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  1. Chairman Al

    kings lynn

    Afternoon, everyone, Alex Sharp here, I’ve finally found the fabled forum everyone speaks about! Well what an afternoon, I think my best day (so far!) as Hornchurch Chairman, so proud of everyone involved with the club, in really difficult circumstances we put on a show yesterday, on and off the pitch, this is a very special team we are building here and irrespective of what happens with the League next week, it’s been an honour to watch these fellas get better and better every game they play. So many have said it but they left nothing out there yesterday, I saw players exhausted walking off the pitch, they gave their all for the club. Brilliant goal for Nashe after an amazing run by Ellis, 3 exceptionally well taken penalties and of course 3 incredible saves (there were no misses, they were saved) by the best goalkeeper outside of the National leagues, Joe Wright! The only downside for me was that the ground wasn’t full, the atmosphere would have been amazing, but the priority is of course keeping everyone safe. Have seen some negative comments about KLTFC mainly around the streaming, which I do understand but just to give a different perspective, which I think most who met them would agree, the KL folk, were a really pleasant and decent, nice group of people, very complimentary about our club and offered hearty congratulations when we won, it was a pleasure to host them and their Chairman, Stephen Cleeve, was very gracious in defeat, I wish them all the very best for the rest of the season, clubs like Kings Lynn Town should be an inspiration for us, being promoted from our level, to Conference North, to National League in consecutive seasons, that’s progression! Special thanks to Jordan Newman and all at the Supporters Association, without you all the game simply wouldn’t have taken place yesterday. It was great having BT Sports at the ground for the game and who knows, with a decent draw tomorrow, we might see them back again in Feb! Delighted to report that Colin, Tony, Ken and Dave Ball are all a lot better, keep well and safe everyone, hope to see you all soon! Alex
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  2. cup of tea

    kings lynn

    Fantastic result, well done to everyone involved, players, officials, supporters etc. The team deserves all the plaudits after that, what a result. Days like that make you proud to be a Hornchurch fan. Also pleased to hear about our recovering fans, great news also.
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  3. ETFC is no different to any other club at step 3 and lower. Nobody can blame a player for leaving if he is offered a position at a club at step 2 or above, who is playing. All clubs step 3 and lower will be in re-build mode once we re-start (which I don't see being before July). For us, as a supporters' owned and run club, the equation is very simple. If we lose our supporter base, we lose our club. I am NOT concerned that we will lose our supporter base. I think our supporter base is one of the most loyal at this level and will continue to demonstrate that loyalty through the year.
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  4. CMcBride

    New year

    Best wishes to all our supporter's for the new year, not sure where we are going, but I know you lot will be there when we start again. Also all the tickets are sold for tonight's new years eve party, so no gatecrashers
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