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    Lets not forget the hard work carried out by Jordan and the rest of the guys that stood out in the pouring rain handing out leaflets to promote non-league day. There hard work and dedication paid off with over one hundred vouchers used on match day. Keep up the great work guys. even their hard work
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    Ladies and Gentleman I am pleased to announce the list for the 'Fest! Puck's Folly Maldon Brewing Co A drop of Nelson's Blood Maldon Brewing Co Punkadiddle Maldon Brewing Co Amarok Maldon Brewing Co Seax Blackwater Brewhouse Blackbeard Blackwater Brewhouse Extra Pale Ale Redwell Brewery Steam Lager Redwell Brewery Black IPA Redwell Brewery Norwich Pils Redwell Brewery King Wazoo Redwell Brewery Essex Boys Crouch Vale Brewery Brewers Gold Crouch Vale Brewery Mosaic Crouch Vale Brewery Autumn Rye Panther Brewery American Panther Panther Brewery Beast of the East Panther Brewery Hunter Dry Hop Lager Panther Brewery Jungle IPA Panther Brewery Berry Bite Panther Brewery Apprentice Wibblers Brewery Dengie Red Wibblers Brewery Copperhouse Wibblers Brewery Black Jack Wibblers Brewery Banks Banks Tipsy Crow Keppels Brewery One Of Those Days Keppels Brewery Six Little Ships Leigh-on-Sea Brewery Legra Leigh-on-Sea Brewery Brhubarb Leigh-on-Sea Brewery Lager Crate Brewery IPA Crate Brewery Session IPA Crate Brewery Cider Crate Brewery Citra Sour Crate Brewery Dolly Pink Norfolk Raider Wingman Norfolk Raider Elder 24 Norfolk Raider Cowcatcher East London Brewing Co Nightwatchman East London Brewing Co Peacock English East London Brewing Co Quadrant East London Brewing Co Pale Ale Toast Ales Craft Lager Toast Ales Session IPA Toast Ales American Pale Ale Toast Ales 28 Days Rye IPA Toast Ales Bread Pudding Amber Ale Toast Ales Steady Rolling Man Deya Brewing Plus we have 18 different variety gins and wine from South Africa!
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    Disappointing to go out of the Middlesex Senior Cup last night against a team we should have beaten. Andy took the opportunity to play many of the squad players and, in truth, the game wasn't as bad as the 1-0 scoreline suggests - we hit the woodwork 3 times and whilst I've not yet seen the footage I thought we had the ball over the line at one point. The officials did not agree. Good performances in particular from Roman Campbell, Samson Esan and Gideon Nsiah who were a constant threat despite not quite managing to break the deadlock.
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    Thanks Les, much appreciated! Now onto the beer festival!
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    Ruth Cork

    The late late show

    Nice to see an attendance of 435 this was 120 more than we had for our previous highest v Bishp's Stortford even if the extra 120 came in with vouchers it is 120 x £8.00 = £960.00 more than we may have got.
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    Caveat: I'm no expert on this, so this post is very much as I understand things, and may well be a long way from the reality - apologies if this is the case. As much as I'd love to see a much lower turnover of players at our level and more loyalty, as the system stands I think that we are doing as much as can be reasonably expected to retain players. If a good young player who has ambitions to player higher up in the leagues doesn't want to sign a contract with us, we can't force them to. Doing so would effectively mean that we hold their registration, and can ask for a fee when an opportunity arises to move up. What's in it for the player in this scenario? Assuming they are good enough to play higher, very little - a club higher up would be much less likely to take a punt on them for a fee when they could take a punt on a non-contracted player instead, without the risk of financial outlay. Of course players that we want on contract, but who aren't willing to sign could be shown the door, but does that really help us? Personally, I'd rather have exciting young players like Mo (or Corey, or whoever) for a period of time at the club where they can help us, and accept that they will at some point move on as they're ambitious to play higher. The alternative is them playing on a non-contract basis for one of our rivals, strengthening them in the process. Of course the whole situation is frustrating, but it's a fact of life for a club like ours unfortunately. To the point about introducing a club policy of players signing nominal contracts of £5 a week, I only see that being detrimental to us - there's little or nothing in it for the players, especially for the good young ambitious players mentioned above, so why would they come to Town over a rival that didn't have this policy? The only way things are likely to change in this respect would be if the whole transfer system was overhauled for all clubs, so that every non-league club had to do this, effectively giving players no alternative (and don't get me wrong LS - I think this would be great, the idea itself is good, it's just that I don't think any club can go it alone on this). The players that we do have on contract I think we've have about right - they're players that are nearer the end of their careers who have already played higher and aren't likely to do so again, so the incentive of stability of income and employment that comes with a contract outweighs the fact that if they were to move on, it would involve a fee. Putting these guys on a contract effectively stops them moving on should someone turn up wanting to offer them loads of money, but on the flip side, as I understand it, means that we have to pay them regardless of whether they're playing well, in form, injured etc. Just my two penneth as always, nice to see some healthy debate, but I don't think the club can be held to blame here for what goes on as it's much more a systemic issue. Lastly, I would strongly recommend supporters get along to one of the members meetings to speak with the board and the management about our policy on contracted players - they're clearly going to have the facts (unlike me), and as someone said upthread: we're a members owned club, so we have a right to be able to question these things and get honest and factual answers. Certainly the club website or an unofficial forum like this isn't the place for the board to be formally discussing these issues.
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    It does surprise me when supporters moan that when these good players get better offers from other clubs they leave. We should just make sure we get the best out of them when they are with us and wish them well for the future. This is a situation which all clubs at every level finds itself, when playing budgets are stretched. That’s the reality of non league football.
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    What a disappointing result (pretty much ruined my weekend, and I'm still thoroughly annoyed with how things played out). I'm told by a couple of reliable sources that went to the game that we were much the better side on paper, played OK first half, but switched off and invited pressure in the second, effectively trying to play for a replay for the last 15... That said, that's cup football - teams in lower leagues can and will raise their games and come into fixtures like this treating it as their 'cup final' - we did exactly the same to Braintree, and it's really frustrating that our players didn't seem to have the same mindset that they’ve shown over the previous games that's seen us win two really difficult cup ties and climb up the league table. 12 months ago, I'd possibly be questioning Blackman if he'd had a bad game, but given the fantastic performances he's put in over the previous few games, I've got no issue whatsoever - the dive, mobility, commitment and attitude he shows more than makes up for any shortcomings in my opinion - at this level, playing like he has been, he's a very good player that I’m proud to see wearing a Town shirt. For me, it's how we respond to this that's key - bounce back against Cray with the same attitude, organisation and commitment that we've shown over the last month and we'll be fine, let this setback affect us and it will be doubly disappointing. It's up to the management to get our players mindsets back in the right place, but more so up to the players to have a long hard look at themselves and know that Saturday wasn't nearly good enough and it absolutely can't happen again regularly if we are going to progress. Regarding player recruitment, I don't think there will be many Town fans that will a) begrudge Mo a move up the leagues (as shaky as Bolton are financially) or b) be unhappy that we signed him in the first place, given that he's contributed considerably in his time at the club. He's a player that can play higher in my view, so good luck to him. Ultimately if he didn't want to sign a contract with us, then what can we do - bottom line, doing so would severely hamper his chances of progressing, and from what Andy has said, it was always clear that he was looking to get into the professional game at some point. Signing Read to me looks like pretty shrewd business, with Bricknell injured (any update?), and now Mo departing. It's very easy to say that we should have signed him way back when, but if another club offered him better terms, what can we do? Lastly a shout out to Littlehampton, who's 'euphoric' comments upthread were for me all about drumming up support, interest and enthusiasm for a really important cup tie for the club - if doing so encouraged just one extra fan to make the trip down south, or the ultras to sing just a tiny bit louder, then his efforts were more than worthwhile. Most fans are excited, positive and encouraging about the club, win or lose (and clearly we will lose games along the way - we're not Liverpool), but I do wonder whether some are more content with us playing badly as it justifies their preconceptions about the management, style of play and direction that the club is going. Food for thought…
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    kimbles left foot

    Wind, rain and 3 points.

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    Wind, rain and 3 points.

    By far the best opponents so far this season. A bit of deja vu from the Stortford game for the first 25 minutes or so as we struggled to get out our own half. Folkestone one touch play was just outrageous. And Sam Hasler on a dead ball - WOW. Joe Wright did so well to keep them out. As the 1st half drew to a close Hornchurch seemed to be getting on top. With the wind and rain at their back Hornchurch were much more dominant and the goal was a beauty- I have to confess that I didn't think Dickson was going to pass to Spence. After that the game was well controlled with Urchins hunting the ball in packs and not giving invicta any time on the ball. It would have been nice to have got a second as an equaliser could have come at any time but TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!
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    New signing - Midfielder - Dominic Green. Played against us for Peterborough FC.
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    Well done the chins supporters association
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    FA Vase 2nd Round Draw (CCL Clubs)

    I had two bites of the (cherry) FA VASE Saturday saw Bedfont / Feltham beat Colliers Wood and Sunday saw Southall with 10 men go 3-4 down in the 90th only to equalise in the 97th. 4-4 AET
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    Agreed well done everyone involved.
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    kimbles left foot

    The late late show

    Really pleased to come away with the 3 points, smallsy done his homework and packed the midfield out leaving us really struggling to pick a pass in midfield. We missed Spence's energy, ball winning and calmness on the ball however the early changes made a difference and full marks to Stimson for recognising them. Both Hayles and Cooper put in big shifts against that big unit who enjoyed putting himself about but moaned all day when it was dished out back to him. This was a game in past we may well have lost (big crowd, struggling team with ex players who have a point to prove etc) but we overcame this..so maybe just maybe this could well be our season. Long way to go I know but the signs are promising. Well played everyone
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    Afternoon all, 48hrs on from our FA Cup exit, down here on the South Coast, I have just been reading the latest postings relating to our performance and the result. Understandably, after our excellent wins against Rushden & Diamonds and Braintree in the previous rounds, and encouraging league form, most supporters, including myself, expected us to get something from this match. My optimism was based on what I saw in CCFC's replay at Oaklands Park. On Saturday we saw a very even first half, with chances at both ends. After the interval, Chichester, a talented young side, pushed forward, caused Town a number of problems, and eventually got their just reward with a goal in the last 5-minutes, when Town looked like they might hold-out for a replay. So, disappointment all round, but having lost Marc Weatherstone before the kick-off, and Lewis Taaffe to a hamstring injury shortly after the start, this certainly did not help our cause, as both are influential players. In the end, it was not our day, but we have secured 15K prize money, hopefully with more to come from a run in the FA Trophy. Well done to all the Town faithful who made the long journey down to Chichester to support our guys. Shame your loyalty wasn't rewarded on this occasion. We live to fight another day! Finally, well done Barney on an excellent post, and thanks for your kind comments. Like many other Town supporters, I fail to understand why certain people (you know who I mean!) vanish off this Forum, and never comment when we are winning, then suddenly re-appear to unfairly snipe at our Manager when we have lost a match. I would remind them that this was our first away defeat of the season, and we are currently 4th in the IPL table, just 3-points behind the leaders with a game in hand.
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    What makes me laugh is when we win some people don't comment because "apparently" they were not at the game,but when we lose different story!. COYT
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    Our form going into this game was very good. For me , it was a bad day at the office with too many of the team having a bad game and having a weak bench.
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    Close call

    Never going to be much between the 2 teams and the odd goal settled it in a match where both sides cancelled each other out not bitter at all but it is what it is, nice ground and set up special mention to the Urchin support even after the whistle,phenominal
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    As far as I am aware the club only ever operates within its means and the money committed to the playing budget is what we can afford.We are very lucky to have a manager like Andy L who works within these constraints and controls his limited budget extremely well. Disappointing result yesterday of course,but I am very proud of what our club has achieved so far this season. COYT
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    Wildlife rescue


    Albury-Walker. Football aside as a Towner i will always be grateful for your club helping us out when we needed it the most.👍
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    Decent result yesterday with a below par performance – but they all count etc etc. Decent crowd too which caught a lot of us out in the prediction league. Well done Jordan and co for the efforts in advertising the game. We are now half way through the Autumn league (yes we play 14 games not 18 before I hear any bleating) – so time for you to take stock, shepherd your resources and slam in the lamb for the second half. Nope - I have no idea why this posting has slid down a sheep farming theme either but sometimes these things just happen. Baaahh. Top sheep-dog in Div 1 remains Mr D but a rare defeat yesterday to the ever-consistent Paul C has opened things right up. Wivenhoe will be pleased to get back into contention (to stay up!) with a comfortable win against the ever-inconsistent 1961 COYS. And Blackballed remains wallowing in sheep-dip wondering what he has to do to get a win. (Score more goals than the opposition is my somewhat unorthodox advice Dave). In Division sheep-poo, I'm still waiting for Microsoft’s investigations into why their normally reliable Excel product a) placed Cup of Tea on top of the league last week and b) has kept him there this week. Once is unfortunate, twice feels like carelessness. Anyway, Bill Gates is having a look. The battle at the very bottom ended all square as Mick the Bat and The New Sheep couldn’t be separated. Mick’s always had a thing for sheep I’m told. And MikeMike’s "Jekyll and Hyde" season continues – now with an impressively wayward WWWWLLL record. Meanwhile Baby Jago sauntered into the auto-promotion places by pulling the wool over Sir Colin – who incidentally has now paid his subs (thank you sir - always best to approach him after a win!). Which just leaves Hatted Urchin on the aged debtors list. I'm saying nothing. Scottish tightwad. Next week we have the 2 big father-son derbies so there will be tears before bedtime one way or the other. Here you go for the full bollox... UPMINSTER ELITE COLLIER ROW NOT SO ELITE NEXT WEEK Predictez-vous on this lot - Week 8, 19th October 2019 Lazio v Atalanta Everton v WHU (12:30) Middlesbrough v West Brom Potters Bar v Barnet (FAC) (12:30) Leatherhead v Hornchurch Att: That is all. Here's hoping for a disconsolate Baby Jago by Saturday evening. JAGO.
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    Let’s hope Audrey makes himself known rather than hiding behind his pseudonym! COYT 💙
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    Just been reading up on Leatherheads recent troubles and recovery in our local press. Could/should be an interesting game.
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    Good to see Josh has done well enough to get a contract at Charlton....always worked his socks off and great attitude. Here s to a great performance tomorrow to keep our league position looking positive.
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    I've just got home from Tunbridge Wells after an awful M25 trip. However, a great result !! Tunbridge Wells 1 Southall 3 Excellent performance by the lads and a well deserved win. On to the 2nd Round of the Vase against Seaford Town now
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    cup of tea

    FA Trophy draw

    Was hoping for Weston Super Mare away, was expecting Potters Bar away!! Tricky tie, will need to be up for this one as they won't be a pushover.
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    Cheers all, it certainly surprised me how many people took a voucher on Friday night and even better to see the same people in the ground. I think we may have made some new fans 😎 hope to see a turnout just as good Sunday at the beer festival
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    I will do some glass collecting on Sunday if its going to be helpful. Providing i've not drunk too much of the gin 😂
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    Cray Wanderers

    Good game of football to celebrate Non League Day though, in the inimitable phrase of Alan Hansen, some of the defending was 'woeful'. Andy was certainly tearing his hair out in that second half. Cray seemed like a nice club and were good going forward - we just edged it on the day in what was a strange match on a very wet artificial surface. How important Mo is to this side was there for all to see - welcomed back in a starting three with Ken Charles and new signing, Bobson Bawling, Mo broke free of the offside trap within minutes of the start of the match and for the first 10 minutes we looked like we could add more. Cray, to their credit, then got on top and pulled a goal back, whilst threatening more. When Mo scored another brilliant goal just before half time we were very much on the back foot. All changed at the start of the 2nd half as Town raced to a 5-1 lead (one of Ken's goals being the pick of the bunch after good work from Bobson, I think) - and with 20 minutes still to go, a cricket score looked on the cards as everything our forwards touched turned to gold. But Cray turned it around again, pulling back to 5-3, and it really could have been 5 all by the end. Think we just about deserved the win. We were on fire up front and Sam Youngs and Ryan Blackman worked their socks off in midfield. How we add Alex Read (who came on for the last 15 mins or so), Billy Bricknell and Roman Campbell to the mix is anybody's guess - I imagine we'll see a much changed side for the Northwood game on Tuesday. ETFC fans were amazing again - in the rain, congregating on all three sides of the ground that were open - an impressive stand behind one goal at what is Bromley's ground remained firmly closed. Surprised at the 600+ crowd announced though - I'd have thought 3 or 4 hundred looked closer to the mark! Well done to Andy and his management team who I must admit seem to be proving a few of us wrong this season - long may it continue. 3 points off the top with a game in hand! Suspect we may need an FA Trophy run too though to pay for those forwards....
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    The late late show

    Hi, new to the forum but have been to every home game this season. We seemed to miss Spence in midfield. They were happy to let our defenders be the playmakers which showed with the amount of long balls in the game. We did well to grind out that result and it was great to see so many new fans at the game.
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    Good result that, they have made the final the last 3 seasons and Unbelievably lost them all. Found them a very difficult team to break down and play against. as for us, we were shocking especially in the first half. Only some excellent saves from our keeper kept us in it. Marginally better 2nd half without really creating much and late goal snatched it at the end.
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    4WF the club posts its accounts on the website (as does the ETFCSS). The most recent published accounts (2017-2018) are there. Look under the "Information" tab, then "Documents". Some will disagree but I think the board do a good job in sharing relevant information at the right time. The website must be factual. No place for Trump-like speculation there. This forum, however, is perfect for "locked and loaded" speculation 😜
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    And there's the rub... ultimately the above mentioned young, ambitious and talented players don't want or need security - they want as few obstacles as possible in the way of them progressing their career, and moving up the pyramid. This is, I suspect, exactly what their agents are advising them to do.
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    I do think you have missed OT point,MTH. I have interpreted that it is his way of expressing his amazement in the lack of business sense being shown. Otherwise your "good" players on higher wages will come in one door and out the other as they please. If you are happy with that then as a member I am not. There seems to be a miss conception in the use of contracts. Although not personally involved when my firm were processing clubs going into administration, I was shown some players contracts, invariable they had a get out clause in favour of the player. The safeguard for the Club (the business) was that they retained the right to seek a fee for his transfer so long as it they paid him and the player agreed to the transfer. Far better than most normal employment contracts. NB .. I raised these point about 4 years ago, when the subject was last raised, so please don't bring up the clubs financial status again. The principle applies to all businesses huge or small. Also please no more advice to get more involved. My interest in the Club end purely as a supporter and a member and as such the ability to comment on this forum.
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    thanks for clearing that bit up just a well paid non contracted player
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  38. 1 point
    The suspension comes into play 7 days after the offence I believe.
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    Big J R

    DIVISION ONE CUP Second Round

    No dancing and/or plate smashing, perleeez.
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    What a shock to see a couple of the usual suspects back moaning straight after a defeat
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    Saturday 5 October - Results/Reports

    That's why I said everyone will have their eye on Abbey Road this afternoon, Colney Heath took the lead on just two minutes when Old Bradwell United could have easily capitulated but they equalised just after the interval and took the lead on 66 minutes, somehow managing to hang on till the bitter end, an amazing result.
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    Good luck today!! No shortage of strikers with Alex Reed's signing but a real shame Muhammadu Faal is suspended. He has been playing outstandingly well. If our defenders and midfield play as well as they have for the two games I saw while at home, I am optimistic we will get a good result Come on the Town!!
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    .......and a possible skip and jump ?????
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    Very good result and even better that we have an academy side. Dagenham do not and therefore were represented by Barking and Dagenham College U18’s side last night. All looking good for the club going forward though
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    George Georgiou Departs New Salamis

    Back to the topic of this thread, namely George Georgiou, and it was with sadness and amazement that I read this newspaper article on the 'reasons' why the great man was unceremoniously dismissed from the Club just over a week today, it seems very unreasonable doesn't it taking into account New Salamis's progress and success under George:
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    George Georgiou Departs New Salamis

    Maybe also have a word with Lee Scott, Hector Valera and Frank Zanre. See if they will all come out of retirement?
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    If the Deportivo v Cove fixture next door at BEDFONT Sports could be moved to 17:00 three games in one day
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    Very disappointed to miss last night's match. Knew coach was due to leave Donkey Lane at 4:15 so left Bush Hill Park at 3:25. Picked my son up from Hertford Rd/Southbury Rd but traffic armageddon meant we mournfully watched the coach head the other way along the A10 at circa 4:45. Apologies if it was us that meant the coach left late 😟 Result has cheered me up though. Won't get to another match until Christmas but the 2 matches I did see this time round leave me optimistic. We are playing some excellent football and the squad has a good balance to it. Fingers crossed for a win on Saturday. This club deserves success in the FA Cup. Could this be our year for first round proper?!
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    Sour Stortford fan

    Potters Bar beat Bishops Stortford 4-1 tonight. They must have dodgy ball boys as well.

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