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  2. Not directly Eynesbury Rovers related however I see that Mark Ducket will be continuing at The Eyrie next season along with his trusted Assistant Martin Standen and Coaches Ronayne Marsh-Brown and Gil Octave, I'm not sure whether he brought any of them over with him after suddenly, without any warning, jumping ship in January leaving a sour taste in the mouth at Hall Road where he had been at the helm for four years: https://nonleaguedaily.com/bedford-town-back-ducket-to-manage-club-next-season/?
  3. This is the letter in it's entirety, apologies as I see that the Chairman of Colney Heath, Martin Marlborough, signed it too: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S2D1pubuExfxKsIMlKnB_pFO8-boHx_t/view
  4. It may be too soon but has there been an announcement as yet on Berkhamsted Raiders groundshare agreement at the Orbital Fasteners Stadium, firstly, for next season and, secondly, the Club still had seven home fixtures remaining this season and, correct me if I am wrong, paid for the entire season up front rather than on a game by game basis, will Kings Langley be refunding some of that money.
  5. These are all the signatories of the letter, I can only see Guillem Balague's name from the SSML:
  6. Aron Hutchings, the last player in the top row, an old fashioned stopper centre half for Kentish Town in the SSML and often got compared to Ron Yeats at Liverpool, absolutely fearless and rarely, if at all, got beaten in the air. Aron had a happy go lucky demeanor and was also a regular on the Islington Midweek League circuit at Market Road playing with his close circle of chums, had he applied himself better then the sky would have undoubtedly been the limit for him:
  7. And Harefield United Chairman Gary South's gives his interesting view, Mr South has been on the Committee at Preston Park since 1982 and Chairman of the oldest Club in Middlesex since 2015 but he won't have experienced anything quite like this before: https://www.harefieldunited.com/news/my-immediate-reaction-was-one-of-relief-gary-south-reacts-to-the-fas-decision-to-void-seasons-of-leagues-in-steps-36-of-nonleague-football-2525843.html
  8. A very interesting piece by Harefield United supremo Jason Shaw, somehow 'drawing on the positives' of the 2019/20 campaign being declared null and void, I'm not sure everyone will share his view: https://www.harefieldunited.com/teams/68463/news/we-have-learnt-a-lot-about-the-league-which-will-h-2525919.html
  9. So will they be leaving King Langley then, surely Preston Park would be too far for them to travel every other Saturday and for midweek fixtures as well as for all their opponents in Division Two
  10. Here we go folks, was this arguably the game of the season in the FA Vase First Round on Friday 11 October between Biggleswade United and Saffron Walden Town, Biggleswade United were unlucky not to win on the night and unfortunately lost the replay 5-1 at Catons Lane the following Tuesday evening:
  11. An old fashioned craftsman of the very highest standard with silky skills, Daniel Young, who left no stone unturned in midfield for Kentish Town in the SSML and was impossible to win the ball from, he never once put a foot wrong in a game. An absolutely sublime player, Daniel sadly had other interests and commitments outside of the game but, again, could have easily gone all the way:
  12. Good player at step 6 and 5ish, without setting either league on fire. Most players end up playing the correct level for their ability. These days step 4, 5 and 6 have a lot of mediocre sides in the divisions with only a few good ones so quite a lot of pretty average players have played and do play for clubs across those steps.
  13. You may be right as I only saw Lee Scott play a few times for Bedfont Town FC who were a Step 4 club at the time and from I saw he didn't look out of place playing at Step 4 level but as I said I only saw him play a few times for Bedfont Town FC. I remember him coming across as having a bit of a bad attitude at times though.
  14. That puts you in a minority of one. πŸ™‚
  15. RUMOUR JUST A RUMOUR! St Panteleimon FC are set to leave North Greenford United FCs ground next season (If it happens). Harefield United FC are looking for new tenants? I wonder? We will see I guess.
  16. You would certainly like me out of your hair wouldn't you as you hate being held to account with your close and somewhat shady links to certain Club's, I still cannot believe that you were allowed to Officiate on St Panteleimon and New Salamis games this season
  17. Not the petition however I see that over 60 Non League Club's have duly signed a letter to the FA pleading with them to reconsider their hasty decision to declare the 2019/20 campaign null and void across Steps 3 to 7: https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/29818/exclusive-the-open-letter-to-the-fa-signed-by-over-60-non-league-clubs/?utm_medium=onesignal&utm_source=push_notifications&utm_campaign=web_push
  18. Not the way I wanted the season to end thanks to everyone at the club and the Saturday faithfull. We could have won this but life is never straightforward. Onward to next season when ever that may start. Have a great summer and keep safe God bless you all Jean and Pete.
  19. Sure they had contracts on the table. 🀣 a good friend of mine was there during that period, same team as Cole, Livermore etc...
  20. Lee was decent at Step 6, that’s it. Wax lyrical as much as you like mate, keep them coming. πŸ‘
  21. A big thanks to everyone at the club for all their hard work this year. It is a shame how the season has ended and i believe our players had the momentum to win the league or at least the playoffs. I do hope that the squad can be kept together and maybe add a few where needed ready for the next season whenever it starts to come back stronger and get the club up to where it belongs. In the meantime I wish everyone the best of health and hope we can all get through this isolation Up the Urchins.
  22. Saw Lee Scott play a few times for Bedfont Town FC he was a decent player but not as good as his brother Josh Scott in my opinion.
  23. Agree Rhodes. The powers to be have made there decision its a done deal.
  24. I work out PPG by dividing the points accumulated by the number of games played.
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