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    Gone with the wind

    well if there was a goal to win a game that was it,Spencer you beauty,already without Dicko and then to lose Sam you wondered where the goals were coming from having said that should have been 2 up in the first 15 minutes.We regrouped second half with the breeze in our backs the visitors were clearly struggling with it pleased for Jordan and his goal only to be wiped with the visitors scoring from the spot but the never say die attitude was clear to see with Spence perfectly wind assisted goal,tidy crowd as well,up the Urchins
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    Enfield Til It Died

    Do you remember them?

    I think you've just outdone Rhodes in re-opening a thread after 8 years!
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    Grays Athletic Away

    It was great to be back watching football again over at Aveley yesterday. A 3-1 win (Okojie & 2 trialists), sunshine (though a bit too windy!), familiar faces - whats not to like?! Social distancing was very easy so if anybody has any worries on that front I can reassure you. Grays were taking their responsibilities seriously (tickets booked in advance and details collected for track and trace) and I was very pleased to hear what we as a club have been doing on this front. The documentation posted on the website is a lot more than the tick-box exercise I've seen elsewhere - thank you to all those involved for all the hard work.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Sunday 30th Bank Holiday Fun!

    The Supporters' Assocation AGM will be kicking off at 12.30pm. Membership will also be on sale. All are welcome to attend
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    Gone with the wind

    I thought we missed a number of chances to take a commanding lead into half-time. There seemed to be a sense of "tightness" about this game that wasn't apparent in the pre-season friendlies, possibly because this result mattered The second half was a lot more edgy, we seemed to get very narrow along whichever wing the ball was played making it easy for Merstham to defend with no wide out ball. For the first goal I though Ellis had misjudged the wind and overhit the corner but either way Lewwis got the header back across the area which is all you can ask and Jordan finally got us on the scoresheet.. I can't comment on the penalty decision as I didn't see it as I turned my head to talk to someone but there had been so many other shouts during the game turned down I guess it must have been justified. The advantage always has to be with the taker but my mind went back to last year's penalty shootout against Oxford City. Joe Wright guessed correctly but the strike was too good and he couldn't pull off another wonder save. The winning goal. Well, this isn't the first time I have seen Lewwis score from the half-way line, or indeed pull out a last minute winner. I teased him on Twitter today and will continue to do so but when the chips are down OMG !!! I stand on the sidelines these days so had to wait until the ball was in the net to celebrate but previously behind the goal have been able to celebrate 2 or 3 seconds beforehand. Overall you cannot really complain when you have got all 3 points and a worldie goal of the season winner in the first game .
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    Hello. I have been inundated by a request as to what we are doing about the Prediction League. Well. Here's my "thinking"... Frankly we don't have time to get two half-seasons in this year. It's still unclear what will happen wrt crowd attendance and all that stuff. So let's bin the Autumn Season and start again after Christmas when everything will of course be hunky dory. Whaddayathink? In the interim we can have an Emergency League Cup (ELC). This will be a straight knockout. No money will change hands. Start in a couple of weeks I guess. You Div 2 wannabes can have a bash at the Billy Big Boots. Sign up below. As per my example: Yes please Jago, I would love to play in the ELC, signed << Eastside Urchin>> (or whoever) All welcome - newbies are ENCOURAGED and will be given a one goal start on each game (just watch Dinamo change his user name). That's all folks. Jago
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    I don’t disagree, dominated is a bit strong, a hell of a lot of long ball down that slope, physically they dominated for sure. Thought that Winslow were pretty comfortable in first half and most of first 45 in Risboro half, Haule coming on made a difference, his experience showed and Freshwater going off was a big moment. The winning goal was certainly coming, I said that for the last twenty minutes of second half. on your side note, yes and no, I’ve played in games where we had the game wrapped up at half time and games where we were dead and buried at half time, played in games where we had enough chances to win five games in first half and then ended up getting punished and vice versa. Risboro have a good chance of progressing in next round too. Saturday I expect will be another tight one, likely to be the odd goal again, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.
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    Karen Browne

    FA Cup Draws 2020-21

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    Do you remember them?

    A blast from the past. Got sent this today.
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    Update - we have 19 so far so I'm considering approaches to get that down to a power of 2. Probably a qualifying round amongst those who have been rude to me, but we may even have some group matches JUST LIKE IN THE WORLD CUP (a competition slightly inferior to our own actually). I think it's just Lord Upminster (the champion) & Cup of Tea (errr, not the champion) who haven't responded so feel free to give them a nudge if you have their details. Either way - PLEASE SIGN UP BY SATURDAY 19th SEP if you haven't already. Fixtures will be out the following day - hangover dependent - for the first round (or first group match) which will be week of 26 Sep (Chins at Stortford). I will be at the ground to nag likely victims on Saturday. You have been warned. @Mr D - if you're coming on Saturday please bring the trophy so I can get the base extended and add your & The Lord's solid gold plaque sticker (eventually). TTFN UTU JAGO
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    Stephen Southall

    FA Cup Preliminary Round

    Southall 2 Ashford Town (Middx) 1 An excellent game. First half Ashford deservedly led 1-0, great second half performance by the 'All. Looking forward to the 1st Qualifying round draw on Monday.
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    I'm in, even though you cheated me out of last years title
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    Rayners Lane

    'Semi pro' or as refer it, ''semi amateur'. Most over rated phrase in non-League football next to 'non-League. Non -League or League? Either you are a League or you are not. 🙂
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    Harefield United

    No, sorry R, I couldn't do Thursday. Good to see that Harefield have some points on the board anyway. They are a good club, doing the right things.
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    Well this is all going surprisingly well. Keep it up. And we have two newbies via the Havering CC (Salads) bunch - so they will be easy fodder.
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    Yes please Jago, I would love to play in the ELC, signed << your wife, Urchin Queen>>
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    Keep the banter going

    Hi all Yep, I sadly watched the semi final on a live feed, Hebburn were dominant throughout, was a great game. Pre season has been more positive than negative, but never read to much into the results, as teams are trialling players and trying different things on the pitch. We have suffered a few bad Injurys, which is the last thing we all want, as players need to get off to a good start after working hard in pre season. Really looking forward to this season, so many good players in our league now many good managers and good clubs, should be a good one. I personally don't take too much from the results pre season, both from our point of view, and when I'm out scouting teams, I have had great pre seasons and got of to a bad season start, and visa versa, so talking really starts once the competitive games get going. Hope all you are well, and looking forward to the season. Joe
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    See Welling Utd has been added to the list for Saturday 12th.
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    Stephen Southall

    FA Cup Preliminary Round

    We are certainly looking forward to playing Ashford. Last season and this we have beaten them in pre-season games for the Lord Ashford of Middlesex Bowl 2-1 both times. Lets hope its not third time lucky for them and we can get through to the 1st Qual Rd.
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    Harefield United

    Harefield completely outplayed yesterday, and lucky to get away with only a 4-1 defeat. What makes it even worse is that although officially 'Cockfosters Reserves', back at Chalk lane they are referred to as 'the U23s', and even include a handful of last season's U18s. I don't know what the general standard is in the Suburban League, but on yesterday's showing the step-up to the Herts Prem for Harefield was ill advised. Referring to my earlier post, why are new sides in the Prem anyway ? Surely they should be required to start in the Senior Division ? That would be fairer, and better, for everyone. Anyway, Harefield are a decent bunch and a good club, so let us hope yesterday was just first-day nerves. No doubt Chipperfield will have something to say about that on Thursday.
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    cup of tea

    Hx 1 Dagenham & Redbridge 2

    Didn’t see all the game but what I did see looked entertaining. Chris Dickson looks sharp which bodes well for the start of the season. Good team spirit and we might have got a draw out of it but Dagenham look a very good team and secured the win late on. Good day out and the weather held.
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    Suspensions have always carried over into the new season so nothing has changed.
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    Sunday 30th Bank Holiday Fun!

    See you there
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    Sunday 30th Bank Holiday Fun!

    Gentle reminder of this on Sunday from 12pm! it’s also the supporters association AGM
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    Game Saturday

    Just on the percentages .... The FA guidelines were a little ambiguous when quoting the 15% and 30% figures. The attendances allowed are 15% and 30% of the minimum capacity required at the step that you play (not 15% of your own ground capacity). For us, at step 3, the minimum capacity for a stadium is 1950, so the allowable crowd is 15% of that (292) which the FA has rounded up to 300. This is up to 31st August. From 1st September this rises to 30% i.e. 600. For step 4 sides it is 200 / 400; Step 5 and step 6 is 150 / 300. So, unless guidelines change, our capacity for the Ebbsfleet game (1st Sep) and Dagenham game (5th Sep) will be 600. The Isthmian League has already stated that they don't want to start the season without crowds and they put forward a whole host of different scenarios - how would the season pan out if we started 19th September, or 3rd October etc etc. As an example they may well decide to start on 19th September with the 30% cap (600) in place. For some clubs 600 is well above average attendance so anyone who wants to attend may well be allowed to. But other clubs, e.g. Worthing, Horsham who average 800-1000 will have different rules for away supporters since they could fill their capacity with their home support. My own personal view is that we scrap season tickets because we have no idea how this season will develop or what new outbreaks are on the horizon and we just pay on a match per match basis - my concern here is if the club has to refund or part-refund season ticket money received. Given our likely crowds and a 600 cap this should still ensure all home supporters can attend and therefore we could just make this pay on the gate. We'd obviously need to be mindful of some form of attendance increase if say Premiership grounds ban away supporters so we end up attracting a few West Ham when they are playing away or if the Vanarama rules affect us. I doubt there will be a one size fits all directive from the Isthmian League so I suspect they'll leave it up to each club to work out how it manages its own ticketing. As a club though (again my point of view) we should have some form of online ticketing option (most clubs use Kaizen) just in case the rules change and we have to cap attendances at say 200 so pay on the gate becomes unworkable. We need some form of online ticketing in place for the Dagenham game anyway as I suspect we'd easily surpass 600 if we allowed folk to pay at the gate.
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    Game Saturday

    1pm ko Saturday against catholic United £5 entry, kids free, bar open 12 noon
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    New Flag has arrived

    Brilliant gesture the whole 100 quid?
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    Karen Browne

    Pre-Season Friendlies 2020

    Saturday 22 August 2020 0-1 AFC Dunstable v Colney Heath 4-0 Belstone v Berkhamsted Raiders 1-4 Berkhamsted Comrades v Dunstable Town 1-4 Biggleswade United v Potters Bar Town P-P Buckingham Athletic v Arlesey Town 4-1 Codicote v Sandridge Rovers 1-3 Cogenhoe United v Newport Pagnell Town 3-1 Hackney Wick v Enfield Borough 1-3 Harpenden Town v Enfield FC 0-2 Hillingdon Borough v Tring Corinthians AFC 2-0 Letchworth Garden City Eagles v New Bradwell St Peter 1-1 London Lions v London Colney 0-4 Long Marston v Buckingham United 2-0 Marlow v Arlesey Town 0-3 Mursley United v Newport Pagnell Reserves 5-2 Old Bradwell United v Amersham Town 0-5 Sarratt v Leverstock Green 4-2 Totternhoe v Totternhoe Reserves
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    Can be viewed on website, should anyone wish to take a look. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2020/08/catholic-utd-friendly-match-info-and-guidelines/
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    Pre-Season Friendlies 2020

    Deano5 - I applaud what Leverstock Green are doing in the curent climate and the effort involved but what a palava, also is contactless entrance at the gate really, as you describe, 'the new normal', the beauty of non league is to pay 'your fiver' on the gate or turnstile and 'pound' for a programme and it will be such a shame to lose that experience.
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    Isthmian League Update

    Confirmation now from The Isthmian League: https://www.isthmian.co.uk/the-return-of-spectators-63172 However, if you look at the table they've produced, it's not the capacity of the ground that's used but the minimum capacity for the league. For us at Step 3 that's 1,950 so 15% is 300 (presumably they've rounded the figures!). For Grays, at step 4, it's 1,350 so 15% is 200. Grays have tweeted to say they will announce very shortly their plans to allow spectators to watch their home games from this Saturday.
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    Chris Clapham

    2020/21 Season

    Update here - https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/aug/19/updated-guidelines-for-return-of-spectators-190820
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    Having seen many photos posted on line by people attending games its clear to see the blame lies mainly with the fans as the simple rule of social distancing clearly cannot be followed and yet it will be the same people shouting from the rooftops when the season is null and void again

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