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offline Guest__*

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Andy Ford is losing the plot as he keeps changing formation and the team about it may be time for him to step down and let someone else push this club on.

offline Stu M

Stu M
  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 6,503
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
Bla bla bla, heard it all before, fifth in the Conference.

Wait until we're in the bottom three before even thinking of spouting that kinda crap.

offline Bill Kent

Bill Kent
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
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  • Joined: 12 Apr 2004
Don't talk crap !!

offline chilled out entertainer

chilled out entertainer
  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,017
  • Joined: 17 Jul 2003
who are these people. Andy ford is doing a tremendous job. Even after our good start, I would not be calling for his head if we finished 14th or 15th. We have to be concerned at staying in the conf, not worrying about going up. We all know that if we did the first season in league two would probably be embarrasing.Lets just hope for an excellent position this year with a view to build on that for the next 3-4 seasons.

offline jc

  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,408
  • Joined: 29 Apr 2002
  • Location: Gravesend
  • Supports: Ebbsfleet United
who are these people.

Anonymous posters of course, Squawk, just like after the Burton game a fortnight ago.

I'm no expert, but I believe the Internet parlance in these situations is 'don't feed the trolls'.

offline Guest__*

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Andy Ford is losing the plot as he keeps changing formation and the team about it may be time for him to step down and let someone else push this club on.

Tend to agree, particularly with the Shearer debacle. Who's to say we wouldn't have got points out of the Burton and Halifax games if he'd played. He also played a big part in our long unbeaten run. Pesonalities shouldn't be an issue, it what happens on the park that counts.

offline chilled out entertainer

chilled out entertainer
  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,017
  • Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Well personalities are an issue and yours in particular.Register on here and start posting things of interest to fleet fans other than sarcy comments or general niggles. All you non-registered folk are a waste of space.

offline Bernard

  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,263
  • Joined: 14 Nov 2002
I agree that we aren't strong enough in defence to allow one of our centre backs to go out on loan, however, I think it is a little naive to believe we would have beaten Burton, and escpecially Halifax, with Lee in the team. Our defence was nothing special when he was with us, even during our unbeaten run - it was mainly our goals that won us so many games. We have never been a clean sheet side, sadly.
To be honest, this just seems like a load of unregistered trouble makers trying to stir things up and I think we are all getting a little bored of these threads appearing every time we have a poor result. Get a life lads.

offline Hirsty

  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,642
  • Joined: 21 May 2002
Fornicate off & decease !!

How polite can I be ? Not a swear word in sight !!

No malice intended....nothing personal.....just voicing an opinion.....in the last throws of democracy...before President Blair bans everything......Guy Fawkes was right !!!

.....you've all done very well....!

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/elephant.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/ghost.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/elephant.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/ghost.gif" alt="" />

offline FleetFanatic

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,443
  • Joined: 2 Mar 2002
(Takes moderator head off)

It's no surprise that there's 2 posts from unregistered users in this thread & they are both full of rubbish.

(Puts moderator head back on)

No comment.

offline Andy Y. (G&NFC)

Andy Y. (G&NFC)
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 488
  • Joined: 19 May 2002
I've not been the Worlds greatest fan of Fordy as a man manager over the years. And I am more than a little mistified by the Shearer business.


The massive steps forward we have taken over the past few years have been due in no small part to the Manager and his Assistant. To be posting crap about how he should be given the push is bloody ludicrous!

I had the mis-fortune to watch Welling play Weymouth yesterday. If you want a gentle reminder of how far we have come, I reckon you should take a trip there and watch a couple of games there.

offline Malcolm S

Malcolm S
  • Reserves
  • Posts: 67
  • Joined: 31 Dec 2002
next time you make a post wipe your [****!!****] first you are full of s**t

offline Stu B

Stu B
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,741
  • Joined: 27 Nov 2002
I'm with JC on this..don't feed the trolls.
I don't even know why people are even bothering to argue with this guy...that said i'm going to argue anyway <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
A few years ago we were a distinctly average Ryman team, he gets us into the conf,first season we manage to stay up..the next season we move to middle table...now we're 5th..look at it long term,don't judge him on a few bad results.

offline Mepis

  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 307
  • Joined: 19 May 2002
That's your answer Top Fan and Robert Stevenson, the progress made by Fleet since AF arrival is tremendous, we will not win the Conference or end in a play off position but we will finish higher than last season. AF picks the team i would like Shearer in the team i would also prefer Mitten in goal but that's the way it is.

offline Harry J Allstars

Harry J Allstars
  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,238
  • Joined: 27 Sep 2004
If Andy really is losing IT!!! Then I have a copy of that film on Video and he can borrow it any time.

offline Wobbly Wayne rides again

Wobbly Wayne rides again
  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,696
  • Joined: 21 May 2002
I have ET on video if that helps anyone.

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