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  2. Lifted from the other thread and over 100 photographs of Hertford Town v Oxhey Jets, at Hertingfordbury Park on Saturday 15 December 2012, in a 2012/13 SSML Premier Division fixture which Oxhey Jets won 7-0, surprise surprise Lewis Putman scored four of the goals with Stephen Brown, Warren Gladdy and Gavin Hart also netting. Oxhey Jets finished third in the table that season behind unbeaten Champions Dunstable Town and Aylesbury United who were both promoted to the Southern League, Lewis Putman was top scorer with 52 League goals in just 26 appearances:
  3. Yes CC they both played against Ramsgate so yes should play their next match for us .. Given the Welling isolation it would be good to get confirmation they are returning .. Whilst on the topic of good news, stumbled across Barnets live feed v Hartlepool tonight with 15mins to go - was a pay link but could be seen free - was interested in seeing Mo but he only played last few minutes - Barnet looked awful and their forum is doom and gloom about potential relegation - so in theory there could be an Enfield - Barnet league game next season for 1st time since 89/90 !!
  4. We don't appear to have a 'proper' thread for Oxhey Jets other than this one (see link) when Stuart Atkins took the reins back in May, he has done a good job thus far with the Club currently eighth in the table with games in hand on those above them, having lost just one League game. Lets kick off the thread then with photographs from a 2013/14 Herts FA Senior Cup First Round tie at Hitchin Town on Monday 4 November 2013, The Cold End was in attendance too (see link) so there is video coverage, Hitchin Town won 4-0: Oxhey Jets FC new First Team Manager. - Spartan South Midlands League Forum - Fans Focus - Non League football clubs The Cold End: CANARIES ON THE ROAD TO LETCHWORTH
  5. £300 million Sport bailout 🏉 Union: £135m Horseracing: £40m Football: £28m Motorsport: £6m Tennis: £5m Netball: £4m Basketball: £4m Ice Hockey: £4m Badminton: £2m Grassroots football £0m 🤔 Because the FREE volunteers will keep Grassroots football alive!
  6. UPDATE DATE CHANGE In these times of great uncertainty, nothing can be taken for granted, least of all in relation to sports fixtures. In case you missed the announcement, published today on the ETFC Official Website, our FA Trophy First Round match against Maldon & Tiptree, will now be played at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium on Wednesday 9th December (7.45 pm). This date is subject to confirmation, depending on future Government announcements. A match to look forward to. See you there.
  7. This could push even more ⚽ supporters to go and watch there local non league footy instead. Which is great news for non league ⚽ clubs. I know some non league ⚽ clubs saw an increase in attendances before the 2nd lockdown.
  8. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said a limited number of fans can return with up to 4,000 allowed into venues that are in Tier 1 locations after December 2. Clubs situated in Tier 2 will only be able to let 2,000 in while those that are in Tier 3, likely to include Liverpool and Manchester, will be prevented from allowing supporters in.
  9. Gosh these " amicable arrangements*" certainly become confusing!!!!!! From what I have learned about the football world in the passed, CC, there is no such thing as sense or logic. It seems that in their world the watch phrase is " hang on to what you have got what ever happens, or at least until the price is right, whether legit or other wise.
  10. Savagebee - Yes, this was an interesting thread back in April 2013, just before Dunstable Town emulated the likes of Arsenal, Preston North End and AFC Wimbledon and went the entire SSML League season unbeaten as well as lifting the Challenge Trophy and Bedfordshie FA Premier Cup. Dunstable Town fan The Dog cordially invited members along to Creasey Park on Saturday 27 April for their final game of the season against Hatfield Town to witness the Club make the record and lift the Championship Shield, they won 2-0 and then went on to beat Codicote 3-2, a week or so later, in the Challenge Trophy Final at Preston Park with a certain person running the line. Anyway, following one or two initial congratulatory posts the thread descended into a slanging match and even Loosely, remember him of Southill Alexander 'fame', became involved, goodness knows why, Rebadiah Hongfield surprisingly commented that he didn't like Dunstable Town's fans however he didn't go into detail as to why not:
  11. Winslow Boy - You called this an absolute tragedy and you're not far off the mark, these unscrupulous developers who just have pound signs in front of their eyes and nothing more should be shot at dawn or hung drawn and quartered, they couldn't care a less about the beautiful game and the numerous iconic old stadiums we have sadly lost:
  12. As I understand it, Welling are due to play in the FA Trophy. I've not checked, but assuming Ryan and Lyle have both represented Town in the Trophy this season, then I gather they are ineligible to be selected for Welling. Would make sense for them to come back to Town for the Maldon game. We then kidnap them after the game and 'The Welling Problem' is solved.
  13. We don't have either player on contract as far as I'm aware.
  14. The Daily Mail report that the Premier League outlined their Covid Code of Conduct in a letter to clubs on Saturday. They claim the document said: "This may include banning singing, shouting and alcohol consumption." Fans will be asked to sign up to the Code of Conduct when they buy a ticket, the report adds. Other measures expected include filling in a health questionnaire, wearing a mask and following signs about social distancing within the stadium. Ha Ha not for me in a million years! #Rubbish
  15. Would love to see Rebadiah Hongfield return to this forum.
  16. with BQ in charge we are kept in the dark the law should be if a player goes on duel contract then the "mother" team ie etfc have control and get the player(s) as and when
  17. Think would be good if we had an update.....obviously don't know about when exactly the Town will start playing again however...... you'd think there was some sort of dialogue going on between the management teams and players.....including Welling.......or are they being kept in the dark as much as we are??
  18. The FA also said 'We will continue our ongoing dialogue with Government to clarify the details and next steps, and provide further updates in due course'. No clarity yet on whether matches at our level will be allowed in Tier 3 areas - we'll find out on Thursday what tier we'll be in. Evening Standard is currently saying London is likely to be Tier 2, Daily Mail front page says London will be Tier 3. The Welling players will be out of isolation before we're due to restart on the 8th December (Welling's statement on that subject was 20th November) - whether Ryan & Lyle come back is, of course, another matter.
  19. There was a thread created a while back by the knowledgable Rebadiah Hongfield entitled 'SSML Player Loyalty' and I'm surprised it died a death after just three posts, his view was that he didn't think it was 'a big deal' and that it was part and parcel of Non League football, he went on to ask 'what actual benefit do you get from staying at a Club, especially at this level and it's the player's own personal time and choice, not a job'. I can't say that I agree with Rebadiah Hongfield because you have to have some loyalty as well as a conscience, you have to admire Lewis Putman at Oxhey Jets, and Jordan Brown for example at Eynesbury Rovers, who could choose to play at a much higher level and of course Matt Le Tissier will always be 'the benchmark' for loyalty at Southampton: SSML Player Loyalty - Spartan South Midlands League Forum - Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
  20. The Spartan - Are you involved at Icknield Way in any way, shape or form, as you will probably know Tring Corinthians were established in 1956 by Fred Evans who lived locally and they played in the Aylesbury & District League until joining Division Two of the SSML in 2005/06 where they have been ever since, never finishing above fourth. They were forced to leave briefly after eight games during the 2018/19 campaign due to lack of players, and their record was expunged, however thankfully they quickly re-grouped and returned last season under new Management. It would be nice to see the Club performing better and obviously at a higher level but that's not possible due to ground restrictions, like I said before had Colin Phillips not left Icknield Way towards the end of the 2015/16 campaign they would have possibly gone on to win Division Two the next season, Lee Groves took over but didn't stay very long before moving to Berkhamsted Raiders and Sam Sleck then took over so there has never really been any long term stability.
  21. R.I.P. The Matchday Programe that has been dieing a slow death for a few years now another thing that Covid-19 or should I say the Bad Flu will help to kill off for good which has not been helped by our Supreme Leaders making this whole thing a lot worse than it should have been.
  22. A few photographs, match report and programme from Dunstable Town's disappointing 6-1 FA Cup First Qualifying Round defeat at Barking earlier this season, on Tuesday 22 September 2020: Match Centre: Barking v Dunstable Town - Tuesday September22nd 2020 (barking-fc.co.uk) Barking FC Dunstable Town FC - Flipbook by Barking FC | FlipHTML5
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  24. Not SSML but almost 100 photographs from Spalding United v Eynesbury Rovers on Saturday 17 August 2013, in a 2013/14 FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round tie, United Counties League Premier Division Spalding United, who finished as Champions, won 4-2 with Lee Bassett and Ben Colmer netting for the visitors. Eynesbury Rovers were in the division below and were promoted that season, finishing second in Division One behind runaway winners Oadby Town:
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