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  1. Bottoms Up

    Town v Cheshunt

    I was chatting to an old school friend when all I heard behind me was apparently ‘a senior Cheshunt official’ addressing his Enfield Town FC counterpart as a ‘f#%king W’ and ‘the lot of you are f#%king W’s’ in a bellowing fashion-and you’re highlighting ‘class’ ? I asked what all the shenanigans were about and was told that home teams no longer need to provide post match hospitality/food to opposition players this season. Enfield Towns officials apparently informed Cheshunt of this in accordance to league rules as part of confirmation of the fixture. I’d suggest the Cheshunt counterpart reads his information thoroughly in future so that Cheshunt officials are not made to look like Classless foul mouthed and alcohol infused idiots in front of visitors in future. You are crying the victim but the creators of your own whinge. I have been told that all clubs need to either ask if opponents would like post match food or not, in which case the same must be offered in a return fixture or the opponent is informed there will be no food provided in which you make your own arrangements. Maybe find someone who can be a respectable official and who can relay information back to those who can’t read and write
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  2. cup of tea

    Cruise control

    Deserved the win - may have been a little bit fortuitous with the pen but that shouldn’t deflect from an outstanding performance, just couldn’t get that 5th goal, their gk was outstanding at the end. What’s the record between being booked and then sent off? Their no 4 must have been close to that! Great win and good performances all around
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