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    Don't forget to pick up your 48 page programme tonight for £2.50. We have increased our page numbers to 48 pages this season to provide you with more content!
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    might be worth seeing if we can get adverts in local newspapers to push the day to readers, and include additional fixtures and website on it to try and bring it into peoples minds. It might also be a good idea to see if we can get a few local business to perhaps donate items for a raffle so everyone that comes into the game gets a free entry or something.
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    found this on the Back of the Net youtube channel it's worth watching the goals and listening to the interview afterwards
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    😮 bet he’ll be ‘injured’ for both games
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    Non League Day - Ideas

    There are a number of clubs that now offer discounts to NHS staff, local authority workers, emergency services and military personnel. It would be good if we did something similar and not necessarily just on non-league day.
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    how about this song which we used to sing to mark stimson we want to kiss your head we want to kiss your head it tastes like a peanut it tastes like a peanut it tastes like a peanut we want to kiss your head
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    2-1 Hornchurch More concerning is that Lewis Smith is back at East Thurrock... 😬
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    kimbles left foot

    Non League Day - Ideas

    I read of a non League club offering discounted entry for people suffering with mental illness. This would obviously be hard to administer but little things like having a chat with someone at a match may really help people who otherwise might not leave their house or speak to people weeks on end. Football is great middle ground for people of all walks of life to see they have something in common.
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    Tuesday 6 August - Results/Reports

    A nice picture of the ball being delicately slotted home, Aguero like, by Buckingham Athletic's Matt Cruse in the last minute of the proceedings at Spratleys Meadow. Was there a problem with the linesmen on the night as the one in the picture doesn't look suitably attired, unlike Pete the Greek for example who always looks immaculate: http://sportsshots.org.uk/?p=45658

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