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    Recent behaviour

    After speaking with club officials this morning I think it’s only right the a few things are cleared up in relation to this. The club does not condone foul and abusive behaviour towards players, officials or staff and has reiterated this the last few years and with a number of posters around the ground highlighting this. The behaviour last night was not acceptable, we know who is responsible and the persons involved will be spoken too. I understand that people can get frustrated at games, myself included and some things are directed at players etc. Whilst this happens at all games across the country and is accepted there is a line which shouldn’t be crossed and we are finding on occasions this is being crossed. The use of certain words is just not acceptable. I am also aware of a certain accusation towards the same person last night. After speaking with a number of persons we have found no evidence of this incident occurring and therefore would like to squash the rumours around this. We have a number of new fans now attending games and do not wish for them to think all of this is acceptable and the ‘Hornchurch Way’. Therefore we as a club will do our upmost to bring this to a complete stop and that people can feel confident coming to games for them to enjoy. I can only apologise for last nights behaviour and promise you that words will be had and a repeat of this will not happen. Up the Urchins. Luke
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Food Bank Donations

    With the move to Tier 2 restrictions here in Havering and the potential economic impact that this will bring as we approach winter, the Supporters Association has agreed that we will now collect foodbank donations at each home game, rather than on a monthly basis. Contributions can be left at the Track & Trace stations or Clubhouse entrance. The recent campaign by Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for children in need during the school holidays and fans of Premier League clubs boycotting Pay Per View fees of £14.95 and instead donating their money to local charities and food banks, have shown how football can help those less fortunate in our society. I appreciate that many of us may also be struggling right now, but even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference, so please do all you can to support this when and if you are able.
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    Recent behaviour

    Thanks Luke. If as much energy had gone into encouraging our own players as was directed at opposition players and the referee in the form of abuse, then we might have won last night. Abuse thrown at opposition players only makes them more determined in my opinion - I hope I'm not the only one who can see that. I'll shut up now.
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    Missing match days

    Sorry we have not attended any home matches this season but Jean is slowly getting over her stroke and we have my mother living with us. At 97 she is very active but she has not been out since April and we have to be careful not to bring home any infections. So for a while we are self isolating as a precaution. Miss the club and supporters hope to see you all in the near future. Pete and Jean
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    Little Titchmarsh

    HFCSA Covid Cover

    A big WELL DONE to all the HFCSA for their great work at yesterdays game, with the organising of all the cover needed to keep us Covid compliant. Great work all. The Burf
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    Penalty misery

    Fair assessment, best performance so far, I think ruff was spent but not sure about George, shame both penalty takers. The reason we played so well is simple, we worked our nuts off.
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    Any chance of blindfolds too? 🙈 Joking aside well done for a professional approach.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Reality check

    Cheers Lino.....that’s not even close
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    Mick the bat

    Yesterday's game

    On behalf of the salads, Well done all who helped out at the club yesterday, sorry we were a pain yesterday, (we started early )We will be on our best behaviour next home game . Regards The salad Dodgers
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    Reality check

    Strange one today took a long while to get going not many goal scoring chances from either side the recent free flowing football deserted us today but that's fair play to the visitors can't complain about a draw must say mom performance Jordan Clark absolutely immense
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    Fat Tom Daley


    Hornchurch FC are delighted to announce a trio of quality signings as we continue to strengthen our squad. First up is Ollie Muldoon, an exciting central midfielder who we sign from Conference South side Chelmsford City FC. Ollie is a Charlton Athletic youth graduate who had spells on loan at Gillingham and then at Dagenham & Redbridge where he played 19 games. Ollie joined up with Gillingham again in 2016 before moving to Maidstone United where he made 42 appearances in the National League. Ollie joined Chelmsford City last season and we are delighted to have secured the signature of such a high quality player, having spent his entire career at the level we want to be playing at. Ollie is available to go straight into the squad for the Horsham game on Saturday. Next up, we are delighted to announce the signing of Liam Nash, a highly prolific striker who rose to prominence at Maldon & Tiptree, where he scored an incredible 36 goals in 47 appearances. This caught the eye of many bigger clubs and Liam turned professional in 2017. He joined Gillingham FC where he made 15 appearances. Liam spent some time in Ireland at Cork City before returning to England. He spent time at National League sides Hemel Hempstead, Dartford and Concord Rangers where he continued his impressive goal scoring record. This season had seen Liam make a move overseas to the sunny climes of Gibraltar where he was signed for pro club FC Boca Gibraltar. He made an impressive start to pre season, scoring 10 goals in 4 games. Liam decided he wanted to return to the UK and despite interest from a number of clubs in higher leagues, we are delighted to have secured his signature and he can’t wait to get going. Unfortunately he will have to wait as we are still navigating the international clearance process with both the English and Gibraltan FA’s and at the time of this announcement we do not have international clearance for Liam to play yet. Last, but by no means least, we are delighted to announce the signing of Harry Gibbs from Aveley FC. Harry is a fine specimen of a defender playing at centre back who can also play at right back. Harry is a defender who likes to score goals and many of you will remember him taking an absolute liberty against us in the FA Trophy last season where he scored the winner to send Aveley into the last 16 at our expense. Mark Stimson has clearly forgiven Harry though and we are delighted to bring him to Hornchurch. Hornchurch Chairman Alex Sharp commented: “these are the type of signings that excite the fans, in uncertain times, Hornchurch continue to demonstrate our ambition to progress as a club. Mark Stimson is building something very special here and we are delighted to be supporting this as we see the club go from strength to strength” Please join us in welcoming Ollie, Nashie and Gibbo to the club.
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    A personal thank you

    It’s not easy telling people what to do where to go. So I would like to say thank you to everyone that came into the clubhouse and accepted the rules, and to the regulars that helped self police . Personally you made a stressful situation as easy as could be. i look forward to the times when we can party 🥳
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    Masks now Mandatory in Seated Stands

    Well it's a small price to pay in the scheme of things - we could easily have ended up with no football to watch at all at our level (as per the Conference National and South). I agree - I thought the arrangements v Wingate on Tuesday were really well thought through and professionally implemented. For those that don't know, many of the Supporters' Association team missed most of the first half as the Covid checks had to stay in place until half time. So they missed both our goals and saw all 3 of Wingate's! And if they were at Kingstonian I suspect they will be volunteering to miss the Carshalton game!
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    Fat Tom Daley

    FA Cup 3QR

    Hi all, I’ve spoke to the club and this will most probably happen. Will confirm details later. Jordan.
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    FA Cup 3QR

    Spotted this on Hampton's YouTube ... they may be live streaming the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bhBSyqt6No
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    Forest Gump

    A request - for Saturday's programme

    Hi all, congrats on the win and all the best in the next round. Thanks for being good guests! Apologies to those who were unable to get a programme before they sold out on Saturday - we had a bit of an issue with the printers at the last minute. If you would like a hard copy, you can order one here: https://walthamstowfc.com/product/hornchurch-fa-cup-3-10-20/… PDF versions can be downloaded here: https://walthamstowfc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/7-Hornchurch-FA-Cup-web.pdf
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    Bishop’s Stortford

    Last night was a strange match. I thought our line-up and formation looked good and we started well, playing the ball around nicely. Stortford seemed one-dimensional to me, long balls and not much else. Difficult to comment on the penalty as I was standing some distance away, but it was far from clear cut. Not sure what it was awarded for, to be honest. Perhaps shirt pulling In the box? Seemed harsh. Anyway, we were still well in the game and I thought if we carried on with the possession based football we were playing, we would equalise. Their second goal stemmed from a poor pass out from the back (which was to become a recurring theme) but heads didn’t go down. We fought back well, Della Varde’s shot wrong-footed their keeper and we were right back in it going into half time. But more poor defending cost us the third goal early in the second half. I still can’t believe we allowed them to score a header direct from a corner. The Stortford front 2 linked together well but had no height advantage. Terrible goal to concede so early and knocked the wind completely out of our sails. The fourth goal stemmed from yet another poor pass out of defence - enough said, it simply wasn’t our night. Fair play to Stortford - they accepted the gifts on offer. Also, well done to their groundsman. Pitch was excellent. We need to be constructive in our criticism here. I didn’t enjoy watching Stortford’s long ball game but you can’t argue with the result. Lessons learned: 1) Jared Small had an excellent game and showed the type of pace, mobility and strength on the ball we have been missing since Faal moved to Bolton 2) I’m all for playing it out from the back. We played some really good stuff last night in patches - clearly, the coaching team have been working on this. But we also need to play to the players’ strengths. Weatherstone, Thomas, Percy and Youngs are comfortable on the ball. Jerry was not. So don’t expose him unnecessarily. His strengths are different. Leave him to defend. Anyway, in time- honoured fashion after a defeat, we move on. We have a strong squad, the strongest for some time. Blackman on the bench says it all. I’m looking for a reaction on Saturday against Kingstonian and hope we play to our strengths.
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    Yesterday's game

    Never a loan gents , always good as gold , see you next game
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    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Very poor match - I tuned in as Scott Thomas was being subbed (hope nothing serious - key player for us) The first half that I saw looked fairly even - Josh sweeping behind Pepera and Gyebi made sense and looked like it was working well. We strung together some passes and kept the ball pretty well Second half was pretty abysmal to watch - I have only once ever left a game early - it was Hendon away on a Friday night in the late nineties - we were awful,lost 2-0 I think, it was pouring with rain and I had a ticket to the midnight re release of Empire Strikes Back and didnt want to sit in wet clothes so left 10 mins early - but I was sorely tempted to turn off at 2-0 yesterday. Della Verde came out with credit from attacking perspective, but not particularly anyone else. Am pleased we tried to change the system and adapt at the back - but going forward we did not look good. Tuesday night we won, but I dont think we played particularly well either, and a number of people agreed as we exited the ground. Four defeats on the road in a row is not good enough. Getting to the play offs is the target for the season - and too early for doom and gloom in my view - but it is crucial we learn and get back to winning ways fast, and yes I am concerned. I remember when the fixtures were published that November was a tricky month .. after Brightlingsea we have 5 consecutive games against Cray 7th Cheshunt 2nd Hornchurch 11th - but one of the faves Bognor 6th Worthing 1st So let's get behind the team and hopefully have a successful November! PS Miss Harry Ottaway so much after watching him yesterday !!
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    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Beat Ramsgate, a lower league team, then beat Brightlingsea, in the bottom three, and the club will say everything is rosey.
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    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Gotta love Harry Ottaway though, makes it look easy
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    ETFC v Margate

    I wish I was a "young whippersnapper" again Steph, but when you were old enough to have been taken to see George V1's coronation and then an evacuee in 1942, I take your remark as a great compliment. Us oldies can still give as good as we get.
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    FA Youth Cup - 2020/21

    An amazing performance from Winslow United this evening to beat Hitchin Town's high profile 'Prodirect Academy' side 4-3 with goals from Tom Lawer, Curtis Brown and a brace from, who else, Abuzar Khan. Congratulations to them and bring on Charlton Athletic:
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    Fat Tom Daley

    A personal thank you

    Just to improve everyone's mood, following another inspection by the council, the takeaway bar is no longer takeaway! This is now table service only and must be consumed seated in the marquee area. I.e. you cannot take it into the ground. It just gets harder and harder..... We will speak to the club regarding additional arrangements but I don't believe anything additional will be in place for Saturday.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Clubhouse Open Friday

    The bar will be open on Friday from 6pm till 10pm. All are welcome. Local rules apply.
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    ETFC v Margate

    No change then!!!! It seems your visit for a comfort break Steph created a time travel experience as you appear to gain a fortnight. Do we win against Ramsgate.????
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    Non league support

    I just wanted to put a post on here thanking Dunstable Town for there gesture towards us at Crawley Green with donating a £1 of there gate to every paying adult. With also other clubs including Kings Langley and Afc Dunstable doing the same. It means a lot to us all at Crawley Green. We are a club based on hard working volunteers and without fans are working tirelessly to raise sponsors and funds to cover match day fees. Dunstable Town and the others are an Absolute Credit to the non league family and I hope in future if other clubs are in similar positions my club Crawley Green will do the same. Thanks Again Craig Meyrick
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    Missing match days

    Best Best Wishes Peter & Jean keep well and keep safe not forgetting Mum Love you lots Patsy & Wally xxxx
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    cup of tea

    Missing match days

    Get well soon Jean. All the best to you as well Pete
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    Missing match days

    Wishing you both well and hope Jean continues a full recovery!
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    Before GRS67 gets home from his game at Edgware Town, does that include or exclude the twenty Officials from both Club's 😉 . I see that Connor Calcutt scored twice, why has he been on the bench recently out of interest, it wasn't the expected cake walk this evening was it with the third goal only coming in the 96th minute.
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    Hillingdon Borough FC

    The Leatherhead Lip - Three of those four grounds are mentioned by someone in a post on another Forum who did an old fashioned 'treble' on 2 January 1978, however the list of lost grounds is sadly endless, not only those four you welcomingly touch on: On 2 January 1978 (yes, 40 years ago), I walked from my parents home in Yiewsley to Western Road, Southall (1-2 v Hendon, Middx Charity Cup SF), thence to Church Road, Hayes (3-2 v Tilbury, Isthmian League) and finally to the Leas Stadium, Hillingdon Borough (1-2 v Atherstone Town, Southern League) - completing the evening with the 8 minute walk by to my parents home. I used the canal towpath, so it was not more than about 6 miles walking all told. Only Southall was a new ground. http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?post=847592;search_string=Leas;guest=342308296#847592
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    ETFC 1 Leatherhead 0

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    1961 COYS

    Not one of our better days

    If there is a plus to take from today’s game , Charlie Ruff looks like a decent signing.
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    90 stone in a Focus will have a table please .....
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    The slobs will have a table please Luke
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Food Bank Donations

    Thanks to Rhys for pointing out the schoolboy error. If we are playing a Kent side on a Tuesday night then, of course, we are away. First league home game in November is on 14th November 2020 against Leatherhead.
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    Recent behaviour

    You're probably all going to jump on me for this but I need to get this off my chest. I know football is a passionate game and we all like to eff and blind sometimes but some of the language lately has been pretty disgusting. Plus there was a report of one of our supporters doing something utterly abhorrent at this evening's match. Seriously guys, you need to start reigning this in otherwise you will lose supporters and - it pains me to say this after my long association with the club that I love - I will be one of them
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Food Bank Donations

    A big Thank You to everone who donated items to the Food bank last night. These have now filled out the collection point container at Airfield Way Tesco's. In the parlance of the modern day footballers tweet, we go again on 3rd November with the home game against Folkestone Invicta 👊
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    I would like to know what happened to the team we had in preseason who looked up for it , who was playing some great football against sides in higher leagues and had unfinished business. and the drive and determination to go on and potentially wanting to win the league . I know we have injuries, which doesn't bode well for us, but we were 2-0 up and looked like we could've had more , then it just fell apart with conceding sloppy goals and an inconsistent ref wearing yellow frilly knickers!! But its still early days and things will change which I'm sure they will!
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    I see that the Middlesex FA are going ahead with their County Cup Competitions this season, presumably eligiable SSML Club's will be entering. Isn't that going to give Karen a headache as in weeks commencing 9 and 16 November for example there are League fixtures arranged involving Middlesex FA affiliated Club's and 'dates are non-negotiable'. Will any other County FA's be following suit and holding their County Cup Competitions: https://www.middlesexfa.com/news/2020/oct/05/middlesex-fa-announce-county-cup-dates Senior Challenge Cup (week commencing Mon) Round 1: w/c 9th November 2020 Round 2: w/c 11th January 2021 Quarter Final: w/c 15th February 2021 Semi Final: w/c 15th March 2021 Premier Cup (week commencing Mon) Round 1: w/c 16th November 2020 Round 2: w/c 18th January 2021 Quarter Final: w/c 22nd February 2021 Semi Final: w/c 15th March 2021
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    Edgware Town

    Rhodes, Hendon and Edgware BOTH share SJP EQUALLY, it's SJP the consortium who run the ground and allow us to play and use the facilities. It's true that Hendon do have a bigger presence at SJP, with Hendon naming all but one stand, HFC in White on the Green seats, a club shop etc, however thier fans paid towards these stands as Edgware did for the Ken Batten Stand. I don't feel that they have muscled in, both Edgware and Hendon were homeless and SJP offered us both a home which can now boost some of the best facilities at Step 5 for Edgware and 3 for Hendon. Where I do get a little bit peeved is when Edgware are forced to move fixtures because Hendon have a home game, I can't really recall a time Hendon have been forced to move a fixture,I'm still unclear as to what takes precedence? You failed to mention the write up the LFG have given Edgware ahead of our game on Friday night with Tring in the Vase. This might just be one occasion when having to move a fixture because Hendon have a league game on Saturday will benefit us. There's a lot of interest in our game and we're likely to be one of the only games on locally on Friday which is why I contacted the LFG and am pushing the game on social media. From the LFG Friday 9 October FA Vase Second Round Qualifying Edgware Town v Tring Athletic @730pm - the next round of the Vase begins on Friday night with three ties. Of those on offer, this would be the one I'd go to as it's relatively local and features two sides from the SSML. Both sides have struggled in the early-season games but with Tring losing all their matches, Edgware should start as favourites. Edgware are also offering a FREE SEASON TICKET to any locals living in the NW9 or HA8 postcodes. Email for more info - matchdaysecretary@edgwaretownfc.co.uk
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    Stewards & Co ( Ann, Peter, Sean & Anthony) would like to combine to sponsor George Purcell please. Thanks - That must be the quickest sponsorship ever.
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    Harefield United

    Dom you are a non league ⚽ man through and through. Welcome back 👍
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    Coronavirus - SSML

    Umbrella. Just take an umbrella.
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    Prompted, largely, by the previews of the venerable Rhodes, it was on the bus to Summers Lane, the home of Wingate & Finchley FC, to see if their tenants, Enfield Borough, could punch a hole in Bedford FC's successful start to the season. Er.... no, they couldn't. Despite the friendly chap on the gate with the malfunctioning temperature gun assuring me that this was a banker home win, it was never going to happen. A fairly even first thirty minutes was blown apart when well-worked moves saw Bedford score on 35 and 41 to take a 2-0 interval lead. Richard Ennin pulled one back for Enfield on 59, but on 68 we were treated to the highlight of the day when the Bedford keeper, Hunter, took a freekick from well inside his own half which, caught by the wind, went straight through the hands of the home keeper, 1-3. Elliot Harris then scored a fine individual goal to make it 2-3, but Enfield were tiring, and Bedford's lively forwards took advantage and scored again on 73 and 88. The unexpectedly cold afternoon was spent in the fine company of FinchleyFlyer65, from another forum, and I also had a word with a jovial old boy who turned out to be the Bedford keeper's dad. He, quite understandably, was beaming, as he had never seen his boy score before. As Confucius said, If you wait long enough, everything will happen. Enfield will be ok, they're lively, they have pace, and they can score goals, but their defensive fraileties will probably keep them in mid-table. Bedford, on the other hand, may well be looking at their best season for some years. From Summers Lane it was a brief walk to the North Finchley Waitrose, where the stunning Orcadian Single Malt Scapa Glansa was on offer, at £31, rather than £43, and as if that wasn't enough, they were doing Jim Beam 47.5% Single Barrel at £27, rather than £ 37.50. Well, it would have been rude not to really, wouldn't it ? From there, clutching my treasures, it was across the road to the Finchley Tavern for a couple of ice-cold Carlings, and twenty minutes listening to Old Sammy explaining in great detail why none of his horses had won, yet again... Back on the bus, and indoors by 7.45. Bliss...
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    That would be telling... 😉
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    2nd qual Rd draw FA Cup

    We are away to Walthamstow

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