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  1. Daily Dose

    Bedford FC

    Merchandise sales ?. They had 65 watching their last home match. Let’s say they were all supporting Bedford. Each supporter would have to buy 20 shirts at £30.
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  2. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2022/04/further-update-online-tickets-and-live-stream/ We have also agreed with the league and Cheshunt that we will stream the game for free on YouTube
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  3. Typical townies .If they'd won it'll be splattered all over social media with the gut bucket wonderous achievement headlines Lol. They might just get round to it in a few days once they've stop crying ?
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  4. cup of tea

    What a night

    Thank you - I fancied you guys to beat Storford , think whoever wins on Monday is going to have to dig deep but genuinely don’t know who that’s going to be. Good luck for next season we’ll be in different leagues whoever wins
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