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    Hi All, Firstly thank you to everyone who has bought the programme over the past season. It's been greatly appreciated and has been a huge learning curve over the season. Hopefully over the season you would have noticed the gradual improvements, including an increase on the amount of pages within the programme (Started at 32pp and ended at 48pp) I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions to improve it for next season?
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    Firstly, I know that I'm biased but just want to praise the amount of content that are now in the programmes. There's a few clubs where every other page is an advert and is not of the quality of what we offer at Hornchurch. Excellent stats in there now as well. It would be nice if the club has any contacts with former players to have a where are they now section. Nice to know what the likes of Simon Parker and Andy Thomlinson are getting up to.
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    Presentation Night/Supporters Game

    Great goal pity not on video
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    lovely stuff

    Next season

    12 Trophies (and 6 runners -up) in the 18 years since formation. Cheshunt FC : 20 trophies in 139 years

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