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  3. Rayners Lane played really well at Hampton & Richmond Borough last Tuesday and equalised late on only to lose the penalty shoot out, Hampton & Richmond took the lead on twenty minutes however had a man sent off shortly afterwards and Rayners Lane had a number of good opportunities to equalise before they eventually did: Middlesex FA Senior Charity Cup Second Round Hampton & Richmond Borough 1 Rayners Lane 1 (after 90 mins, Hampton & Richmond Borough win 4-1 on pens) https://www.hamptonfc.net/teams/110868/match-centre/0-4758889/report
  4. A very dissappointing last few games ,and upon looking at these highlights make your heart sink to your stomach . Lets just hope this is just a wobble .
  5. Down to earth with a bump then. But they have made their money, Respect to them , looks like we'll be up against Maldon next season .
  6. Here were the new player registrations made by Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League clubs in the week up to and including Saturday 7th December, 2019. View the full article
  7. The Toolstation Northern Counties East Football League has announced the launch of the NCEL Coaching Development Programme. View the full article
  8. The match programme from Hitchin Road this afternoon, Arlesey Town supremo Chico Ramos will be confident of getting his first win: https://view.publitas.com/p222-14673/north-greenford/page/1
  9. The match programme from Haywood Way this afternoon: https://issuu.com/aylesburyfc/docs/oxhey_jets_-_dec_19
  10. It should be an interesting one at Green Lane this afternoon, with New Bradwell St Peter not in action today and Unite MK likely to lose at Aston Clinton Bovingdon could move up to seventh in the table with a win
  11. Savagebee - You're right and I like the look of the Hillingdon Borough v Bedfont & Feltham tie, on their day Bedfont & Feltham can give anyone a game:
  12. The match programme for the game at Bell Close this afternoon: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/files.pitchero.com/clubs/3144/tlJL0sGZQliB15L6cW9M_TTOTT vs BIG U.pdf
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  14. Please note the following fixture reversal in Toolstation NCEL Division One due to continuing problems with the floodlights at Ollerton Town. View the full article
  15. Mmm! I REALLY don't like the idea of offering reduced admission to Spurs fans. And, no, I'm not a Gooner either. Just doesn't feel right. (Apart from the fact that I couldn't care less about Spurs.)
  16. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  17. 2pm on Beds County League full time and Beds FA site, would suggest it’s 2pm. Tough game for us tomorrow, Gallacticos always dangerous even more so if they can pull in some of their Step 3/4/5 players. last few games been tight, looking forward to it.
  18. It's not just football that's suffering.
  19. Tomorrow's forty page match programme: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/files.pitchero.com/clubs/73930/c1oovlTqQziCL8VWIRgP_07-Dec-19 - Programme Saturday v Potton United FC.doc merged.pdf
  20. seem to struggle against the lower teams brightingsea ,casuals.so lets hope we have put our demons to rest going 3-0 win att 146 C O Y U
  21. I gather that the game at Crawley Road tomorrow may be a 2.00pm kick off, is someone able to confirm, the Full Time website states 3.00pm
  22. I think the problem of attracting support for a lot of non-league clubs is two fold. 1.There are so many more forms of leisure and entertainment options to compete against than even 25 years ago 2.The natural fan base for a lot of clubs in London and other big towns are moving out of the area or dying off.
  23. @ behind-the-goal add Rian McLean to the list he was signed by Doncaster Rovers. I think the Club and all its unpaid volunteers do a great job in trying to promote football at the Donkey Dome and increase attendances.Our attendances are usually in the top ten of clubs at our level (3) some clubs at our level really struggle to get over 150 at games.But then those clubs usually have an owner subsidising it. Getting people through the gate for a one off game is one thing but the problem is getting them to come back regularly. Maybe something worth trying is to try attract more Spurs supporters,by asking Spurs to put an advert in there program offering initially reduced entrance fees for season ticket holders or something like that.(for games that don't clash) Or give vouchers that get you in at a discount to the businesses that offer discounts to club members to give to there customers,ie the old Halfway house ect.maybe tempt a few more through the door ,and hopefully they will like what they see and come back. It's easy to come up with ideas, but to find people to help promote/action suitable ideas is a different proposition.
  24. Oh yes, and see an England international in goal!!!
  25. "Josh Davison: ETFC to Charlton. Corey Whitely: ETFC to Newport. Mo Faal: ETFC to the Premier League???? See the stars of tomorrow right here, right now! In the comfort of your local stadium! Wake up and smell the mud! Hear the ball hit the back of the net! (You can't do watching TV! Or while getting ripped off in corporate enclosures!)" Just a thought! I'm no marketing expert! "can't do that" I meant!
  26. Savagebee - Leighton Town did lose 2-0 to Bedford Town at Bell Close on 22 October in the Bedfordshire FA Senior Cup but I believe they gave a very good account of themselves
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