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  2. An update including the new Club's Managers however Karen will no doubt delight in correcting me on some: SSML Premier Division Managers Arlesey Town - Chico Ramos Aylesbury Vale Dynamos - Phil Granville Baldock Town - Rob Bates Broadfields United - Liam Bird Cockfosters - Ryan Wade Crawley Green - Craig Bicknell & Craig Meyrick Dunstable Town - Gareth Jackson Flackwell Heath - Marcus Richardson Hadley - Anthony Clark Harefield United - Jason Shaw Harpenden Town - Mickey Nathan Holmer Green - Matt Stowell Leighton Town - Joe Sw
  3. Karen - Thanks, yes only eight Club's at Step 6 level will participate in the FA Cup, that's 'criminal' isn't it. As you say a draw will select eight Step 6 Leagues, each of whom will provide their highest ranked Club who were not selected by the FA for upward movement, what a farce, New Salamis and Milton Keynes Irish must be laughing mustn't they as well as Risborough Rangers: FA Competitions 21-22 | NonLeagueMatters Forums
  4. Karen - You are never very forthcoming are you, you must know far more than you are letting on.
  5. Last week
  6. Have now been informed by the club that Penn had their appeal his week and will be notified of the outcome next week
  7. The running order for the book - Mark Stimson manager) Tony Gay (assistant manager) Colin McBride Norman Posner (secretary) The Wembley Timetable Peter Trinder (Photographer - behind the lens) Jago (commentator) Luke (commentator) The Players (their individual experiences and highlights of the Trophy run and Wembley) Season Review - Part 1 - The Isthmian League and F.A. Cup Season Review - Part 2 - From Bowers to Wembley with comments from Alex Sharp Supporters Section - contributions and memories from supporters Photos - 30 pa
  8. I have not spoken with all clubs but I am aware of several that have appealed (Penn are not among those that I know of). Appeals were heard this week and again there are more appeals next week. Clubs that had their appeals this week have been informed they will be notified next week as to outcomes of their appeals.
  9. Any truth in the rumour that Penn had appealed their placing in the SML?
  10. Phew, for one fearful moment I thought that Dave Anderson might have been back today as co-presenter of the other Non League Show but thankfully he isn't. It's a good listen ahead of the National League Play Off Final on Sunday between Torquay United and Hartlepool United: https://audioboom.com/posts/7888942-18th-june-2021-hartlepool-united-whitehawk-the-musical-our-game?playlist_direction=forward It's National League Finals Day on Sunday and Tim Fuell speaks again with Hartepool United boss Dave Challinor and nips in on the Gary Johnson press conference at Torquay United ahead of th
  11. Britman - Yes, fair point as that hadn't crossed my mind however Hollywood 'A Listers' would have no problem getting around red tape, I believe Tom Cruise for example pretty much commutes between the US and the UK. Out of interest had you ever heard of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney before they bought Wrexham, I certainly hadn't and there has to be sinister method in their madness.
  12. London Colney have announced their pre-season friendly schedule with some interesting looking fixtures:
  13. A gentle nudge about this evening as per above, first come first served!
  14. Karen - Did all the appeals come to nothing, I gather one or two were being taken seriously by the FA but most of them, such as Biggleswade United, Newport Pagnell Town and Potton United, were expected to be 'laughed out of Court'. I see you have been very active on another Forum, unlike on this one: Spartan South Midlands League 21/22 | Page 2 | NonLeagueMatters Forums
  15. The Emirates FA Cup – Step 6 Clubs to be accepted As the Competition was oversubscribed, it will not be possible to accommodate all Clubs that have applied to enter. As a result of the recent restructuring of The FA National League System, the maximum number of Clubs that can be accepted to participate in the Competition in its current format shall be 729. All Clubs that applied to enter the 2021-22 Competition that will be competing at Step 5 of The FA National League System or higher for the 2021-22 season shall be accepted. Taking into account the number of Clubs that have been uplifte
  16. Well, it tells me that there is still travel restrictions from the US to the UK. I'm sure they will visit.
  17. I've got over it! 😅 it was a great game to be fair!
  18. Deano5 - Apart from knocking you out of the FA Youth Cup at Pancake Lane last season on penalties, that was heartbreaking wasn't it
  19. He has said he may make the odd cameo appearance but not at the detriment of players coming through our youth team! We have a very exciting crop of youngsters coming through our 18s at the moment and I am extremely pleased with the set up now in place at Leverstock Green FC!
  20. 3 for me please. John Evans Linda Evans Paul Evans Thanks - all added to list. And welcome to the forum Thanks
  21. Bell Close is looking amazing at the moment isn't it:
  22. Will Fergus and Scott still register to play? If needed? Hope they do well at Leverstock Green FC 👍
  23. As part of the Leverstock Green "hierarchy" previously mentioned and personally interviewed him I feel I'm well placed to offer my view! Fergus, Scott and Paul impressed us greatly over the other 21 applicants and 6 that we face to faced interviewed. He was our unanimous choice ahead of many well known faces in non league football and are confident he can take us to the next level but his remit is merely stability and building morale and team spirit for the forthcoming season. In the short time already closely working with him I am greatly impressed with his attitude, humbleness
  24. We had a chance over the long covid period to reset the managment set-up/playing squad/and how we want to proceed as a club in the future. Got a feeling though that it will be the 'same old' .With probably 7 or 8 players still with us (the one's that no one else wanted),plus the usual revolving door of transient Level 7 players
  25. Buckingham Athletic's pre-season friendly schedule, Scott Reynolds really means business doesn't he:
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