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    cup of tea

    Velocity Cup Final

    Congratulations on the win and all the best for the rest of the season
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    Can't even have a day to enjoy the first trophy in 10 years.
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    Your picture is very apt. Eeyore was always a misery guts. I prefer pooh.
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    Wildlife rescue

    Velocity Cup Final

    I totally agree. Town is not just about a first team and it makes me very proud to be part of the Towner Family. Amazing scenes last night well done all you guys that travelled and to the ultras who were phenomenal. We go again Sat.🤞🤞🤞
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    Not our night

    We had enough chances and on another day, the result could've been different. Cannot fault the commitment and effort from our boys. Heads up and we'll go again
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    Velocity Cup Final

    Very enjoyable match tonight (never mind the traffic and the various magic roundabouts)!! Thought we played some good football at times and was very impressed with the work rate of Davison in particular, who ran his socks off and made life difficult for the Hornchurch defenders every time he was near the ball. Youngs as skilful as ever in midfield - he really is a good player. Yes, we have under-achieved in the league, but we only have to look at Braintree to see what can happen to a team that gains promotion when perhaps they are not ready for it. ETFC is far more than just the first team. I've had the pleasure the last 2 Saturday mornings of watching the ETFC disability squad train, and I watched the ladies 1st team play some very attractive football last Sunday afternoon. I'm very proud to be a member of the club, even more so with a new trophy to be added to the honours board. Looking forward to seeing that in the bar next season. I agree with Steph's post. The team/squad has improved incrementally the last 2 seasons. I take little notice of the negativity on this forum. I suspect the manager and players don't bother reading it and I don't blame them. You have to be thick skinned to be a success in this game. Everybody has an opinion. Let's have some positive posts congratulating the team, coaching and management staff and all the directors!!!

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