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  1. When Al first came I my opinion of what to expect from AL from what I had seen previously and from other acquaintances around the non-league circuit. This caused quite a lot of abuse and criticism from other members. In fact, at the time, I described the team he put out for the first league match of the season as not being an Enfield team. However, in the following seasons I had to concede that things appeared to be on up. This year however, allowing for covid etc, I became concerned that the club appeared to be to fixed on ground improvements rather playing staff. Like many others I was to happy contribute towards the request for funds. Regarding ground improvements the FA appear to have unspent millions for grants to meet this. Has this been researched? As I said several years ago, what good is a well kept Stadium if you do not maintain a Team good enough to bring revenue through the turn styles. " Its all Fur coats and no Knickers. Money has to be raised if the club is to survive.
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