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    Just as well I prepared myself. So many chances that just wouldn't go in and some outstanding saves from Regent's keeper. And WinFin beat Haringey which also was unexpected. So who can tell how next week will go. Very pleasing to see the return of Nathan Cooper, even more so to see him complete the whole 90 minutes.
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    Pete the Greek - Here is the article if you haven't seen it, your good friend was like Tony Pulis on the touchline this afternoon in a very disappointing 1-0 defeat
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    Kings beat in the heat

    Then theirs the injury list ours would put his to shame which makes the result even more remarkable.Remember a.similar crap interview when we won 4 nil down at Lewes but then again we're a pub team from Essex apparently
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    We don’t seem to do well there, but we will this time. 2-1 Urchins att:185

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