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    Big J R

    It's Strange Eh!

    That sounds very 'Harry Potter-ish' !!
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    Both at the same time ??
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    It's Strange Eh!

    Winslow Boy - Well if Karen had her way they certainly would and a portrait on the wall of her hero Ashley Kersey:
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    Yeah I haven't got the interest or commitment to be involved in a club anymore I just want turn up to a footy match of my choice and just watch the footy 👍 My old club Hanwell Town FC seem to be worrying money wise which isn't nice to hear/see as they are a good bunch of people at Hanwell Town FC and a lot of the Hanwell Town committee are 70+ but I'm told that they are all well well the ones that i am still in contact with are anyway. I don't think there will be many non league football clubs that are not having big money problems right now. Step 1 to Step 6 clubs are in big trouble and they rely on there gate receipts big time so I can't see them playing behind closed doors? Tough and interesting times.
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    This week's archive game

    The videos are currently marked as unlisted which means that anyone watch them but they have to have the exact link. They can't be found by searching in youtube. I've looked before at a way of charging a small fee for access via a login but youtube doesn't seem to work that way - unless I've missed something. Maybe there are other platforms that can do this, but I would probably have to upload all the videos again to there and I would probably have to pay for that kind of service, hence there might not be much benefit. I haven't really looked into that at much depth to be honest. If I can get all the games off the tapes I have, then I've got maybe 15/16/17 seasons worth of (AFC) Hornchurch games. Wouldn't it be great if I could create something like a TV channel which constantly plays random games all day long ?

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