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    Saw this in the "Club News" section. I have a couple of questions. I don't personally know Colin Burford and I couldn't see a link or any contact information so how do I actually contact him for more information? I always stand on the West Side behind the Home dugout (Makes it easier to pass on advice to Mark but he has correctly previously ignored me at Thurrock and Waltham Abbey) so am I eligible? Can I buy a seat but never actually sit in it? Is it a contractual obligation to have my real name on the seat or can I use an amusing pseudonym (PG rated of course as Jago refused my first two or three monikers in the prediction league) If I buy a seat will it improve my chances in the 50/50 draw Will having my name on a seat improve my chances with the ladeeees? If I do choose to sit on the Eastside and someone is in "my" chair can I get a steward to remove them? (I'd bribe them with a cup of tea but I've happily been buying them tea at half time for a while now after someone suggested it would be a nice idea) Does the above apply if it is Colin or Alex (although I usually talk to them in the West Side seats) If Mikey Christou buys a seat can I pay another £5 to have it painted in the style of a TFL cycle lane? [Mikey, you know I love you to bits and yet you shred me every single game]
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    Mick the bat

    Bar opening

    A big thank you to all the staff, especially the girls behind the bar and to colin for his donation to the cricket club, we had a great day ,from your friends at Ardleigh green,havering atte bower cc
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    Leighton Town

    That's great, £54,000 isn't to be sniffed at is it: In these difficult circumstances that we are all going through it is always a real lift to hear some good news for once. The Executive Committee at Leighton Town FC are thrilled to announce that another important step towards rebuilding our club both on and off the pitch has been achieved. We received fantastic news recently that our applications for funding to carry out major refurbishment to the club’s facilities have been successful. The club is to receive £54,000 in funding, which is made up from money secured by Central Bedfordshire Council from new local housing developments and also a Community Asset Grant. The work which starts later this month will include the installation of a brand-new disabled toilet facility along with disabled access to the grounds. The other toilet facilities in the club will also be completely refurbished. The function hall will receive new flooring and the main bar will have the ceiling and lighting replaced. The club’s roof has been patched up for a long time and this funding will also help to replace the section that is close to collapsing. On top of this we hope to redecorate as much of the club as we can afford from our own resources. This was a very competitive process and huge thanks must go to Sean Downey and Steve Harris who have worked extremely hard behind the scenes to prepare the bid and establish support for our plans to access this important stream of funding. “This is great news for our club” said Director of Football Sean Downey. “At the last AGM I promised our members that we would do everything we could to access funding to improve our disability facilities and I am so pleased that we are finally able to carry out this important work. We are a community focused club and we want the best facilities possible to allow all our supporters, hirers and other users to enjoy their time at the club, whether this be playing for or supporting the teams, participating in classes and community activities or attending social functions in the hall. As the town grows it is important that we keep our social hubs strong, well maintained and vibrant. This is not just about football it is about community” Vice Chairman and Financial Controller Steve Harris added: “We would like to put on record our thanks to a number of people and organisations that have supported us in our bid. These include Councillor Brian Spurr and his excellent colleagues at Central Bedfordshire Council and the Rotary Club; their advice and support have been extremely helpful and hugely appreciated by both Sean and me during this process” Thanks in advance must also go to John Turner who will play a key role in project managing the work. Huge thanks John. Work is due to begin later this month. Our Town: Our Team: Our Community. Best wishes to all The Executive Committee at Leighton Town FC
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    Rhodes has always been good at spending other peoples money......
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    Leighton Town

    This is quite amusing, not sure why Aylesbury United fans keep such a close eye on Bell Close but they seem to rate Joe Sweeney, then again who doesn't, he's such a great Manager for you and hope he will stay long term: http://www.aufcforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=2043.0
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    1961 COYS

    Bar opening

    Well said Sal great day with great company, bar staff worked very hard and was much appreciated.

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