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Season Tickets (Again)

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12 replies to this topic

offline Alan W (GNFC)

Alan W (GNFC)
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,873
  • Joined: 23 Dec 2001
Be warned that, if you are planning to purchase your season ticket tomorrow, you will have to pay entry, and will not get this deducted from the cost of the season ticket (I know its my own fault that I havent got my ticket yet, but still rather frustrating)

offline behindthegoal

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 357
  • Joined: 3 Apr 2003
...and a con. Not exactly customer friendly is it?

Similar to my experience where I raised a query about a 16 year old, still at school, who will miss a lot, if not the majority of matches, only to be told that the Chief Exec had said we could only buy a full price ticket, not a concession ticket this season.

I know there has to be rules but if someone is in full-time education I don'see what difference it makes if they are 15 or 16? Same supporter as last year, same circumstances, just a bit taller!

If someone is at work or even getting whatever passes for a student grant these days maybe it should be full price but even univ/college students get reductions on many things these days.

Net result, one less season ticket sold.

offline FleetFanatic

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,443
  • Joined: 2 Mar 2002
If you get child benefit for the person in question then surely the fact that the government deems them a child should be considered by the club?

Failing that you could have just lied & bought one for a 15 year old.....

offline David Holden

David Holden
  • Youth Team Coach
  • Posts: 8,757
  • Joined: 5 Sep 2001
  • Location: Gravesend
  • Supports: Gravesend & Northfleet
  • Foes: Dartford
FleetFanatic said:
Failing that you could have just lied & bought one for a 15 year old.....

Except that you have to provide proof of age.

offline FleetFanatic

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,443
  • Joined: 2 Mar 2002
There aren't any other 15 year olds in Gravesend then?

offline chilled out entertainer

chilled out entertainer
  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,017
  • Joined: 17 Jul 2003
You shouldnt have to lie aboiut your age. I believe kids still at school should get concessions. A Paperround is not gonna cover entry ,a burger and beers at that age is it(not that they should try and get served alcohol). A season ticket cuts the cost a bit for school kids. At the end of the day, if the club can keep the kids interest in the game, then they will grow up to become fully grown beerswilling ,programme buying fleet maniacs like the rest of us!

offline Andrewc

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 632
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
Another thing not considered by the Club when deciding 16-17 year olds were adults in terms of a season ticket prices were the free beer vouchers. Yes, I know we all live in the real world where those in their mid teens drink alcohol before they are 18 but I do think the Club should have provided an alternative.

Oh well, two more beers for the old man I suppose. It's something else for Mr. Aitken or whoever, to consider for season 2005/06.

offline Hempstead Gaz

Hempstead Gaz
  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 5,501
  • Joined: 18 May 2002
Make a man of him Andy, buy your lad a lager, add a splash and call it a shandy!! Didn't do us any harm, drinking over Regans bar at 17!!

offline JimGNFC

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 462
  • Joined: 10 Nov 2002
I will probably get mocked for this . . . but what the heck . . . why not let all U16's/U18's in for free to every game if they are escorted by an adult? (No more than say 3 kids per adult).

Would the Club really stand to lose much money by adopting such a policy considering they would get the Adult admission, who otherwise might not attend.

The Wimbledon of the 80's consistantly gave away free tickets to school kids and within 5 years they had a new generation of Adult supporters paying at the gates and their attendances had doubled!

With the Gills threatening to invade Gravesham the Club needs to look at the long term gain rather than the short term loss of the "odd fiver at the gate".

If the Gills do move here, its gonna be 3-5 years before they get a stadium built. Regardless of whether we ground share or not that gives GNFC 3-5 years to build a "new generalation of LOYAL supporters".

If the Gills do move in then you can bet your house on the fact that Gills leaflets will get delivered to every Gravesham household, the local schools will get targetted and the local press will be swamped by Gills news. Before long, the town will be awash with the Gills Seafrance Blue tops. In its current guise will the Fleet be able to compete with this kind of aggressive marketing?

Aside from letting the kids in free it might help to reduce some of the "anti-social" behaviour in Gravesham by taking the blueberry capped youths off the streets for a few hours and giving them something to do. The council might recognise this and be more forthcoming with grants for the Club for this and that . . .

offline Guest__*

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  • Joined: --
Superb - Like your style . Thats exactly what we need to do.

I bring some of my ninos to most games home and away but we need a hell of a lot more to generate the bigger crowds that we will need as we set sail up the Football league.

A great long term view, well said.

offline Bloodnock

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 581
  • Joined: 20 Jan 2003
Totally agree, wev'e got be more proactive, this Gillingham nonsense should focus the minds of the Fleet board, and they should now be very aggresive and raise the clubs profile in the area to new heights, it's time to no longer pussyfoot around and recognise Scallys' plans are a real threat to our existence.

offline James

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 283
  • Joined: 5 Aug 2003
But should not all school children whatever age in full time education be classed as children. The club could be proactive about this surely losing the odd fiver would be replaced by the extra kids that would be attracted by a cheaper price.

offline behindthegoal

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 357
  • Joined: 3 Apr 2003
...perhaps someone from the club still reads the unofficial view of things and will take some of these comments on board. We can hope!

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