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    Well done the chins supporters association
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    Decent result yesterday with a below par performance – but they all count etc etc. Decent crowd too which caught a lot of us out in the prediction league. Well done Jordan and co for the efforts in advertising the game. We are now half way through the Autumn league (yes we play 14 games not 18 before I hear any bleating) – so time for you to take stock, shepherd your resources and slam in the lamb for the second half. Nope - I have no idea why this posting has slid down a sheep farming theme either but sometimes these things just happen. Baaahh. Top sheep-dog in Div 1 remains Mr D but a rare defeat yesterday to the ever-consistent Paul C has opened things right up. Wivenhoe will be pleased to get back into contention (to stay up!) with a comfortable win against the ever-inconsistent 1961 COYS. And Blackballed remains wallowing in sheep-dip wondering what he has to do to get a win. (Score more goals than the opposition is my somewhat unorthodox advice Dave). In Division sheep-poo, I'm still waiting for Microsoft’s investigations into why their normally reliable Excel product a) placed Cup of Tea on top of the league last week and b) has kept him there this week. Once is unfortunate, twice feels like carelessness. Anyway, Bill Gates is having a look. The battle at the very bottom ended all square as Mick the Bat and The New Sheep couldn’t be separated. Mick’s always had a thing for sheep I’m told. And MikeMike’s "Jekyll and Hyde" season continues – now with an impressively wayward WWWWLLL record. Meanwhile Baby Jago sauntered into the auto-promotion places by pulling the wool over Sir Colin – who incidentally has now paid his subs (thank you sir - always best to approach him after a win!). Which just leaves Hatted Urchin on the aged debtors list. I'm saying nothing. Scottish tightwad. Next week we have the 2 big father-son derbies so there will be tears before bedtime one way or the other. Here you go for the full bollox... UPMINSTER ELITE COLLIER ROW NOT SO ELITE NEXT WEEK Predictez-vous on this lot - Week 8, 19th October 2019 Lazio v Atalanta Everton v WHU (12:30) Middlesbrough v West Brom Potters Bar v Barnet (FAC) (12:30) Leatherhead v Hornchurch Att: That is all. Here's hoping for a disconsolate Baby Jago by Saturday evening. JAGO.
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    cup of tea

    FA Trophy draw

    Was hoping for Weston Super Mare away, was expecting Potters Bar away!! Tricky tie, will need to be up for this one as they won't be a pushover.
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    Cheers all, it certainly surprised me how many people took a voucher on Friday night and even better to see the same people in the ground. I think we may have made some new fans 😎 hope to see a turnout just as good Sunday at the beer festival
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    I will do some glass collecting on Sunday if its going to be helpful. Providing i've not drunk too much of the gin 😂
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    FA Vase 2nd Round Draw (CCL Clubs)

    I had two bites of the (cherry) FA VASE Saturday saw Bedfont / Feltham beat Colliers Wood and Sunday saw Southall with 10 men go 3-4 down in the 90th only to equalise in the 97th. 4-4 AET
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    Thanks Les, much appreciated! Now onto the beer festival!

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