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  1. A Woman’s Cup Final winner’s medal for Drew to go with the Trophy medal for Lewwis. The Spencer family must be very proud.
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  2. A fantastic team performance all round to contain a Kingstonian side who were smashing goals in everywhere at the start of the season and It's a credit to the Urchins that the team kept them down to 1 We had both regular full backs missing but Ronnie and Ellis both filled in superbly to restrict opportunities down the flanks and the rest of the team were solid all game. I personally think Ronnie Winn was our Man of the Match and put in a performance as good as the one he did from the bench v Oxford City 2 seasons ago. Was lovely to see Tobi Joseph come off the bench and have an impact on the game along with Ola when they did as i opened things up a bit after some hard work put in by both Ruff and Stimson. Was great to see Finn play too even if it was due to injury I hope he felt settled and can carry some confidence going forward to our next matches. I feel the squad has turned a corner and grown in confidence and I really hope they can kick on and challenge the playoff places which are not far off. UP THE URCHINS!
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  3. Ah, nice to finish with a high score, but across the season I prefer to absolutely bathe in the glory of whatever the opposite is for defensive capabilities. zinc ar*e perhaps. Most wins - Tick Fewest away goals - Tick Fewest Losses - Tick Joint fewest draws - Tick (serious straw clutching) (is it fewest or least) Even more surprising as having had a hissy fit and thrown my toys out the pram and not even bothered looking at the fixtures for 6 weeks (maybe a tactic to follow next season). I feel I also have to copy Luke's humble acceptance speech except I originate from Lewisham although properly moulded in Corringham. Totally expecting an 'R' in May
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  4. Firstly – many thanks to everyone as we are all* paid up after a couple of you popped into the Club Shop a few weeks back (* with one distance-related exception – fair enough – plus Baby Jago who presumably expects me to cough up... again). Secondly – we have a winner, so congratulations to first-time champ Cool Hand Luke who just about hung onto the top spot ahead of a fast-advancing Baby Jago. It all came down on the final weekend to a closer attendance prediction than COYS, so suspicions will be raised that money may have changed hands with the gatepeople (not by me, obvs). Lady Jago and UrchinYid managed to snaffle the final two relegation spots, which means Sir Colin stays up by the skin of his teeth, and presumably my banning order is suspended for another season. MikeMike wrapped up the Div 2 title (it’s been de facto his for a few weeks, but always nice to see the confirmation flash up on Sky Sports), and also grabbed the Golden Boot in an orgy of trophy gathering. Paul C did his damndest to throw away an auto promotion spot but just about hung on, where he is joined by Cup of Tea who won 5 of the last 6. A couple more traditional heavyweights in Div 1 next season then!. Dinamo Urchin won the playoff-qualification showdown with Clive, which means we have Nick v Fat Tom and The Lord v Dinamo fighting it out for fame, glamour, and ultimately, utter futility. Fat Tom, naturally enough, picked up the Fat Tom Alarm Clock Award. Again. No particularly Lucky B@st@rds this week, though guess it would have to be Luke if anyone. Well done to all – a very good rate of predictions across the season, even if we still aren’t very good at it. The Spring season will start in early January after our well-earned Winter Break Anyone wanna buy the DUMMY TEAM before we start again? – Bargain fiver. Just let me know (or one of the guys in the Club Shop). In full gory detail ... FA TROPHY DIVISION FA VASE DIVISION Next Week ; Sat 11 Dec by 14:30 Play offs - Normal scoring rules. One leg. If it's a draw, then closest on Attendance. If still a tie, highest league position goes through. Right load of old pony this week but the prem is all shoe-ins and pretty dull everywhere else. Here's what I've come up with SC Freiburg v 1899 Hoffenheim (14:30) St Mirren v Hibs Huddersfield v Coventry Aveley v Sudbury Wingate & F v Hornchurch Attendance: Contingency... Bognor v Enfield That's it. JAGO
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  5. I’ve conquered all of Hornchurch, I’m never gonna stop!!! From Hornchurch down to benfleet I’ve beat the fu*#ing lot! Just a wan#*er out of Basildon, I’m never gonna stop!
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