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    AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown

    Members vote for the Board of Directors, Board appoints Manager, Manager selects players, set tactics etc....
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    Would you rather ....

    Intresting post. I want trophies and the last time we won a trophy was 2008 mwhen we won the Middlesex Charity Cup. (I do not count games where there is only one tie such as George Ruffell memorial trophy). That is 11 years ago. We now have the chance of winning the leage cup and that cannot be sniffed at. Gruelling ties in the dead of winter. I do agree that the football has been more exciting with other managers and there is no doubt that Andy's tactics leave a lot to be desired but if we pull it off and beat Hornchurc at Aveley in 5-6 weeks time I will consider this to a be a successful season. As teams fight to stave of relegation they are going to strengthen their sides and will be harder to beat, possibly, than a team that has little to play for except pride and their place. I have been as critical of Andy as anybody but I can say Andy you bring home a trophy you should be secure for the next few months but please do not play one striker when away from home.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    That was f**king outstanding performance.....Gwan the Chins!
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    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    Agree with you about drums. Should only be allowed if inserted in the rectum. Ronnie's goal similar to Charlie, both composed in rounding the keeper. And a composed defensive line against what was expected to be a lively Enfield attack. I can only think of two serious chances they were given. George going off was a blow but the flexibility of the squad allowed players to swap around without really affecting the shape. Midfield strong as well. Christou and Spence both had worldy chances that fizzed wrong side of the upright. Icing on the cake for me was Harlow getting stuffed 9-1

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