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  1. Now that any tiny particles of dust of disappointment have settled... Can I just say a massive well done and thanks to everyone at the Club, our manager, the players, background staff, volunteers, bar staff and especially the fans who make us feel so very welcome on every visit. Belfast Urchins would love to sponsor Tom Wraight again...for a full season and can send payment through whenever this opens again next season? Up the chins and see you all soon! ❤⚽️❤ Thanks - I cannot start the list yet (until we know who is in the quad next season), but I always give the previous sponsor first choice. So your name is there against Tom Wraight. Tony
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  2. Hi All, Following discussions with the club, we have decided to bring forward the HFCSA AGM to Sunday 15th May. The meeting will start at midday. The bar will be open afterwards. Please come along as we discuss our plans for the future.
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  3. Agreed, LS. It seems as if we're heading in the right direction - getting a crowd of 2,000 into the ground shows that. Plus there definitely seems to have been a growth in sponsorship. If we can find a way of growing crowds to 'Dulwich levels' (- and I don't see why we can't in the long term), then surely we can be competitive at NLS level? Its hard to be patient as a football fan, but I guess we're in it for the long haul. I think we'd all rather that than going through a repeat of the demise of Enfield FC. You never know, perhaps a fan might win the Euromillions this week and decide to chuck a couple of million our way?
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  4. I think we have to accept that we (as a club) decided to secure and guarantee our long term future by putting in place a fan owned system that prevents one person being able to buy and sell the club (and the stadium).We put that in place because of how events unfolded with the chairman at Enfield fc. Unfortunately when you run a club based on just reinvesting gate money and bar money,you will always find 4 or 5 teams in your given league that are currently being funded by a businessman chairman.Sometimes this investment last 5 years or maybe even 10/20/30 if they are lucky.And success will come with that cash investment. Even this week we learn that the historic Basingstoke Town Ground has just been given planning permisssion for a new housing estate with no prospect of a new ground to play at.The money man chairman who purchased the club 10 years ago is now using the site for housing.Sounds very familiar to what happened at Enfield FC..A chairman that owns a club outright is very risky nowadays what with the price of building land..And even if your current chairman is honourable and doesn't sell you dowin the river ,there is no guarantee the next person he sells it to will not do just that! Supporter owned clubs will grow more slowly than financed clubs and maybe not win as much, but they are ensuring the club and the stadium will be right there at the heart of the community for their own lifetimes and for many generations to come
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  5. obis

    Not to be

    Very good summary
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