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    Terrible News.

    F#*king s#"t b&#@ocks! Mo has been the best we've seen at Donkey Lane since Crook in terms of unpredictable brilliance.
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    Father Jack

    Potters Bar v Enfield Town

    Mo has said on Twitter that his injury is not serious
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    Potters Bar v Enfield Town

    First time you lay eyes on that pitch you know it isn't going to play like Donkey Lane.....whilst PBT did try to get it down occasionally whatever was said at half time that really was a game of attrition. Struggle to really remember any saves of note apart from the odd catch from corners or freekicks. Theo, I think quite often the long balls down the wings can work with Aaron or Sam on the wings. Was just very difficult yesterday as 2nd half first time Sam tried to control a ball it was like him playing on ice. Was a very evenly matched game without us being able to get the ball down and play it. Think Bilal is a very good option to have off the bench and was a great save from his shot to provide our winning goal. Featherstone has made a difference and good to see Faal causing problems again...here's hoping it's nothing serious withLewes up next. Not a performance, but you can't argue with the result.

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