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  1. It’s arrived and hopefully weather permitting will be installed next week! Pics below
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  2. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2021/05/wembley-ticket-news/ Each Supporters' Association is will be guaranteed 4 tickets each during a priority window. This will be announced shortly.
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  3. All , just to let you know the supporters association have just donated £100 to Egham Town FC who had their stand burnt down by idiots over the weekend. Having received so much support from the football community we felt it was the right thing to do. They are trying to raise the money to rebuild it and i hope they get there. link https://t.co/1wlcsQEq84 we all hope you agree with our decision
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  4. CMcBride

    Bar open Thursday

    Bar open between 5 and 9 tomorrow, bit of filming going on whilst boys train
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  5. CMcBride

    Bar open sunday

    Bar will be open Sunday 12 till 5,will not be open Saturday due to weather forecast, bit of luck we might be selling tickets
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  6. Benjrider10

    one down

    Agree with the above except for the last sentence. “Revolving door policy” is a bit harsh. Players come and go at our level unless a club has a budget that can support multiple players on full contracts. We don’t have that type of budget - and won’t unless as many of us as possible renew our season tickets and ETFCSS membership ASAP, so the club can budget sensibly. As “owner-supporters” and with sponsorship income having been decimated during the pandemic, supporter contributions (both financial and voluntary) are going to be absolutely key to the type and quality of squad the management team
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  7. P.s. bring some blankets!
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  8. The Romford Recorder are providing special souvenir edition on Friday 21st May. They are asking all fans to send in their good luck messages ahead of the final. Please send in your message to Lee Power (lee.power@archant.co.uk). Come on everyone, let's send a message in!
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  9. I popped over yesterday and just want to say well done to all involved in organising this and the enthusiasm generated at the stall. Fabulous stuff.
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