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    He aint that good at the moment 😂
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    Mike christou


    I’m still buzzing from that second half demolition and I don’t know his name with the flag that stood with us second half tormenting the Worthing fans you sir are a legend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I’ll buy you a beer sat. There won’t be many teams that will dismantle Worthing in that way let me tell you all the players you did your shirt proud today
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Supporters Association News

    Great game last night! We looked quality and I cant wait for the season to start. Just to let you know we have beaten our membership numbers from last year and we are now up to 73 members. We are getting close to our 100 members target. So please join at our next home game if you haven't already! The cost is £10 and you receive a, membership card, scarf and a badge. Also the Supporters Association are in conversation with the club regarding introducing a hard plastic pint deposit scheme (like what you get at the cricket, rugby etc) to reduce plastic waste and provide a sturdy product to drink your beverage from. At the beginning of each match day you will pay a £1 deposit on your first drink for the glass. At the end of the game, you can keep your glass or return it too the bar to get your £1 back. Alternatively, if you like to donate your £1 back to the club, you can deposit it in our designated bins within the clubhouse. What are people thoughts on this proposal?
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    As you say everyone is entitled to an opinion , and as such I would like to know what player(s) you are referring too? all I witnessed from the side is people singing and supporting the team albeit not a great performance.
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    Well, shit.
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    Well, this is awkward to point out old boy....buuuuut Wycombe last won it in 2011 and only on pens and Slough beat Reading last year, Chesham beat MK Dons year before that and more often than not none of those pro sides reach the final.....so....that’s just a bit of a silly thing to say, you’ve been a great contestant, thanks for playing, but nobody goes home empty handed here, so here’s a virtual hug from me. Goodnight everyone, see you same time, same place next week.
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    Enfield Til It Died

    St Panteleimon F.C

    That's the problem Clippy, you are not aware of much!
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    New signing - Daniel Akindayini
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    Don't forget to pick up your 48 page programme tonight for £2.50. We have increased our page numbers to 48 pages this season to provide you with more content!
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    More optimistic than I was last season - we've got used to the standard again and there's been some decent players coming in (and out unfortunately). Last season was clearly about consolidation. Just a case of getting the players settled and staying clear of injuries but I think we could have a good season.
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    Welcome to the forum digits. Good point we'd like to know the answer.
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    On reflection and reading your post again ‘I will support that player even more and try to liven him up ‘ does not come across as a fan. Why, you may ask , well the answer is simple a fan would not think that supporting a player would liven him up. This seems to me that you maybe part of the coaching staff? Again this is fine and you are welcome to state what you like , but be honest and open. As you say good 3 points , but a club like ours runs on trust
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    Fat Tom Daley


    One for me Tony. 1x XL (Living up to my nickname sake!) Jordan - Thanks - What colour?
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Programme - Kingstonian

    Don't forget to pick up your match day programme this Saturday. Cost is £2.50 and is 48 pages long. It includes an interview with former Urchin Inigo Echepare!
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    Merger Celebration Day

    As you all know the football club has a very special relationship with Ardleigh Green & Havering atte Bower Cricket Club. This Sunday celebrates the first season of the 2 cricket clubs merging (Formally AGCC and HABCC). There will be a cricket game amongst the 2 sides, bar open all day, music, food and live singer. It’s going to be a very busy and messy day so please feel free to come on down, take advantage of £3 a pint and soak up the 28 degree heat that’s forecast Cheers Luke
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    A Forum Reborn.

    That’s why I prefer it!!!!! 🤣
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    Enfield Town v Horsham

    4wf I do know of an ex EFC player who passed on the contact details of a young player who I think was considering signing for a competitor pre season.The said player was on our bench on Sat. Given the clubs statement that they want more continuity between all ETFC teams I am sure there are scouts out looking a most levels.I would love to see more players come through our system like Mubiayi and Davison.
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    Saturday 17 August - Results/Reports

    I can confirm this is true.
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    A Forum Reborn.

    Lower profile??? I would disagree entirely. Attendances in the ESL are far superior to the SSMFL. Travelling support in the ESL is incredible and makes for much better atmospheres at games. I’ve lost count of the one man and his dog games I have seen in the SSMFL. I also think the administration as well as the social media presence of the ESL absolutely blows the SSMFL out of the water. A change is as good as a rest and to be honest, I don’t miss the SSMFL at all.
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    This is absolute nonsense, I’m even better looking and wealthier.
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    lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v Horsham

    To be fair Horsham went 2-1 up totally against the run of play.Up until then we had totally dominated for the previous 20 minutes.And had one of our numerous chances gone in to give US the 2-1 lead i felt confident we would have gone on to win the game.Unfortunately we got totally exposed on nearly every occasion Horsham counter attacked us. We need Mo fit and firing to partner Billy up top.We also need to replace half the defence.And the central midfield didn't seem to work either. Can see another season of the odd excellent performance followed by a bad one.Resulting in a finishing place of about 8-11 place again this season.Which will not be good enough
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    I took it as being a hard copy, sorry I suggested it was a real programme. Not an e-programme.
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    Mike christou


    Mike he was blinding and then cheeky Worthing fans that were having a pop at his that one fan he had some balls but that Charlie was superb he can stand with me any game or I’ll go stand with him
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    Wivenhoe Urchin


    Solid first half and superb second half, well done Urchins keep it up!
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    Well no easy games in this division and Worthing is as hard as they come.Good test for us if we come away with something it shows what good mental strength we have be good to get out of the habit of going a goal down though,with a heavy heart we may get beat but hopefully come away with at least a draw, from my own point of view i like what I'm seeing at the moment,crowd 800 +
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    Supporters Association News

    Kel - I have known you for a very long time, and I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your decision. You have done a lot of work for our club, and we do not want to lose your support. Please reconsider, and come on back. Tony
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    😮 bet he’ll be ‘injured’ for both games
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    Non League Day - Ideas

    There are a number of clubs that now offer discounts to NHS staff, local authority workers, emergency services and military personnel. It would be good if we did something similar and not necessarily just on non-league day.
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    how about this song which we used to sing to mark stimson we want to kiss your head we want to kiss your head it tastes like a peanut it tastes like a peanut it tastes like a peanut we want to kiss your head
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    kimbles left foot

    Non League Day - Ideas

    I read of a non League club offering discounted entry for people suffering with mental illness. This would obviously be hard to administer but little things like having a chat with someone at a match may really help people who otherwise might not leave their house or speak to people weeks on end. Football is great middle ground for people of all walks of life to see they have something in common.
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Non League Day - Ideas

    Is it worth contacting Bowers and suggesting a joint social and local media blitz? Focus on the fact that its a derby on Non League Day, the number of players playing against their former team, sibling rivalry with the Clarkes etc. Get the Recorder and Essex Echo journos on board early to promote the match. Contact C2C, see if they will promote the game through their social media channels using timetable between Pitsea & Upminster as a basis. See if West Ham, in particular, will publicise the game given both clubs firmly in their catchment area. Ask both clubs sponsors to make a special effort to promote the game to their customers. All the above can link to the wider message about Non League Day & the prostate cancer support. Some good ideas onhttp://www.nonleagueday.co.uk/
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    Lewes V Enfield Town

    McDonald, Muleba, Payne, Scott, Weatherstone, Wilson, Taafe, Youngs, Bricknell, Charles, Potton Subs Cathline, Rumens, Livings, Murray, Hatton
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    Overall i thought Saturdays performance was good, despite a defensive error, which lead to Hornchurch being 1 down at half time. Team, of which was not full strength due to injuries, stuck together and fought on for the win. Which can only bode well for the rest of the season. Tricky coming at home tomorrow, but don't see no reason why we cant get a result.
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    Thats a bold statement. It's a strong team I'll give you that but even hx have had stronger in the past let alone other clubs in the last few years.
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    ‘Encourage’ and ‘liven up’ in my opinion have two different messages the first being postitive the second implying they are not up to the standard expected of them and asking for more. However, thats just my opinion. This does now raise the question what is a fan? Should a fan support anyone that plays for the team regardless, or should they as a fan state their opinion if they don’t like what they see ? For me its the same as in life, the moment you get paid to do something you are open to criticism and our players get paid.The fans pay to watch them and by so help pay their wages so they can say what they like about their football ability. I never heard any fan say a word against the players on the pitch so that the player could hear but again if they did they are entitled to have an opinion. As you mentioned Charlie I will give you my opinion on his football ability. I don’t think he is good enough for this level of football , the moment he went off the game changed their defence was stretched and could not live with the pace and movement of the front two. Is this Charlie's fault? Again in my opinion, no , its the fault of the management team picking him and placing him in that situation. Now , unlike previous years , the management team get paid so again they are open to criticism.
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    Firstly congratulations on the win, think it was deserved on the second half performance. First half however we were lucky just to be 1-0 down. Our left hand side was getting torn apart and we gave several free kicks away there and ultimately the goal came from that side. Second half the gaps were plugged and we were much better and scored two good goals. Passing game in midfield was looking good. As for the support from the fans , we did what we always do - support the team for the whole game. I didn’t hear a single fan openly criticise any player on the pitch from where I was. Now after the game in the bar you will hear fans discuss the game in private conversations and there will always be different opinions (he should have played , we needed this formation etc.) but that’s what fans do.
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    Lewes V Enfield Town

    Ok I will start off.... fantastic pitch and viewing makes this my favourite ground to visit.....playing into a gale force diagonal wind first half it was always going to be tough ... we were helped by the Lewes strikers smacking everything out of the ground and when their striker was found one on one with McDonald his chip also went over the stand... when they did find the target our keeper was excellent and I thought first half Weatherstone was a class above anything I’ve seen at our level for a long while ... to nick a goal from the pacy Charles was a real brucie bonus .... second half as expected we had most of the play without creating too many clear chances maluba was solid and rumens had an excellent half ... but like what we did Lewes grabbed a goal when to be honest they never looked like scoring... the last five minutes it was really backs to the wall but we held on for a deserved draw....A real hard working display... no real standout performances apart from the defence... Not Bricknells type of game and he looked to have needed this... Charles could be interesting with his pace ... a very enjoyable game in very trying conditions.....
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    First half certainly seemed more disjointed than the games I saw in pre-season. I liked Ellis Brown at Thurrock and Waltham Abbey so it was bitter sweet to see him open the scoring for Merstham but he certainly took it well. Joe Wright's save just before half time was so important and kept Hornchurch in touching distance. 2nd half saw more accurate passing and better discipline in keeping possession and Spence and Christou were both composed taking their goals. A healthy number of off-target attempts and missed chances but I'm sure these will be converted into goals in the coming games.
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    I would consider playoffs a very good result considering how difficult this league is becoming. Every season the quality gets better and it will be a constant battle to keep up with it. I am optimistic though and believe we can achieve this, bring on the new season!!!
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    Charity Shield

    So is it another trophy for us by default if Tonbridge & Dorking both declined to play us ??????!!!!
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    i thought this was an interesting ready... https://www.heraldry-wiki.com/heraldrywiki/index.php?title=Hornchurch
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    9th & 10th August Fixtures

    BA v COVE for me. Programme OAP entrance fee plus a couple of pints £10. Discounted drinks for members, BEDFONT & FELTHAM membership £20 per year, one payment for life for OAP’s.
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    Another year on the Urchin roller coaster - looking forward to it Hopefully we will be challenging for a play-off place
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    Time for the real stuff

    In defence (no pun intended) of Rumens, I think he's actually pretty solid defensively with players alongside him that can organise well, and nobody can fault his commitment. Hopefully Weatherstone and the new look midfield/back four will improve our defensive shape - In my view Rumems looked better in the first season when he had Purse alongside him than he did last year. That said, he's not the most comfortable defender on the ball that I've seen... but I guess the oppo can't score if the ball is in the stand 😉
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    Time for the real stuff

    Not on your own, Theodopolous - I've seen most of the friendlies and have seen nothing to get too excited about. Most of the results have been good but if we go into the season with this squad I think we'll struggle too. Nathan M and Weatherstone have been the stand out players for me so far, itself worrying as I don't think we're strong enough at the back for this league. Disappointing that very few players have actually played 90 mins - I know we need to look at players but a good pre-season for fitness can't be bought later in the season. I also find it odd that so many players are unavailable throughout pre-season - must be frustrating for the management - some question over commitment there for me. I know its the age we live in but fans seem more committed than the players! I see that Hampton, who beat us, lost their first game 4-1 yesterday and Royston, who also beat us, lost 3-1 to Bishops Stortford from our league in mid week. Best performances for me were the FC Utd of Manchester and Spurs U23 games but I'm not sure how strong either of those sides were - be very interesting to see how the latter do against Liverpool U23s in their first league game on Saturday. I go into the new season with more hope than expectation - but will get behind the team all the same. COYT.
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    Time for the real stuff

    A lot of hard work has been put in throughout the summer to improve our facilities at the QE2 Stadium, and strengthen our first team playing squad for the challenges ahead. A number of players have left to join Hornchurch, attracted by the silly money on offer, but Andy and his management team have replaced them with some excellent signings, who have performed well in our pre-season friendlies. Think most people would agree that our standard of play against United FC of Manchester and Spurs U23s was excellent, and we thoroughly deserved our wins against two very good sides, in enjoyable, highly competitive matches.
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    the hare

    league preditions

    The target was achieved and part 2 is to try and do it again so don't write us of just yet .......Thou i take your point it should be harder this season. But look who got promoted this season from the premier after only 1 season Biggleswade FC
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    the leatherhead lip

    undefeated Hares

    What a job Jason Shaw and his team are doing at Harefield Utd, With Sholing losing in the Wessex league yesterday the Hares are the only team unbeaten in steps 1_ 6.👏👍
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    cup of tea


    Sorry, I refuse to accept that Canvey is the seaside - watching container ships go past on a freezing ground is not my idea of a holiday resort.

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