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    Frustrating afternoon, and I would say that the side that made the fewest mistakes won the game. Their second goal with the mix up between Hatton and Thomas (I think it was these two) in the build up put us completely on the back foot - you can't give a 2 goal lead to a decent side, and they clearly were a decent, well drilled side. Having said that, I don't think we were any worse than them over 90 minutes and our second half performance in my view deserved to get us at least a point - on another day, with better finishing and slightly more luck we could have turned the scoreline around. I'm not too dejected as a result, I think if we cut out the mistakes and keep people fit, we'll still be there or thereabouts competing for the play off places at the end of the season. There were plenty of positives for me from the game too - Bricknell looks a lot sharper than he did when I saw him last (against Stortford away), and seems to be linking better with Mo. Mo's goal was taken very nicely, as we've come to expect, and assuming the two of them stay injury free (and remain at the club), we will carry a goal threat against any side. Bobson looked lively throughout and gives us a slightly different attacking dimension with the ability to beat a man, get behind and put balls into the box which the forwards should thrive on. I was side on, so couldn't tell for sure, but if their keeper tipped his shot onto the post in the second half it was a superb save. Thomas as well deserves a lot of credit - each game I've seen him play he looks assured, is positionally very good, wins the ball back and gives it simply - I thought we'd miss Johnson when he left, but actually feel that Thomas is equally as good in that role. On the negative side, apart from the mistakes in the first half, I think we got impatient way too early at 2-1, tried to force things too much and started to go far too direct, which really doesn't suit our game. Although Mo and Billy competed well in the air, I'm sure their centre backs were rubbing their hands together once we started pinging long balls at them instead of trying to pay around them. I know I've disagreed with 4WF previously, but I think he's exactly right in a lot of respects, what we needed was patience someone to put their foot on the ball in midfield and keep recycling the play so that we worked their back four out of position and then pick that killer pass to the forwards once space was made. I don't think Ryan going off helped in this respect - ideally we needed another centre mid coming on, rather than a forward, but we are where we are - someone like Taafe (or Mulley, who played in the week, or Noto from a few years ago 😉 ) on the bench could have made a huge difference. Having said this, I'd be amazed if it was a management decision to go direct - I could hear Weatherstone shouting at the team to keep their shape and stay patient as we had so much time left, and I'm sure the management were saying the same. Regarding the tackle on Ryan, I don't think it was an absolute horror tackle, the Invicta player was trying to get the ball, and was only marginally late, but flew in recklessly and once you don't get the ball in that situation and catch the opponent you certainly can't complain if you see red. On another day, they would have been reduced to 10 with all the benefits that the extra space would have brought us. Hopefully the injury isn't bad - I head someone mention on the way out of the ground that it was a badly gashed shin - no idea if their info was correct, but if so hopefully he'll not be out too long. Anyway - we go again next week, lets hope we bounce back - I like this team, I like the way they play (most of the time), and I enjoy watching the exciting forwards, so I'm still very positive about the team and the management.
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    No easy games we need East Side right on it take 1-0 now
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    Fake news, Fake football club
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    aka PeteBeatz

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    The Romford Recorder will all be about Romford now, we’ll just be the pub team from Essex😄
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    Big J R

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    Even Donald Trump couldn't have done it better !!!!
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    The Crowing Cockerel


    Last I heard it had been taken-over by a consortium of local businessmen.
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    Broadfields Utd

    Another good win at home last night in the Middlesex Charity Cup, 4-2 against Broadfields Utd. Andy took the opportunity to play some of those not getting in the first 11 at the moment, as well as some of the U23 squad, and those there were treated to another good performance. Broadfields certainly put on a good showing themselves and it took until the latter part of the game before we finally saw them off. Our team was Teddy Reynolds, Mo Koita, Lewis King, James Mulley (on his return to the club), Glenn Wilson (C), Dante Mcintosh, Samson Esan, Kyle Lynch, Ken Charles, Junior Mubayi, Gideon Nsiah. Used subs were Charles Brown, Brandon White & Nnamdi Egboh. Goals from Koita, Brown, Charles (pen) & Mubayi. Some decent performances on a chilly night and good for some to get their fitness levels up.
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    I wouldn’t swap our board for theirs , that’s for sure
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    Its the handful of fans that will suffer as its only going to attract those plastic fans which Billericay have got. Money attracts and so does a cup run, just look at the crowd Maldon got against Leyton. They hardly get passed 150 for a normal league game. But what goes around will come around!
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    Sad to say the first thing they have done is remove Paul Martin and his whole backroom team to be replaced by a so called more experianced and better able to reach up to league 2 management team of 4 people. it's a disgrace and a shame that he's the victim after all his hard work with that team It seems that tamplins money will be used to build a new ground and pay the teams wages just for the hand full of fans they currently get and i'm sure they won't be so pleased.
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    When Saturday Comes Magazine

    Agreed. The magazines I used to buy are pretty much redundant now, due to the rise of websites such as PornHub...
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    Mean while in Romford....
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    It will be better. Get rid of the lot of them they are ALL back stabbing each other. its embarrassing. The amount of money they get paid to just argue and not agree with each other. Its a joke.

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