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    FA Trophy 10th November

    I accept what you say Djw. Having been a supporter, excluding my own playing career and Nat Service, for 70 years I feel a little affronted at times when my posts are deemed by some as disloyal. I certainly don't attend games with the object to find fault. I also agree that it demeans the forum to entered into personal bickering. I also think like you that we have probably the most talented squad since the ETFC was founded (No offence to players of the past.) and I too enjoy watching them. But rightly or wrongly I still believe they could be even better if encouraged to play to their full potential. But as I said a few days ago if we get into the play offs and hopefully beyond then I will be the first to admit I got it wrong and will be happy to do so. Lets all hope we can pull it off tomorrow I am sure we have the capability do do so.
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    CD Towner

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Pot, kettle ... hehe
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    FA Trophy 10th November

    I went to one game as a kid when I had a free Saturday....but don't think that should count against me as a supporter. Since giving up refereeing I've started to see more of the Town. I really don't understand all the bickering. Very sad. Yes we want the best for the team. Andy and assistants have assembled a great team. That is not in doubt. Yes we can debate formations and he should play....he shouldn't. Games have been very entertaining this year..however there have also been disappointing results and cup performances to boot. Could we be in a better position.....undoubtedly. if you were asked at the start of the season would we take this league position YES. My other team....who shall remain nameless.....very simple. Support the team through thick and thin and get behind them. Can we all get right behind the team and agree on that?
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    Father Jack

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Yellow cards all round. Keep it civil please!

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