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  2. I've been advised that ticket prices will be as per their website i.e. £7 plus concessions of £4 Tickets will be at this link but they are not yet available online: https://www.walthamstowfc.com/product-category/tickets/ Tickets will also be available on the day at the turnstiles. Attendance capacity: 300
  3. any idea on their average attendances? Think tickets will go pretty quickly if the crowd max is around 200-300.
  4. And they seem to be getting better crowds thus far this season.
  5. That's what I do Especially when betting on greyhound races
  6. Spartak Moscow 1 v 1 Zenit St P Reading 1 v 3 Watford Charlton 2 v 0 Sunderland Maldon & T 2 v 1 Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow 0 v 3 ‘ornchurch Att: 299
  7. Today
  8. "Anyway - well done to Kentish Maid and to Nick. Just goes to show any fool can play this. BTW - KM - do you want to have a team name? I forgot to ask." You forgot to ask. Huh. I'll have to have a think. Any fool....huh Oh, just found that foreign stuff score....spot on! Who were they again???
  9. Spartak Moscow 1 v 1 Zenit St P Reading 0 v 3 Watford Charlton 1 v 2 Sunderland Maldon & T 2 v 0 Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow 0 v 5 ‘ornchurch Att:304
  10. Saturday proved to be another afternoon packed full of goals and excitement in the Toolstation NCEL as all but two of our sides were involved in league action. View the full article
  11. Well. A week of ups and downs. Excellent performance on Tuesday agaunst "runaway league leaders" (who'd have thought it?) Bowers in the Cup. Yesterday? Not so good. Clearly left our shooting boots in the dressing rooms. Onwards to the traditional Tuesday night schlep to Margate. Anyway - never mind the real world, I know you're dying to know how you got on in the all important Emergency Cup. All I can say is the scores were fairly closesly clustered so there's still plenty to play for in the second (AND FINAL) qualifying round. Even Cup of Tea, AKA "what day of the week is it again?", only needs to make up 6 goals. (Yeah OK - he's out.... now go on and prove me wrong!). I reckon the top 3 can probably relax but they won't be getting any reminder texts from me, that's for sure. Remember the top 16 aggregate scores at the end of this week go through to the First Round Proper, with tie break on crowd predictions. Our two new joiners (in red) both got their bonus goal - but looking at the table this now looks like an unnecessarily generous offer... how typical of Jago's kind and generous nature I'm sure you are all saying. Anyway - well done to Kentish Maid and to Nick. Just goes to show any fool can play this. BTW - KM - do you want to have a team name? I forgot to ask. And without more waffle - here's the current table : And here are next week's fixtures: PL Emergency Cup, 2nd qualifying round, Sat 3rd Oct by 15:00 The Premier League looks a bit predictable (not by us, obviously), so we head off to the lower reaches... Spartak Moscow v Zenit St P Reading v Watford Charlton v Sunderland Maldon & T v Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow v ‘ornchurch Att: That's all folks. See you at Walthamstow hopefully. Jago
  12. Yep, I did quite well on the crowd. Not much else. I think I will just throw a die next time for results.
  13. You are forgiven: and in fact have not actually been given a "formal warning" yet. As it's your first go that would be officialdom-gone-mad. Even for me. But if we do manage to start a proper league after Christmas then you will have to learn all the crossed out rules too. Examinations take place on the first Wednesday of the month, pass mark 10%. Blackballed and COYS have still not passed mind you - I'm simply grateful if they manage to use numbers rather than tally notches. PS - you are looking very comfortable to qualify for the first round - see next post whenever I get round to doing it.
  14. I would never give my personal information to some Tom, Dick or Harry to watch a non league football match.
  15. Bulletin folks, I have it on good authority that Ollie will discuss the National League on the show later, the FA Cup, fans in stadiums and, wait for it, Bedford Town will be featured, I'm just wondering whether Ollie will have lined up an interview with Mark Ducket, surely not but you never know. Also on the show will be Boreham Wood with possibly their controversial Chairman Danny Hunter interviewed , a feature on Sarratt which will be interesting and to top it all Leighton Town, roll on 2.00pm. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_three_counties_radio
  16. Oh sorry even more. I found some rules which were not crossed out. It's all my fault and I am sorry, sorry. Won't do it again. xx
  17. Did anyone tell me about such things? I know nothing about foreign stuff, and clearly on the Premiership after naff predictions. I clearly know nothing about your funny rules either. I typed a neat and clear set of nonsense without knowing how to do it :0( So, I am very sorry to have transgressed. I don't understand modern either as when I did Saltpot I did it with pen and paper and my brain. However, as I try to move to the 21st Century I shall take heed and see if I can manage. xx
  18. Decent draw for us and no doubt that Walthamstow will be up for this game. Watching out for ticket news, they seem to sell their tickets online.
  19. Lets not forget the Ilford v London Lions First Qualifying Round tie this afternoon:
  20. I'm sure I am wasting my time posting a reminder about Ollie Bayliss's BBC Three Counties Radio Non League Show this afternoon at 2.00pm, Ollie is staying tight lipped about what is on the show however I gather he was at Valley Parade yesterday doing a commentary on the Bradford City v Stevenage League 2 game which will be interesting to hear about as three Stevenage players tested positive for Covid-19 beforehand yet the game still went ahead. Also Ollie won't have been happy with his beloved Aylesbury United's tame FA Cup First Qualifying Round exit this week, on penalties to Moneyfields, so no doubt he will have something to say about that: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08rjrhh
  21. No doubt the Non League Paper will be a great read today with all the FA Cup reports from midweek, a preview on the Second Qualifying Round which is next Saturday already and a review of yesterday's games:
  22. Savagebee - You have to despair really, not directly SSML but this is from Hendon's gateman on another Forum who was on duty at Silver Jubilee Park yesterday, I hope they fix the 'Track & Trace' system in time for Edgware Town's home game with Harpenden Town on Tuesday: Southern League South Premier Division Hendon 0-4 Truro City Att: 336 Admission: Turnstile duty today - for my apparently many sins in a previous life The Greens were given a little bit of a lesson by a very impressive and efficient Cornish outfit. It'll take a very good side to stop them winning the title this season. Admission was via a cocktail of advance online sales (60%), contactless card payments (25%) and cash (15%). Track and trace went a little bit haywire with issues with the NHS app meaning one of our poor fans took down 5-pages of A4 handwritten names and numbers. Inside the ground, from what I've heard, things seemed to work quite well with the bar trialling a take-away service as well as table service. The game. We never really got to grips with the two Truro wing-backs, especially Niall Thompson down the right. There aren't too many better or more effective players than him in the league. I didn't see much of the first half, but I did see Truro's well worked and simple opener after 14 minutes. A similar move on the hour mark made it 2-0 before a penalty and rebound after a fine Jonathan North save saw the White Tigers depart with 3 points and a handsome victory. For us, we've seen the standard we - and probably most others - need to aspire to.
  23. A groundhopper was at this one and gives an interesting report, no programme must have gone down like a lead balloon: Spartan South Midlands League, Division 2 Tring Corinthians 2 Berkhamsted Raiders 2 Attendance 23 Admission £3, no programme (but team news and manager’s ‘programme review’ style notes on the website before the game) Pint of Carlsberg £3.40, coffee £1 For the first time since pubs re-opened, my mates decided to meet up on Saturday instead of Friday and at an earlier time due to the new 10:00 shutdown, so just as well I'd already chosen a relatively close hop. After a couple of false starts trying to visit previously, I finally made it to Tring Corinthians’ home in Icknield Way, a mile or so north east up the B488 from the junction with the A41. Corinthians’ chairman / gateman was incredibly thorough - NHS app, forehead temperature check, hand gel, and only six people allowed at one time in the compact clubhouse – I had to wait to get in there as the players’ profiles and photos were being compiled before the game! The ground is technically one-and-a-half sided for spectators, behind the goal nearest the road, where the dark green painted clubhouse and changing rooms (the latter very close to the pitch) and the car park are located, and halfway down a thorny hedged flank (which burst its second ball of the season already today) with the dugouts set into the greenery! Some people did stand on the unroped side in front of the field with a public footpath opposite the dugouts. A small stand with moveable plastic village hall type seats for about 15 spectators is situated in the corner nearest the clubhouse. On the first autumnal feeling Saturday of the season, the pitch length wind was absolutely freezing. Goodness knows what it was like for those poor souls in East Anglia. The wind and slope down towards Icknield Way assisted the home side in the first half, with two free kicks near halfway bouncing before needing to be tipped over the bar. The hosts opened the scoring in the 13th, a free kick 25 yards out flicked on and finished from an acute angle by Toby Bennett. Eight minutes later, Harry Bennett (no relation) latched onto a neat through ball and unflinchingly lobbed home from 20 yards. Raiders had an opportunity to score when a player was fouled in the box while travelling away from goal, but TC keeper Dan Bobinski saved Emmanuel Agyeman’s 28th minute spot kick to his left. On a bitterly cold day, someone obviously used the hairdryer treatment in the away dressing room during the break as the second half was virtually one way traffic, Raiders’ cause boosted when Alfie Boswell received the ball, arced round the edge of the box and hit a 20 yard scorcher 20 seconds into the half for 1-2. Boswell got his brace from the penalty spot in the 70th following a shove in the back just inside the box. The home side may have been annoyed at losing a two goal lead but would maybe have been happy to share the spoils due to the adversity after the break. Home somehow by 5.45 and a decent quaff soon after!
  24. Was that agreed to by the SSML, is there a problem with the North Furzton Sports Ground, it gives an unfair advantage to MK Gallacticos doesn't it if they play on 4g every home game and the away team has to adapt to that surface on the day
  25. The e-mail sent by the Chairman of your club did not state anything about delaying until after your next home midweek game so the SSML agreed it should start immediately
  26. Yesterday
  27. Karen just to confirm that we at Edgware Town have agreed to move all our midweek home games forward to 19:30pm KO time. This will come into effect AFTER the game with Harpenden next Tuesday
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