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    Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!
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    Where are they now?

    Seems that there are now a few clubs who have shirts with TO's name on them, in the New Year sales, at very discounted prices!!!!!!
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    Merry Xmas all. Surprised there's not more comments on the game on here - as I am really pleased with what I saw! We started really strongly, and Mo looked a real handful up front! First goal came when a Wingate player went down easily and ref waved play on .. we reacted quickly, and Blackman sent in a ball for Mo to finish from a very tight angle. I missed the 2nd as I was at the burger van, and the large crowd in the corner meant I couldnt see it! (Will watch it later as the GoToTown full match has been issued!) There were 2 occasions in the 1st half where Mo could have squared it to Bricknell for an easier shot but elected to shoot himself, but good to see the confidence he had Both Greene and Youngs had good solid games on the wings - I think after both have been subs recently they were both up for putting in strong performances. Does feel a bit of a waste seeing Sam out wide rather than in the thick of it, but he had some lovely touches, turns, and was very impressive. Greene had some really strong runs. Second half and the expected Enfield 2nd half foot off the gas took place, as predicted by some on the terraces. Wingate walked through us far too easily to score. But unlike other games we kept going and got a penalty almost out of nothing - their player didn't see Mo and clattered into him - definately a penalty in my view but probably unlucky for them. Billy kept hold of the ball despite Mo having the opportunity for a hat trick (maybe revenge for the non-passes in the first half!) and restored the 2 goal cushion. The bench was a young one with Sutton, Taafe and Chaney all missing, but was good to see Bilal and Junior on, and both played well. The 4th goal was a great move which saw Bilal place it on Junior's head for a simple goal - he looked so happy to score and enjoyed the "Junior" chants! He then had an even easier chance when the ball came across to him from the other wing and inexplicably missed (I genuinely think I would have scored it, it was that easy!) - but hey we were 4-1 up and still all chanted Junior! Josh Davidson also came on, and looked decent, few unlucky bounces. We had several other chances before the end and there was a great buzz. Hats off also to Ryan and MJ who both played really well in the centre of the park. Also extremely impressed with Weatherstone. He was the only player not to run over when Mo scored the 1st, out of respect for his history with Wingate. His leadership and organisation were excellent, and we looked far stronger as a unit at the back - Dan Rumens had a solid game, helped by having an experienced partner with him. Really enjoyed the game, some great singing (Last Xmas - next year .. I'll give it to Billy Bricknell was brilliant!) and a positive feel about the place. Two new signings that have improved the squad, and are playing well. Yes we can still be direct at times, and we did sometimes lose the ball in promising positions, but we were trying to do things differently. Overall think we are looking in great shape for the second half of the season. Up the Town!
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone

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