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offline AFF

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While we're waiting for the Americans to finish breakfast, a couple of related thoughts:

Maybe the ethnic people and their leaders in this country don't give a d@mn about 'our' festivals and customs and are quite happy to see tha cross of St George and nativity stuff. Perhaps the 'problem' is simply that we have pinkos who are overly politically correct. I heard a story about the Police who were trying to identify the body of a black guy found somewhere. They checked his facial characteristics with a Facial Characteristic Consultant, or whoever, and wanted to go on Crimewatch and describe the deceased as "negroid, possibly Nigerian descent". The Police first contacted every African Embassy in the U.K and the Commission for Racial Equality and all responded positively that such a description would not offend.

Out it went on Crimewatch and three white Social Workers from East London phoned and complained that the language was racially offensive.

Do they have these kind of PC Pinkos in the US of A?

I heard an interesting couple of facts about France over the past couple of weeks. Patrick Viera apparently said that when he and the other French players arrived in the UK, they were amazed to see black newsreaders on the T.V. Apparently that doesn't happen back in the vieux pays.

In addition, France has a similar Muslim population to the U.K., apparently, but there is not one Muslim mayor in France. And not one Muslim M.P. Now those are surprising statistics to me.

offline Big J R

Big J R
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I'm so glad my original post has resulted in some responsible debate. That was my intention.

Over to you, Moo and Les, on AFF's question !

offline Moo

  • National Squad - 2nd XI
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  • Joined: 3 Mar 2005
We do have quite a few of the PC people over here. Granted, we may not have rioting in the streets, but there is quite a bit of demanding that we not infringe on the rights of minorities by having Christmas displays and other religious or American displays. It may seem that everyone co-exists peacefully here, but it isn't quite that simple. Quite a few of the gangs aren't only fighting over territory but against gangs of other cultures. The KKK is still in existence, and finds new groups to target all the time, etc.

The way I see it, why move to another country if you don't want to have anything to do with what has always been part of the culture of that country? If you don't want to look at the England flag or the US flag, don't go to England or the USA. Quite simple. If Christmas bothers you, don't go to a country that celebrates Christmas.

offline AFF

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 5,250
  • Joined: 20 Dec 2001
An interesting choice of words, Moo.

You said, words to the effect, 'If you don't like it, don't go there'. And there's the rub. I picture that when Sheffield City Council ban taxi drivers from flying the English flag during the World Cup in order that the ethnic minorities will not be offended, or some loony Council wants to refer to the festive lights as 'Winter' rather than 'Christmas' lights a number of us white folks 'blame' the ethnic minorities, and a level of what could be called racial tension follows, even if its limited to the living rooms of the chattering classes or the Pub! I really question whether any [right thinking as opposed to extremist] member of an ethnic minority actually gives a d@mn. If so, we should blame theose pinkos who have taken PC to a ridiculous level rather than the ethnic moniority that they are so anxious not to offend.

Unless I'm missing something, we don't have noticeable rioting in the streets between the indiginous White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and black or coloured immigrants, do we? There is drug related violence in the streets, of course and the recent stuff in Birmingham was black vs. Asian.

That said, if I'm wrong, I don't believe that if all this PC cr@p had been the norm in this society for, say, the last 10 years, the suicide bombings in London in July would not have taken place. That one is a horse of a different colour. What concerns me now is that the people who have a responsibility to try to understand what makes a suicide bomber, come from the group of people who don't want to see an immigrant offended by the sight of a taxi with a Cross of St George flag on its arial.

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