. It's been a freak couple of months for weather and you would have thought clubs would rally round and not be difficult.
I have more sympathy for the clubs having to go on a friday evening. In hindsight maybe the league should have asked who would prefer a Fri or Sunday game. If it was a Vase game and the coach left friday afternoon to go up north i'm sure 99% would make it so how is this different. It's a wonderful experience over there and i'm sure all of us that have been would advise others to take the chance and do all they can to make it rather than sulk that its not on a Saturday. Did anyone hear South Kilburn or Guildford complaining? I can say for a fact that if we had to play on a Friday evening we would have no problem and take a near full squad - sure there may be one or two who couldnt make it but for those that are saying they could only get half a side up for Sunday game? please do us a favour.......... ( half the side probably play sundays anyway)
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#1869898 What is the Solution? (Guernsey fixtures)

Posted by HKP on 31 December 2012 - 06:08 PM

So this is no longer a Saturday league but Sunday league to accommodate one team what a joke

Fine, treat us the same as other clubs and teams have to travel on a Tuesday night to Guernsey then.
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#1849925 Just got in,1.30am.

Posted by ormering on 27 September 2012 - 09:53 PM

As Smudge seems intent on attacking our humble website, and in particular our patronage of local boozers near the away grounds we visit, let me offer something of a riposte. We are real ale fans. We love proper beer, from a proper hand pull. Very few football clubs have ale on hand pull in their club house, though there are notable and very welcome exceptions. Therefore, as we make a proper day of it, having to travel two or more hours to get to many of the games (we live in England), we like to have a couple of ales, chat with the locals, check out some lovely pubs and then we head to the ground (usually with time to have a beer before kick off). We usually have a beer at half time and we have several afterwards with the players, officials and fans. Not that we have to justify ourselves to you, we demolished Ash United's stock of bottled Hogs Back TEA abd then put a dent in their Bombardier. At Sandhurst, it being a midweek game we weren't so prolific, but most of their ales had gone by the time we caught our train. We certainly put our fair share into the coffers of the clubs we visit, Smudge, but we like to see some of the local area also. I'm sure the boys and girls will do the same at Chessington on Saturday.
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#1986584 2015-2016 season

Posted by BigDogCol on 20 July 2015 - 07:56 PM

When is the expected opening of Hertford Boating Lake this season Col?


We usually aim for January/February time to coincide with Hoddy's End Of Season party . . . 

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