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    We were absolutely immense last night! We played some really good football and i thought we created the lionshare of the chances with their keeper making a few cracking saves! I don't think many keepers would of saved Charlie's goal, what an absolute screamer! Sutton and Parcell seemed back on it and it was good to see George skinning full backs again! How on earth was that scramble at the end kept out!! Its a shame we couldn't play like that Saturday as we would of wiped the floor with Corinthians!
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    cup of tea

    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    Is it to scale? If so we can replace the decking with er, decking
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    1. Do I get to keep Baby Jago as a reward? 2. Why didn't I do the lottery?
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    Thanks to everyone who came yesterday. We are currently counting the money but it is believed we made a 4.5k profit from the event which is brilliant. Shame the attendance was lower than last year but still another great day. I am currently sorting the technical issue with the mixer and that should be sorted pronto. How's everyones heads today? I'm currently dying at my desk!
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    Frustrating afternoon, and I would say that the side that made the fewest mistakes won the game. Their second goal with the mix up between Hatton and Thomas (I think it was these two) in the build up put us completely on the back foot - you can't give a 2 goal lead to a decent side, and they clearly were a decent, well drilled side. Having said that, I don't think we were any worse than them over 90 minutes and our second half performance in my view deserved to get us at least a point - on another day, with better finishing and slightly more luck we could have turned the scoreline around. I'm not too dejected as a result, I think if we cut out the mistakes and keep people fit, we'll still be there or thereabouts competing for the play off places at the end of the season. There were plenty of positives for me from the game too - Bricknell looks a lot sharper than he did when I saw him last (against Stortford away), and seems to be linking better with Mo. Mo's goal was taken very nicely, as we've come to expect, and assuming the two of them stay injury free (and remain at the club), we will carry a goal threat against any side. Bobson looked lively throughout and gives us a slightly different attacking dimension with the ability to beat a man, get behind and put balls into the box which the forwards should thrive on. I was side on, so couldn't tell for sure, but if their keeper tipped his shot onto the post in the second half it was a superb save. Thomas as well deserves a lot of credit - each game I've seen him play he looks assured, is positionally very good, wins the ball back and gives it simply - I thought we'd miss Johnson when he left, but actually feel that Thomas is equally as good in that role. On the negative side, apart from the mistakes in the first half, I think we got impatient way too early at 2-1, tried to force things too much and started to go far too direct, which really doesn't suit our game. Although Mo and Billy competed well in the air, I'm sure their centre backs were rubbing their hands together once we started pinging long balls at them instead of trying to pay around them. I know I've disagreed with 4WF previously, but I think he's exactly right in a lot of respects, what we needed was patience someone to put their foot on the ball in midfield and keep recycling the play so that we worked their back four out of position and then pick that killer pass to the forwards once space was made. I don't think Ryan going off helped in this respect - ideally we needed another centre mid coming on, rather than a forward, but we are where we are - someone like Taafe (or Mulley, who played in the week, or Noto from a few years ago 😉 ) on the bench could have made a huge difference. Having said this, I'd be amazed if it was a management decision to go direct - I could hear Weatherstone shouting at the team to keep their shape and stay patient as we had so much time left, and I'm sure the management were saying the same. Regarding the tackle on Ryan, I don't think it was an absolute horror tackle, the Invicta player was trying to get the ball, and was only marginally late, but flew in recklessly and once you don't get the ball in that situation and catch the opponent you certainly can't complain if you see red. On another day, they would have been reduced to 10 with all the benefits that the extra space would have brought us. Hopefully the injury isn't bad - I head someone mention on the way out of the ground that it was a badly gashed shin - no idea if their info was correct, but if so hopefully he'll not be out too long. Anyway - we go again next week, lets hope we bounce back - I like this team, I like the way they play (most of the time), and I enjoy watching the exciting forwards, so I'm still very positive about the team and the management.
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    No easy games we need East Side right on it take 1-0 now
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    Fake news, Fake football club
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    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    With so many cup competitions I thought I'd summarise where we are. As things develop we'll add to the thread and update this post. Latest status in bold. FA CUP 07/09/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 6-0 Kempston Rovers 21/09/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Potters Bar Town 2-0 Hornchurch FA TROPHY 26/10/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 3-1 Berkhamsted 09/11/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Basildon Utd 1-6 Hornchurch 23/11/2019 - 3rd Qualifying Round - Oxford City vs Hornchurch VELOCITY TROPHY Starts with a group competition, 7 groups of 6; 3 groups of 5. 3 teams (Dereham, Guernsey and Whitehawk) not competing. Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage. 3rd Round draw - Winner Group 5 vs Hornchurch. 10/12/2019 - 3rd Round - Bracknell Town vs Hornchurch ESSEX SENIOR CUP Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage. 05/11/2019 - 3rd Round - Brentwood Town 2-4 Hornchurch 02/12/2019 - 4th Round - Chelmsford City vs Hornchurch (7:30pm kick off) THAMES-SIDE TROPHY 20 teams in total Round One - 4 matches Hornchurch enter the competition at the 2nd Round stage Date TBA - 2nd Round - Hullbridge Sports or Canvey Island vs Hornchurch
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    Right it’s the FA Trophy Special - Basildon A few of us are meeting a couple of people and drinking in Wickford before the game and getting a cab to the ground. The pub we will be drinking in is called the Duke We are looking to get the 11.59 from Shenfield which arrives at 12.11 If you are going from Romford then get the 11.36 which arrives at Shenfield at 11.53. If you are picking it up from Harold Wood then you can get the same train at 11.43. I would say meet at the station 10 mins before. I’ll be going from Harold Wood
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    Fat Tom Daley

    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    I just want to win the Thameside for the actual trophy. It's incredible!
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    Velocity Trophy Group 5 winner, will be one of the following; Bracknell Town v Marlow Chalfont St Peter v Hanwell Town Westfield v FC Romania Thames side and Velocity we don't really need, as i don't think there is too much of a prize at the end. Correct me if i'm wrong please....!
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    The change of Hatton to right side defence worked because it also brought more composure in central defence with Jon Muleba taking that position and largely controlling their number 20 who had been a threat all night. I also felt we were poor first half but were the better side from half time onwards. Very unfair to describe Stortford as a 's****y little team Seaside Towner. They played well throughout although I agree they did indulge in too much feigning injury and diving. No worse though than many sides at this level who are allowed to get away with it by often poor and naive referees.
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    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    I disagree with Seaside Towner as I thought that we had the second half throughout. In the first half they had a tightly disciplined back 4 with a playmaker in front of the line. We tried balls over the top but two forwards not talking or communicating with each other were never going to break them down Second half we played the ball on the ground. There back 4 got more ragged and we gradually took control with a more methodical passing game. Extra time their goal was completely against the run of play as we were dominant. I do agree that the save by Natham was probably the save of the year, truly in Bank's class.
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    A wins a win

    Quite an underwhelming performance by Urchin standards a game littered with mistakes from both sides.Great goal by Charlie worth the admission fee great save by Wrighty at the end which could have brought the sides level which in the end gave us the platform to extend our lead with Marvelous Marvin putting into an empty net.A few quid in the coffers making up for a poor attendance well done who was there, roll on the next round
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    Cheers Pete. i can confirm that we will be opening for tomorrow’s game. I’ll be there 8am - I believe kick off is 9am
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    Drinking on a Monday morning, Cuppa? Wonder how many more of the ETFC squad you'll be signing after Tuesday's game? 🤑
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    OrnchurchFest 2019 - Sun 20th Oct

    Well that was another excellent event - great organisation by the Newmans and their army of helpers. Thanks guys - an incredible amount of effort went into this and it ran so smoothly. A great day and super atmosphere... I brought 3 visitors who will definitely be back. Well done all.
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    I have two observations on this: Firstly I do hope the Tottenham fans appreciate The Baby's refusal to adopt a childish moniker for his stated White Hart Lane "foes". Secondly - I'm wondering what sort of points deduction to apply for bracketing me alongside those very same "foes" Answers please from fellow parents who know the importance of nipping such insubordination in the bud. STOP PRESS - It appears said "foes" are looking for a new manager... could we be losing Mr D or Ozz to a wider stage I wonder? They must have a good chance.
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    aka PeteBeatz

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    The Romford Recorder will all be about Romford now, we’ll just be the pub team from Essex😄
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    Big J R

    Boris Johnson Moves In to Number 10.

    ........... and the two main parties still just want to slag each other off as demonstrated last night on BBC's 'Question Time' !
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    Big J R

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    Even Donald Trump couldn't have done it better !!!!
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    The Crowing Cockerel


    Last I heard it had been taken-over by a consortium of local businessmen.
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    Broadfields Utd

    Another good win at home last night in the Middlesex Charity Cup, 4-2 against Broadfields Utd. Andy took the opportunity to play some of those not getting in the first 11 at the moment, as well as some of the U23 squad, and those there were treated to another good performance. Broadfields certainly put on a good showing themselves and it took until the latter part of the game before we finally saw them off. Our team was Teddy Reynolds, Mo Koita, Lewis King, James Mulley (on his return to the club), Glenn Wilson (C), Dante Mcintosh, Samson Esan, Kyle Lynch, Ken Charles, Junior Mubayi, Gideon Nsiah. Used subs were Charles Brown, Brandon White & Nnamdi Egboh. Goals from Koita, Brown, Charles (pen) & Mubayi. Some decent performances on a chilly night and good for some to get their fitness levels up.
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    Stephen Southall

    FA Vase 3rd Round draw

    Southall drawn away to Deal Town, who play in the same league as Tunbridge Wells who we beat in the 1st Round. Deal won the vase in 2000 Should be a great game
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    When Saturday Comes Magazine

    Agreed. The magazines I used to buy are pretty much redundant now, due to the rise of websites such as PornHub...
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    Mean while in Romford....
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    Excellent performance yesterday. Very impressed with Micky Parcell (I was closer to him than normal due to the weather so maybe he’s always that good?) - but some very sound performances throughout. Well done ‘Chins. Meanwhile in the Prediction League it’s all about one man. And for once that one man, sadly, is not me. So it’s ALL HAIL DINAMO URCHIN (painful though that is to say). In the 5 years that we’ve played to the current rules (yes there are some, snore), the highest EVER score is 17: by Wivenhoe way back in 2015 and Luke last year. And then, rather surprisingly, the Hatted One equaled this yesterday. But all this pales into insignificance against the ASTONISHING 20 goals boshed in by our favourite Baggie. Can I just point out that the maximum score is 25 – and for someone as consistently inept as Dinamo to score 20 is beyond the realms of a normal person’s comprehension. We’re talking every result correct – and the attendance bang on. I was so dumbfounded I decided to do some statistical research – which is why today's update is rather delayed. If you can’t be bothered with miracles please skip down to the results below, but if you are more normal and still have a sense of wonderment that transcends the wonder of Brexit, please read on. Since 2015-16 we’ve had a total of 1,961 predictions with an average (mean) score of 7.99 goals (let’s call it 8). The lowest is 1 which we’ve had 8 times (never had a zero except for failures to predict), and the previous highest was 17 (3 times). The graph below shows a pretty much “normal distribution” – and the 3 lots of 17 and 8 lots of 1 are absolutely to be expected out of 1,961 attempts. For the statistically minded (so that’s me, Cuppa, Wivvers and The Salads) the Standard Deviation is 2.927. If you look very closely at the chart you can see Dinamo's defining life moment just poking out above the "20". NOW – a score of 20 is 4.1 standard deviations above the mean <<KEEP AWAKE>> – which is (about) a 1 in 50,000 event. As we have approx 400 to 500 individual predictions each year, Dinamo has just executed a one in a hundred years (plus) event. As an individual it should, statistically speaking, be another 2,000 years or so before he repeats this! (OK – some rounding errors in there, but let’s not allow over-precision to get in the way of the story - it's close enough). Any other news is frankly Dullsville Arizona, but if you are still awake, here it all is... (oh, yeah, it's all getting rather tight at the top of Div 1) UPMINSTER DIVISION THE DINAMO URCHIN IS A BI-MILLENNIAL SENSATION DIVISION NEXT WEEK ... Please predict on : WEEK 11 - By 15:00 on Saturday 9th November Bayern Munich v B. Dortmund Leicester v The Arse Burnley Clarets v West Ham Blues England Ladies v Germany Damen Basildon v Urchins Att : All the very best to you all Jago
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    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    Don't knock the ETT Cuppa - we beat Orient once - first time I can actually remember us beating a league team. Some time in the 80's (OK it may not have been the first team exactly ) - Plus it's a great piece of art wot we have even won once (see below). I think it's been mothballed for a few years but some of you statos will be interested in the below... Here's a complete list of finals for the ETT.... 1945-46 Leytonstone vs. Grays Athletic 6-5 1946-47 Leytonstone vs. Barking 2-1 1947-48 Grays Athletic vs. Romford 5-1 1948-49 Leytonstone vs. Barking 1-0 1949-50 Ilford vs. Romford 3-2 1950-51 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 4-3 1951-52 Romford vs. Leytonstone 1-1 Re-play Romford vs. Leytonstone 4-2 1952-53 Leytonstone vs. Barking 3-3 Trophy shared 1953-54 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 5-2 1954-55 Ilford vs. Leytonstone 4-0 1955-56 Romford vs. Ilford 5-4 1956-57 Barking vs. Ilford 3-0 1957-58 Romford vs. Barking 2-1 1958-59 Barking vs. Grays Athletic 2-0 1959-60 Ilford vs. Barking 2-0 1960-61 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-2 1961-62 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 1-0 1962-63 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-1 1963-64 Dagenham vs. Leyton 1-0 1964-65 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 2-1 1965-66 Leytonstone vs. Ilford 4-1 1966-67 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 4-2 1967-68 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-1 1968-69 Dagenham vs. Grays Athletic 2-0 1969-70 Dagenham vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-0 1970-71 Ilford vs. Dagenham 3-2 1971-72 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1 1972-73 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 1-0 1973-74 Competition not completed (power shortages) 1974-75 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 1-0 1975-76 Competition not completed (fixture congestion) 1976-77 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 2-0 1977-78 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1 1978-79 Competition not completed (weather conditions) 1979-80 Aveley vs. Clapton 2-1 1980-81 Grays Athletic vs. Basildon United 2-1 1981-82 Leyton-Wingate vs. Basildon United 1-0 1982-83 Clapton vs. Southend United 1-0 1983-84 Clapton vs. Chelmsford City 3-3 Clapton win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark 1984-85 Hornchurch vs. Grays Athletic 2-2 - Hornchurch win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark 1985-86 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 3-2 1986-87 Billericay Town vs. Chelmsford City 1-0 1987-88 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 2-0 1988-89 Grays Athletic vs. Southend United 3-2 1989-90 Southend United vs. Redbridge Forest 4-1 1990-91 Grays Athletic vs. Billericay Town 1-0 1991-92 Billericay Town vs. Ford United 2-2 Billericay Town win 3-2 on kicks from the penalty mark 1992-93 Leyton vs. Rainham Town 5-4 1993-94 Canvey Island vs. Grays Athletic 2-2 Canvey Island win 4-3 on kicks from the penalty mark 1994-95 Purfleet vs. Chelmsford City 2-0 1995-96 Canvey Island vs. Witham Town 5-0 1996-97 Barking vs. Canvey Island 1-1 Barking win 8-7 on kicks from the penalty mark 1997-98 Canvey Island vs. Aveley 1-0 1998-99 Ford United vs. Southend United 2-1 1999-00 Canvey Island vs. Purfleet Final not played (fixture congestion) 2000-01 Grays Athletic vs. Great Wakering Rovers 3-3 Grays Athletic win 3-0 on kicks from the penalty mark 2001-02 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 3-1 2002-03 Competition not completed (fixture congestion) 2003-04 Ford United vs. Barking 1-0 2004-05 Aveley vs. Romford 1-0 2005-06 Canvey Island vs. Maldon Town 3-0 2006-07 Aveley vs. Tilbury 3-1 2007-08 Brimsdown Rovers vs. Canvey Island 2-1 2008-09 Competition not completed (fixture congestion)
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    Yes - I know Baby Jago has transgressed the rules by inserting blank lines. I've had a word but feel an official warning is a little unfair on the wee lad (plus I'm scared of him - he's got that red-head temper thing). So he's had a pre-warning only. I now await accusations of favouritism and nepotism from Mr One in Ten * 50,000 (Dinamo) and his sidekick, Hatted Tightwad. * That's a rather good 1980's Midlands reference for us old boys and frankly I deserve a "like". Please note - this line feed business only seems to happen when you use Chrome on iPads (or maybe other tablets)- which is what B.Jago used (and Blackballed a few weeks ago) so please take care with that particular combination. What's wrong with Safari anyway? Enough wittering - here are the correct scores : THE WIZZZARDS Bayern Munich 2-1 B. Dortmund Leicester 1-2 The Arse Burnley Clarets 1-1 West Ham Blues England Ladies 1-2 Germany Damen Basildon 0-3 Urchins Att: 161
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    Brentwood 2 Hornchurch 4

    Not a very pretty game and another slow start before going behind. A wonder strike from Saunders to equalise shortly after the break. Dickson breaks through, shot parried but Dickson first to the ball to tap home for the lead. Dickson then bringing the ball forwards and being urged to pass but shoots, keeper gets a hand but can't keep ball out. Dickson once more looking for his hat-trick and again parried by the keeper but this time Ronnie Winn on hand to tap home from tight angle. Naughty Urchins behind the goal start singing "3 assists, the keeper has got 3 assists". Best chant I've heard in a long time - naughty Urchins. Final few minutes and a consolation for Brentwood before Hornchurch manage the game to the end.
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    Simon King played for Buckingham United
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    Brentwood 2 Hornchurch 4

    nice result and good to see Lewwis Spence back on the pitch too.
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    Aylesbury Vale Dynamos

    I gather that Alex Woodfine has been handed temporary charge of the team and a managerial appointment won't be made for the time being, Alex has had periodic spells with the Club and has previously been with Winslow United, Risborough Rangers, Aylesbury FC, Hale Leys United, Leighton Town and Buckingham Athletic, if he makes a fist of it at Haywood Way he may well be given the job permanently.
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    exiled down south

    Spurs clashes

    They are the nearest team to the spuds. Should the league change every team in north London to avoid both spuds and arsenal in the east the mighty hammers the south palace. Maybe let’s play no games on a Saturday or Sunday but hey midweek might clash with Europe . It’s just a case of get on with it many clubs face the same issues
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    kimbles left foot

    Urchin masterclass

    Good performance in awful conditions, Saunders with a MOM display typified by his assists for the second and third goals, I've noticed he has recently been challenging a lot more in the air, more commited in the tackle and winning his fair share now too which is a real plus for us when defending from the front. Could have been 4 or 5 but I'm just happy with the 3 points. Well played all.
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    Can’t be there, celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary. I’ve already won now the Urchins can do it.
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    lovely stuff

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    Very good result.It seems Andy is finally getting a competitive settled side together.And playing decent football.The character and fitness is also much improved. I still have a feeling we are maybe 'two player departures' away from falling back into the results and style of play we have experienced over the fast few seasons.But all in all things are start to look like we to be heading in the right direction.Well done to Andy and his team for putting together what seems like a third or fourth team from scratch.Lets hope this current team prospers and remains together.A consistent starting line up and consistent style of play looks a lot nearer than it has for some time.
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    Winslow Boy - It's a shame that there are two all SSML ties but at least we will have at least two Club's in the Third Round, Colney Heath and Newport Pagnell Town have good chances to get through with home advantage and Oxhey Jets are playing really well at the moment.
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    Savagebee - Yes, for a moment I thought that the Prodigal Son had returned to Bell Close, Scott Reynolds, I think there must have been a specific reason for the Club's really bad start to the campaign, I think Joe Sweeney and Paul Copson are a really good management team and know what they're doing.
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    FA Trophy 2QR

    Away to Basildon United
  41. 1 point

    Nicky Ironton

    We had Nicky now Manager of Welwyn Garden City as the studio guest on our local Non League show 90 Minutes this week. He talks about his current job but also about his playing days with Enfield in the 1980's. You can listen at https://www.spreaker.com/show/easthertsradio-90minutes
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    Completely agree with Steph's comments, thought the ref was over fussy and I agree that Sam Youngs was our Man of the Match - though I do think that Sam puts in performances like that most weeks, never giving less than 100%, and probably the player I'd be most disappointed to lose from this squad. The shame is that he always seems to be the one who has to fill in around others but that just shows the quality he brings wherever he plays I suppose - the James Milner conundrum. Not the most interesting game to watch but conditions were difficult on a very wet afternoon. I heard it described as 'a proper scrap' and that called it just about right! Certainly wouldn't fault the commitment of the players but I don't think the formation was right, reverting to 3 up top again. I can certainly see why Andy would want to try to fit all 3 of Billy, Mo and Ken into the line up (and probably Alex too!) but I've never been a fan of that formation (unless we're about to sign Salah, Firmino and Mane!) - you certainly need the right players to play it. Thought we looked better when Bobson came on for Ken, allowing Mo and Billy to get closer together - Billy needs somebody playing close to him in my opinion, whilst Mo looks better when playing centrally. That's not to do down Ken in any way - great young player with fabulous prospects and probably had his best game for us himself just a couple of weeks ago at Cray. Wasn't getting the right balls played to him yesterday. Jon Muleba also had a good game up against Aaron Greene who we know can destroy a right back - still don't think we've got it right at the heart of the defence though, we look suspect from every breakaway and, surprisingly, every corner too. Thank God for Nathan in goal or we'd be losing far more games than we are! Anybody have a view of the Mario Noto/Aaron Greene sending off incident? Looked something of nothing to me although I didn't have the best view. Can't believe there would have been any malice in it - another example of the ref calling it wrong?
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    Mike christou

    A wins a win

    Not the greatest game I thought stimo was our best player but we’re through and let’s see who we get the only club I don’t want for personal reasons is aveley
  44. 1 point

    A wins a win

    Definitely a case of after the Lord Mayor's show. 2nd half seemed very lacklustre and never seen Hornchurch pass to the opposition so often. Charlie Stimson stood out for me today, not just the two goals (and so deserved that cheeky lob to go in for a hat trick) but also the defensive shift he put in clearing several shots. Did Marvin slow down to try and set up a third for Charlie? Very low crowd - side effect of the rugby maybe?
  45. 1 point

    Aylesbury Vale Dynamos

    I have heard on the grapevine folks that Scott Reynolds has returned to Haywood Way, Scott stepped down in October last year for personal reasons after only four months in charge and now, following Paul Bonham's recent departure, he has been offered the opportunity by the Club to pick up the reins again. I understand Scott will take control of the team this afternoon for the visit of Arlesey Town.
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    1961 COYS

    Rugby - This Saturday

    Ill be there at about 8;30 mate. Can you add Bill Baily to the attendees list please.
  47. 1 point

    Enfield Town v Hornchurch

    Can't comment on last nights OG, as I wasn't there, but Saturday's was quite unfortunate, and definitely not a case of too many bodies - we'd defended pretty well the whole game, and played an offside trap early in the second half which Cheshunt sprung (hard to tell whether it was a poor decision from the assistant or not). From that point onwards we were backpedaling and a bit exposed as we had to get bodies back from the halfway line. When the Cheshunt wide player put the ball into the box, Wilson might have called as he looked in a better position to head the ball, but Weatherstone stretched to head it behind, and only ended up deflecting it past McDonald. I'm not concerned about us conceding own goals per-se, these things tend to happen in clusters, but we do need to keep working hard defending as a unit - if we make the right decisions and are well organised we aren't going to find ourselves in positions where we're stretched and prone to mistakes / own goals. For me, the two centre backs are both decent at this level - bags of experience, both appear to be organisers, and both are reasonably comfortable on the ball in that they can pick a pass to a midfielder / move it on to the full backs but still know when to clear their lines. I'd have taken a point last night, even though we were supposedly below par (although hard to know whether we were below par because Hornchurch didn't let us play, or whether we had an off day).
  48. 1 point

    Enfield Town v Hornchurch

    Your keeper getting Man of the Match says it all really. Maybe we can sign him next and rotate him game for game with Joe. "Money, Money, Money, must be funny in an Urchin World!"
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    Got away with murder?? it was a local derby and believe me i've seen games far more feisty than this one. We get our fair share of poor ref's like every other team at this level so its not only you.
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    1961 COYS

    OrnchurchFest 2019 - Sun 20th Oct

    Fantastic day Well done Jordan and his army of helpers

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