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    Riverside Urchin

    First impressions

    Good 1st half with some good performances with some new players looking good. Can’t comment on the goalie as he wasn’t really tested. Saw Nathan warming up, but he didn’t play which was a shame - I hope he’s not injured. Good to see Ricky back again he will be a real asset. The key thing about the second half was Sonny’s performance which was more confident and assured, but we desperately need strikers. Two signings who between them can notch up the goals with young Stimson on the bench as a good sub when needed is my view. Looking forward to the season.
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    kimbles left foot

    First impressions

    First half was decent, playing it along the back with all the the new look defence all looking sound with the ball at their feet only thing lacking is a 16stone Akenfenwa to hold up the ball and win a few headers. Second half was a nothing half but with all those changes I didn't expect anything more. Dutton Iooked confident on the ball and I'll look forward to seeing more of him this season.
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    First impressions

    Tea as Fleet above has said the 1st half was by far the better half. It was great to see Rickie back where he belongs in an Urchin shirt. Can't wait for the next game at Canvey COYU'S......
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    Fleet side of the bridge

    First impressions

    The first half I would say is the majority of the starting 11 and was clean crisp football defence looking solid the new keepers a unit the midfield was hard working and efficient maybe a bit light up top at the min but we have Charlie to come back and we need to sign a forward but all in all very impressed

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