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    Blimey we are home on Non League Day! Cause we had Margate on a Tuesday once again!
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    What, playing at home on Non-League day! Has the league made a mistake on the fixtures?
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    Fixture release date confirmed.

    Nope! Bowers at home
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    Members meeting - Public Forum?
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    No not anymore RB I resigned from the Hanwell Town FC committee last Summer 2018 and I haven't been to watch them play since there last home game of the 2017/18 season. It just wasn't for me anymore I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to and things had changed for me at the club and also I moved a bit further away from Hanwell Town FC. Im still in contact with a lot of the Hanwell Town people and follow there results. These days I prefer watching Step 7 and below football so me and the old man just hop around our local Middlesex County League clubs, Southern Amateur League clubs and Surrey Intermediate League clubs. We just make a list of games each week for the Saturday then we make our choice of game on Friday eve or Saturday morning and of we go
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    This forum is alive and kicking.

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