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    I know i'm only a part timer. Sounds like a brilliant send off and well deserved. Sorry I couldn't make it but still being a full time carer. I have many fond memories of Tina. She always made me laugh as she took me raffle money at the gate. I'm sure away days on the coach won't be the same. R.I.P.
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    Now 8/1 someone's had a cheeky tenner by the looks of it
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    New League Sponsor - Bet Victor

    That's always going to be a problem when you have a Pitchero site, you have very little control of the content. If you didn't add the Betting.net link yourself, Pitchero just added it into the footer anyway whether you wanted it or not. Rightly or wrongly we just ignored it (having moved off Pitchero) and nobody seemed to care, though with BetVictor being the league sponsor I suspect we're going to have to carry something on the website this time around. I didn't think I'd say it but I'm now envious of the Scottish Challenge Cup - recently re-branded as "The Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup".
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    Tina's Funeral Arrangements

    I must say, it was a wonderful send off for a wonderful lady. A fitting tribute imo.
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    Riverside Urchin

    First impressions

    Good 1st half with some good performances with some new players looking good. Can’t comment on the goalie as he wasn’t really tested. Saw Nathan warming up, but he didn’t play which was a shame - I hope he’s not injured. Good to see Ricky back again he will be a real asset. The key thing about the second half was Sonny’s performance which was more confident and assured, but we desperately need strikers. Two signings who between them can notch up the goals with young Stimson on the bench as a good sub when needed is my view. Looking forward to the season.

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