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  1. Start of with Destiny who came on and within 2 mins and 2 touches scored his first goal for the urchins last night 💪 now for desire aka Jordan Clark this kid is a different class his none stop running and desire last night was incredible and showed what we’ve been missing in recent weeks if we had 11 Jordan Clark’s we would of won the league by the end of feb,the whole team were class last night,playing football in away I haven’t seen yet these season. we were superb, just goes to show that a team full of want and desire will always be better than a team full of individuals, one more thing I’ve came to notice is if we lose a game there will be 7 negative posts on here but when we win it’s all very quiet?.nothing in football is guaranteed but if we play like we did last night we will win this league I’m in no doubt about it. looking forward to the rest of the season pushing for promotion and who knows maybe another trophy in the cabinet 🏆🏆 #weconqueredalloffEngland🎶
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  2. As Luke says, every single game is commented on and for the most part the comments are positive. Just noting that Pony Tailed Urchin had already started a positive thread to this game prior to this one. I couldn't comment on the game as I had work commitments that prevented me from attending (think I've missed only this and Romford away but not 100% positive about that) The second anyone dares to make a suggestion that perhaps is considered derogatory then the criticism comes out. Are we supposed to say that we played well when we lose to Bishops Stortford 4-1? Yes I'm sure there could be reasons behind that (illness, injuries etc.) and I think being a manager must be an incredibly difficult job that I certainly couldn't do but we're not allowed to say we didn't play well? We all want Hornchurch to succeed , we've got a great manager and a great support team behind him and a good core of players at the club and I think we can get promoted this year. Sometimes you need squad additions (if that's affordable) if it's not quite working out though.
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