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    Fat Tom Daley

    Next Clean Up Day - 11/7

    Hi All, Hope everyone is safe and well. We won't be having a clean up day this Saturday so people can enjoy the day down the club to have a pint or six. However we will be returning on the 11/7. See everyone this Saturday for a few beverages! Jordan.
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    Leighton Town

    👍 You know the supporter AlwaysLeighton?
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    Leighton Town

    An excellent summary of the 2019/20 from a Leighton Town supporter, Joes couldn't have put it better himself: A FANS VIEW OF LEIGHTONS 2019/20 SEASON The past 12 months have been a whirlwind for just about everyone, especially as a Leighton Town fan. The dire start to the season and the anxiety that came with it to the highs of the FA Vase run and the staggering undefeated run of five months in the league, being just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve followed the town for about 10 years now, on and off, but this year was different. It was the first time I really supported the club, and followed them home and away. The atmosphere around the club this past season has been immense, nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before in football, especially not at this level. From the board, the manager, the boys themselves to the media officers and more who put in work behind the scenes, the overall ethos of the club is so strong and apparent to everyone who visits Bell Close. Everybody seems to really ‘get’ the club and what it’s about. The perfect balance of admirable respectability and raw passion for the game. The club creates an atmosphere that is contagiously attracting new fans as well as quality players who see the town as not only a great place to play their football, but as a club that can support them into developing into even better footballers. Just look at Danny Webb! These are the qualities that, from my uneducated eye, propel the town miles above any other club at this level of the game, on and off the pitch. A shaky start to the season saw the town only gain a point from the first 8 league games, showing quality on occasions in cup matches, notably the 2-1 win over Hadleigh United in the Vase, the catalyst for Leighton to really push on with the season and turn their fortunes around. In the following three games in the league the town notched up 18 goals and grabbed their first three wins of the season. This being the start of a phenomenal unbeaten run in the league that stretched across five months. Parallel to this new found success in the league was the FA vase run, in which the town managed to reach the quarter final, only to be defeated 4-3 in a competitive game at the hands of Kent-based Corinthian. Along the FA vase journey were many of my favourite moments from the season. The highlight being Ashton Campbell’s heroism in Cambridgeshire as he latched on to the end of a peach of a pass over the top courtesy of Ben Pattie, in the last minute of tie and tucked away the winner! Not of course forgetting the two he scored before to get us back to 3-3 anyway! I get goosebumps just typing about it. For me the best performance of the season was the following vase game, all the way in Wiltshire, against a table topping Bradford Town. From Brad’s impeccable display in the sticks, James Towell’s man-of-the-match winning performance and wonder strike, the town had really shown another level to their game with every man on the pitch in red and white giving everything they could. Dave Murphy even managed to refrain from getting booked! Personally I think it is near impossible to name a player of the year. Every player is in contention. Webby leading the charts with his goals, Jordan Frederick’s immense captaincy and Carl Resch returning from injury better than ever to name just a few outstanders, but I really could go on all night! Despite an unforeseen end to the season, I still consider the past 9 months a huge success for Leighton Town, not only due to the performance of the team in both league and cup, but the potential for success in coming years that has been highlighted this term. Hard work into the club and a new wave of support puts the town in a very, very exciting position for the coming seasons, and I personally, cannot wait.
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    Clean up

    Another great effort, you are such a credit to our club, special mention to les 12 beers 5 rolls

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