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    Dinamo Urchin

    Food Bank Donations

    With the move to Tier 2 restrictions here in Havering and the potential economic impact that this will bring as we approach winter, the Supporters Association has agreed that we will now collect foodbank donations at each home game, rather than on a monthly basis. Contributions can be left at the Track & Trace stations or Clubhouse entrance. The recent campaign by Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for children in need during the school holidays and fans of Premier League clubs boycotting Pay Per View fees of £14.95 and instead donating their money to local charities and food banks, have shown how football can help those less fortunate in our society. I appreciate that many of us may also be struggling right now, but even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference, so please do all you can to support this when and if you are able.
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    Match Day Ticket Info

    With most clubs offering online tickets it makes sense to have a thread that covers availability, links etc etc so we're not all hunting around separately for them. I'll also update our fixtures page with "Buy Tickets" links when we have them. Fixtures Page: https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/fixtures-results/ 31/10: Bowers & Pitsea (FA Trophy): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bpfcfat3q/buildbase-fa-trophy-3rd-qualifying-rd-bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch 03/11: Folkestone Invicta (ILP): https://fifctickets.onlineweb.shop/ This is their main page - there are separate links for Adults & Concessions 07/11: Bowers & Pitsea (ILP): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bwp2021h06/bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch
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    Lockdown Help

    Hi All, Hope you’re all keeping well and as safe as you possibly can during the current lockdown. As per the previous lockdown if anyone is struggling with getting shopping or needs help with anything at all then myself along with the other members of the supporters association will try and help out where possible. All you have to do is ASK, no job is big or small, we are all here to help! Hopefully see you in a month, Luke.
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    Graham Bint RIP

    You probably didn't notice, but the brief obituary which you purloined from another forum and reproduced in your original post, was written by one agamemnon3. On the other forum's old operating system, it was possible to ascertain how many viewings each individual post had received. At Graham's funeral a few weeks later, therefore, I was able to show Margaret, his widow, that more than nine hundred people had read what I had written about him. She was very touched. A good and decent man, sorely missed.
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    Genius substitutions

    For the first 65 minutes we all thought that was not the Hornchurch side we know Stimmo had to change something so 2 like for like changes up front to a few murmurings amongst the ranks but it was the turning point 2 quick fire goals and a great goal from Ruff to wrap it up and onto the hat for the next round hopefully,so for the last 25 minutes the real Urchins turned up
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    Dear All, I can confirm that the Hornchurch clubhouse and bar will be open from 1145-1400 on Saturday before we travel to Bowers and Pitsea (A) The clubhouse and bar will also be open after the game from around 17:20ish once we return from Bowers. We will be showing the Liverpool v West Ham game which kicks off at 17:30. Usual COVID rules apply with track and trace on entry, table service only and all the other rules which you should all know by now. See you all Saturday! Luke
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Reality check

    Cheers Lino.....that’s not even close
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    Well it's all very quiet on here so I thought I'd pop in with something that may be of interest to at least some of you. Or maybe not - but at least it's something, Anyway - Mr McBride asked me earlier in the season for a copy of the programme when he "scored a hat-trick" for Purfleet against the Mighty Urchins "back in the day" - you know when Thurrock were still Purfleet and you could still buy a bag of chips for sixpence (old money). So I checked with a couple of local experts which programme to dig out, (you know, Hx-guru Tony, who checked with Fleet-sage Norman), and I'm afraid I have bad news Colin. No such programme exists... largely because you didn't actually score a hat-trick - I guess your mind is a bit muddled these days. 😆 Though you did bag two dodgy knee-bounces in the Thameside Trophy in 1990-91 which was a 4-2 win for Purfleet. (I'll send you a copy of that separately). So having started a bit of a research I thought I'd share the programme for the first match of 1988-89 which happened to be Purfleet's first game in the Isthmian League. You'll see Colin on the teamsheet where he pottered about in a SHOCK 1-0 win for the visitors. The actual Hornchurch team was not quite as per-programme but close enough. (If you really want to know you can check "Hornchurch FC - The Official History - 1923-2011". Available from all good book shops, and the Club Shop! And more importantly you will see that I was running the line with my favourite yellow flag, suffering untold abuse from Harry & his mates on the Eastside no doubt. The programme was 4 pages of print but I've bunged the cover on as well - so it won't take too long to read. Anyway - hope you are all surviving. Jago (and no it wasn't me on the line you fools).
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    Daily Dose

    Edgware Town

    It’s a strange statement. ”he’s taken the club as far as he can with the current financial restraints”. if there are restraints how much further can they go?? I’m not sure Pochettino is keen on taking them to the next level. ‘Under the restraints’!
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    Message to the Bar Manager

    If there is any beer that will go off before we come out of lock down, I am more than willing to help you dispose of it...
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Clubhouse Open Friday

    The bar will be open every Friday night from 6pm to 10pm until the end of November. Please come down and support the club.
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    Clubhouse Open Friday

    I say a lot of stupid things at the start of the week!
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    Reality check

    Strange one today took a long while to get going not many goal scoring chances from either side the recent free flowing football deserted us today but that's fair play to the visitors can't complain about a draw must say mom performance Jordan Clark absolutely immense
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    Mick the bat

    Yesterday's game

    On behalf of the salads, Well done all who helped out at the club yesterday, sorry we were a pain yesterday, (we started early )We will be on our best behaviour next home game . Regards The salad Dodgers
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Sponsored walk - its back !!!!

    We've started our training for the past few weeks. 12 miles smashed today! I'll get the socials done over this weekend.
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    Daily Dose

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    It’s quiet from Berko. Evidence provided! 🤦‍♂️
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    Chris Clapham

    December Restart

    The Southern Counties East League have announced a 12th December restart if we get the COVID all clear on 2nd December.
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    Berkhamsted Raiders

    Daily Dose - Do you mean from BerkoRaiders or Arsenal Fan, their two stories are certainly World's apart aren't they so I wonder which one is correct. This was a post made in September last year from someone involved with Berkhamsted FC who I gather is referring to the Berkhamsted Raiders Chairman so the plot thickens doesn't it.
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    Daily Dose

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    😂. The silence is almost deafening
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    Berkhamsted Raiders

    https://www.berkhamstedraiders.com/update-on-the-berkhamsted-community-stadium-project/ “Berkhamsted Raiders CFC is driving a project to create a “Berkhamsted Community Stadium” (BCS) on the existing stadium site at Broadwater Stadium.” Raiders wanted it to be demolished & rebuilt with a 3G, Berko FC didn’t. I’d be surprised if Raiders could access £500k+ funding if they weren’t a party on the new agreement.
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    Wildlife rescue

    League anmouncement

    Albury it's on the official ishmian official site matey.
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    Hello For our blog 'Two Men In Search Of The Beautiful Game' we went to Stag Meadow for the Hellenic League Premier Division match, Windsor FC Vs Burnham FC. We wrote all about the game, took loads of photos & made a video too. We would like to invite you all to check it out and hope you enjoy it. BLOG - https://beautifulgame2015.blogspot.com/2020/10/lets-go-football-windsor-fc-vs-burnham.html VLOG - Please subscribe to our channel - https://youtu.be/SSYvbJU8WS4 If you are on Facebook, please come and 'LIKE' our page - https://www.facebook.com/beautifulgame15 - you will find all our photos and videos from the games we attend there. We are also on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/beautifulgame15 - which is also a good way to keep up to date with what we are doing, and you can find us on Instagram too - https://www.instagram.com/beautifulgame15
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    This is encouraging. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54977370
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    It’s all a bit like the food chain really. We get players from lower league clubs and higher league clubs get players from us. Happens all the time. All the management team need to do is work as hard as possible to get the players playing as well as they can and get the results which will then encourage supporters to watch on a regular basis.
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    Agree with much of what's been said above - LS's suggestion of getting players to sign nominal contracts so that they command a fee should they move on higher sounds good to me, but as I've said before isn't something that I think we can just do unilaterally. If we do, then those promising young players that might have joined us would go up the road to another club in the division who aren't insisting on this, as it affords them a much greater chance of moving up the leagues if they do well. It would be great if all clubs at our step agreed to do this en-masse, so players didn't have the option of going to a club willing to take them on a non-contact basis, it would be even better if the FA / Leagues put something official in place to reimburse clubs that have nurtured talented youngsters who have then gone on to do well higher up... but I'm not holding my breath.
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    The Spartan

    SSML Managers

    New here but thought I'd chip in. I know quite a few of the local mangers to Aylesbury and slightly further a field. Paul at WInslow is a one of the goods guys, definitely a tough job but feel he's the best person to change it around. lots of talented players, if only they can play as a team. As for Tring, both managers formally of Risborough Reserves did nothing in their time there to warrant the label, 'dark horses'. It certainly seems as though any man and his dog can get managerial positions in Division Two. Apart from Ben Simms (formally of Aylesbury Utd) who have they managed to bring in to bring the club success? no one!
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    SSML Managers

    Aye, but I mean, that’s all well and good, but it’s a lie🤣 of course, we’ll be up there, need to start putting the ball in the net a bit more, but we’ll be there or there about come the end of the season, whenever that may be!
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    Since George Purcell has left the club again, can you please put Stewards & Co down for Harry Gibbs? Thanks, Thanks Ann - now amended to Harry Gibbs.
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    As has been mentioned before, it is my understanding that young, talented and ambitious players will not sign contracts at clubs at ETFC's level as it may jeopardise a move further up the pyramid should a League Club take an interest. Its sad, because I certainly remember EFC making very good money from the sale of players to league sides. Many of these young players seem to have representation these days. You only have to look at the recent acquisitions to see that they have 'agents'. I can't imagine they'd allow their clients to sign contracts. So that only leaves us with the more experienced players who might have an interest in signing contractual terms.
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    The Crowing Cockerel

    Lockdown#2 and football...

    Following Boris' announcement, it sounds as if only 'elite' sport will be permitted between 5th November and 2nd December. What does this mean for non-league? Are we going to be able to complete the league season? [Perhaps difficult given that we'll be in Lockdown#3 in mid-January once Boris tells us all to get together for Christmas!!!]
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    Graham Bint RIP

    Thank you WB. Margaret isn't remotely interested in football, and so was amazed to find that so many people would be interested in reading something about Graham. She was also only expecting about thirty at the funeral, rather than the one hundred and twenty who turned up. She's a nice woman, and I'd like to think that it made a difficult day for her just that little bit easier.
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    Berkhamsted Raiders

    You can tell lockdown has started for Winslow Boy to be twiddling his thumbs today, I was planning to update this thread following today's SSML Division Two fixture at Codicote but that has obviously been postponed, Berkhamsted Raiders were not in action last Saturday following their 5-0 win over a disappointing Sarratt side at the Orbital Fasteners Stadium the week before who didn't lay a glove on Steve McHugh's men all afternoon. Berkhamsted Raiders will hopefully return to action after the lockdown period on Saturday 5 December when they are scheduled to entertain Tring Corinthians AFC followed by another home fixture against Totternhoe the week after (12 December).
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    Edgware Town

    Some bitter people with a agenda to destroy the club. Time to put things in the past and move forward for the good of the club. A new exciting era has begun, no point dwelling on the past, what's done is done, hopefully people will move forward with us as the journey begins.
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    That's a bit of a silly comment Rhodes, I'm certain Jason Shaw knows more about Richard's injury issues than yourself, First on the team sheet when fully fit.
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    Why I'm not a betting man Left it late though didn't you?
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    Edgware Town

    Sorry Rhodes, but in this instance you are way off the mark. It's not even clear to me that you know what you are saying. Regarding Fergus, only four posts ago you wrote that 'he is not a quitter and not one to leave a Club in the lurch', and yet now, less that twelve hours later, you are claiming precisely that. (In general, when you don't know what you are talking about, I find that it's probably best to say nothing). Were you at Worthing on Saturday ? No you weren't. But I was, and I learned at half-time that, win or lose, Fergus was going to be sacked later that evening, and that a replacement was already waiting in the wings. Perhaps that could explain the absence of a number of ET officials, including a fellow poster to this forum ? It's not so much that they couldn't face the chilly coastal winds, but that they couldn't face looking Fergus in the eye, knowing what they'd done. As for Hudson, my abiding memory of him is in April 2018, in the bar at Hadley FC, holding forth about AFC Southgate and promotion. All the time he was drivelling on of course, he knew full well that the Club was folding at the end of the season, and was desperate that the players didn't find out. A 'self-important blusterer' ? I was being polite.
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    Daily Dose

    Edgware Town

    How quick, Jesus! im guessing a falling out with the board and they had already put wheels in motion to get a successor in. Fergus will be a great manager and role model for many a club!
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    Awful places. Football in cages should be just for training and nothing else in my opinion.
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    Genius substitutions

    Fair comment. For most of the first half we looked like a team that had never played together rather than an unchanged side with an unbeaten run going on. Passes went astray, first touches were clumsy, gaps all over the place and only their no.8 inability to hit a barn door kept it to 1-0. Although, I did wonder whether B&P would be able to keep the intensity of pressing players for the whole 90 minutes. Half time seemed to calm everyone down and we were able to hold onto the ball more and build some dangerous attacks. But the substitutions certainly made a massive change to the dynamic of the game. I've watched the videos of the goals on Twitter several times and each is a delight. Charlie Stimson juggling the ball before feeding Ellis to play the ball into a dangerous area and Alex getting across the defender - both subs involved after 5 minutes-talk about making an impact. Remi picking up the ball in his own half, looking for a pass but seeing nothing so just runs 50 yards to the bye-line shrugging off attempted tackles before putting in not the best cross but good enough to beat everyone until it got to Ellis. Alex chasing down the keeper forcing a pass straight to Joe Christou to take a touch and then literally put the ball on Charlie Ruff's head to nod into space and then a clinical finish. £3,750 in the bank and a minimum £1,250 for next round if/when it gets played.
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    old towner

    Where are they now?

    Harold Joseph joins the towners
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    Old Bradwell United

    My maths isn't great but 1 point from 6 usually equals 5 drop points. You will have to show me how you make it only 4 points.
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    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    I am too far away to offer a valid opinion but our current league position is what it is only because we have played more games than most. Won 5 lost 4 looks like previous seasons revisited - mid table and never a threat of playoffs or promotion. I can only support other views that changes must be made. Mediocrity is not what this club was created for. I am beginning to forget what a game of football looks like here in Melbourne. After three or four practice games back in Feb/March our season was suspended and ultimately cancelled in its entirety. All the best to the team over the next period.
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    13 goals for Lewis Putman now and the Jets are up to fourth in the league now. #Darkhorses
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    For suspensions in the Spartan South Midlands FL, bans kick in 7 days after the offense.
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    Elliot Styles

    Dave Collis is the new manager over there so might be something to do with it.
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    Winslow Boy

    Milton Keynes Irish

    Not a vastly different team than last year, they have some good players and some experienced players. Shrieves who was a top non league player and had a very good spell as manager of Newport Pagnell and Creaser who played for Wycombe in the conference, that’s an excellent management team for this level. They set the team up simply and well, they have goals in them and don’t often give many away. They will always struggle for proper support like most MK sides, will they last 5-10 years? History would say not, I hope so. MK needs a good non league team.
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    Daily Dose

    FA Youth Cup - 2020/21

    This is a remarkable achievement from Winslow, Charlton in the next round...... one off game, 11 v 11, anything is possible!!! 🤞
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    Yesterday's game

    Never a loan gents , always good as gold , see you next game
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    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Beat Ramsgate, a lower league team, then beat Brightlingsea, in the bottom three, and the club will say everything is rosey.
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    Haringey at home clubhouse tv game?

    Or maybe not😎

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