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  1. Raingods summing up is spot on. If anyone feels this forum is poor then should note of the ridiculous multiple comments made when we lose , we’re now nit picking why we let in a goal this week and not against Margate 🙄 For starters we beat a very good Bowers team with very good individuals which reached the FA Cup 1st Round beating Woking on the way. We capitalised in using the windy conditions in the first half , Lyle+Sam Youngs goals were special whereas Jerrys goal was very well executed thanks to a trademark Mo touch line run in setting up the goal. We still had second half chances yet at the same time defended brilliantly to stand up to Bowers pressure. Bowers goal was also very good, a driven delivery from a free kick , a slight glance and the conditions left Nathan no chance. Game was professionally managed in my opinion and brilliantly seen out by the players. Bowers are no push overs and I fancy them to possibly get get a result at Folkestone on Tuesday and against other top half teams. No easy games, everyone can beat each other, it’s just that we have Mo+Cass
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  2. Completely agree, a forum is only as good as its contributors, and it's very easy to sit back and criticise the lack of reports about away games whilst not attending the games and posting yourself. Nobody is obliged to post anything on here - it's not a subscription service, and we're relying on people to take the time to share their thoughts on games. Personally I'm very grateful for those that do, and accept that we're not going to get a write up (or even any comments) on every game, as not everyone can attend, and sometimes people have more pressing things to do with their time than post on internet forums. Back to the game (which I didn't attend), it sounds like we played well against a decent side, and were well worth the 3 points - thanks BU and RG for sharing your thoughts on the match. Edited to add - having watched the highlights, there were some really good goals, especially Youngs!
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  3. The Cold End sums it up well .. I really do believe we are going up this season, so made sure I went yesterday as I haven't been there before. Great free kick from Lyle at the start, Jerry tap in for the 2nd (no cartwheel this time after your attempt at Hadley!) after Mo got the ball outside the area and went past their right back to lay it across nicely .. Sam's thunderbolt for the 3rd was amazing .. disappointed I wasn't standing right behind the goal when the 1st and 3rd went in! To me, felt we were always going to win this one when we went ahead .. 2nd half was quieter and fair play to B&P their heads didnt go down .. (their overweight capt did swear at a few of our fans at one point - wonder what we said about him!) Great to get a late 4th - great run from PK and clinical from Cass - what a signing he is! MOM could have gone to Lyle or Sam .. great to see Lyle staying up in a more attacking position rather than having to keep tracking back OT - yes would have been nice to keep a clean sheet .. but it was a comfortable win so not the end of the world .. DJW - back in 16/7 under BQ we scored 86 in 46 games (1.8 goals/game) and conceded 57 (1.2/game) Currently in 21/2 we have scored 71 in 29 (2.4 goals/game) and conceded 40 (1.4/game) - so we are scoring 0.6 goals more/game and conceding 0.2 more. When you look at the squad we had out yesterday - and missing were Harold, Maja, Elija the young RB, Cunnington & Coker, plus the other new signing,... we have a very strong squad now to cope with injuries and suspensions. Folkestone dropped points yesterday (as did Stortford & Hornchurch)- and are now 9pts off us with 3 games in hand .. We have only 3 games left against teams in the top 11 - whereas Worthing have 7 or 8 against "good" sides ...
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