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  1. cup of tea

    Hx 3 Braintree 0

    Firstly , welcome to our friends from Northern Ireland and to the really nice guys from Sweden to whom we are grateful that they made the effort to watch us today. Think they picked the right game to watch today. Absolutely buzzing from this , I never thought we were going to lose. Think that Liam has played well all season but he was on fire today. You could tell from his reaction from his goal from a very well worked free kick that he was up for it today. Ola showed plenty of energy, Tobi brought energy when he came on, really pleased with everyone in the team today, remember we had a trio of key players out today. My man of the match was Ricky Hales , him and Nathan were immense at the back today, and hats off to Joe as well , some erm.. entertaining saves!!! wasn’t bothered about the fa cup but now looking forward to the draw coyu
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