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  2. Well Simon. I know Romford are having a tough season but I mean... really??!
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  4. Campion have returned to the top of Toolstation NCEL Division One after what could prove to be a massive win at one of their rivals for the title in midweek. View the full article
  5. Akhisarspor 1 v 3 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 1 v 1 Leicester Newcastle 1 v 0 Southampton Romford 1 v 1 Soham Kingstonian 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att : 278
  6. Will go for a draw in this game but agree, we need to win one of our last games in order to get us over the finishing line. Need to stay focused. 1-1 Att 311.
  7. Well only 3 games to go taking nothing for granted the hosts pretty much home and dry but we still need to pick up at least 3 points before the end of the season for another season in the prem can see us picking up at least a point here if not all 3 but realistically one all draw crowd 245
  8. One for sir Gary please Thanks Gary - now added to list
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  10. Dagger, can you please make sure that my surname is spelt correctly! It should say Hodgkinson, like my dads above. Thanks. Thanks Ann - now amended to Hodgkinson
  11. Also does it have to be 4 as soon as the ten yards has counted or can someone join the wall to make it 4 to force someone to have to move away from the wall
  12. Akhisarspor 1 v 1 Antalyaspor (14:00) (very good Jago) West Ham 1 v 1 Leicester Newcastle 1 v 1 Southampton Romford 1 v 11 Soham Kingstonian 1 v 1 Hornchurch Att : 311
  13. Think it's a good idea (The FA occasionally slip up and have one) but MikeMike makes a good point in the consistency of the officials.
  14. Akhisarspor 1 v 2 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 2 v 2 Leicester Newcastle 3 v 2 Southampton Romford 1 v 0 Soham Kingstonian 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 272
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  16. *Checks calendar to see if it is 1st April* Given that most officials don't always manage to measure the 10 yards for a free kick I anticipate carnage as they try to also to simultaneously keep the offence and defence apart.
  17. Akhisarspor 2-1 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 2-1 Leicester Newcastle 2-1 Southampton Romford 2-1 Soham Kingstonian 2-3 Hornchurch Att : 280
  18. Depends on whether you drink Guinness or not Big JR
  19. A STOOL ? Surely a deck-chair would be better !! (Sorry ! I couldn't resist it. Reminds me of a conversation I overheard on a hospital ward recently. Doctor to Patient "Are your stools brown or black ?" The mind boggles !!!!)
  20. Akhisarspor 1 v 1 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 2 v 1 Leicester Newcastle 2 v 1 Southampton Romford 1 v 0 Soham Kingstonian 0 v 1 Hornchurch Att : 256
  21. Come on Ladies and Gents, let's fill this coach! And for those who don't know, its a star wars themed fancy dress...
  22. Or, one of them at least:- "When there is a 'wall' of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within 1m (1yd) of the wall: an attacker less than 1m (1yd) from the 'wall' when the kick is taken will be penalised with an indirect free kick"
  23. Agreed! Nothing against Cheshunt at all. Good luck guys!
  24. The playoffs at step four are a disgrace this season,with 2 playoff winners not getting promoted.Good luck to Cheshunt would be good to see you go up.
  25. Evening all, I hope you are all well After a couple of seasons out of the game I am currently looking to get back into senior football at either a coaching or management level. I am a level two qualified coach and have previously coached / managed at step 6, 7 and 8. I would greatly appreciate any information, advice or opportunities available. Please feel free to drop me a direct message. kind regards Graham
  26. Chin up Andy (I thought I was supposed to be the miserable one - according to Steph anyway). The era of your namesake can't last forever 😁. One day we'll look back on this period and laugh! (well, maybe not laugh, but we'll break records in terms of the rolling of eyes!) COYT! But also, OYBAL (On yer bike, Andy Leese).
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