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    He aint that good at the moment 😂
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    Mike christou


    I’m still buzzing from that second half demolition and I don’t know his name with the flag that stood with us second half tormenting the Worthing fans you sir are a legend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I’ll buy you a beer sat. There won’t be many teams that will dismantle Worthing in that way let me tell you all the players you did your shirt proud today
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    In the Oxford English Dictionary, under "a game of two halves" it will say "Saturday 17th August 2019: Worthing 0 Hornchurch 6" Another opponent and another line-up. Jordan Clark, George Winn and Mitchell DIckenson as a back 3 with George Saunders on the right and Mickey Parcell on the left, ostensibly as wing-backs it seemed. Hornchurch seemed to stand off of Worthing and invited them to bring the game, presumably to get possession and break with the pace of either Parcell or Saunders but as it turned out we were forced into more of a flat back 5. Worthing had a lot of value out of cross field diagonal balls and also little dinks into the forwards and were very quick to harass the ball and give us no time. That's not to say it was one way and it could easily have been 5-5 at the break but on the whole I thought Worthing edged it. Second half, Hornchurch started chasing the ball themselves and ten minutes in Chris Dickson got himself one on one with the keeper and fired across into the far side. On the basis of the first half I thought it was going to be a big ask to hold on for 35 minutes but 5 minutes later and Worthing were caught in possession deep in their own half and Dickson got a near identical 2nd. Hornchurch had also subtly changed to stop the diagonal balls. Suddenly Worthing couldn't keep the ball or string two passes together and again lost the ball deep in their own half, a couple of square passes to Ronnie Winn who rounded the keeper and tapped home for 3-0. A minute later Dickson got his hat-trick with a close range shot high into the roof of the net. Another 10 minutes before Ronnie got his second. Charlie Stimson and Daniel Akindayini came on for the final 5+4 minutes and in the final minute another calamity for Worthing and with virtually his first touch Charlie Stimson neatly lobbed the keeper to open his account for the season. Off the field highlights were:- Chris Dickson applauding the linesman for flagging Ronnie offside to prevent him also getting a hat-trick and having to share the match ball Charlie Sidgwick, so drunk he could barely stand but a masterclass in taking down the sour grapes Worthing fans and also calling out Mikey Christou on his lack of flag tying skills. All in all a lovely day on the South coast although I'm not sure what was going on with the pitch, it smelt like being in a Kwik-Fit
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    Enfield Til It Died

    St Panteleimon F.C

    That's the problem Clippy, you are not aware of much!
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    Mike christou


    Mike he was blinding and then cheeky Worthing fans that were having a pop at his that one fan he had some balls but that Charlie was superb he can stand with me any game or I’ll go stand with him
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    Hey Charlie, what's the score? I can't remember.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin


    Solid first half and superb second half, well done Urchins keep it up!
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    New signing - Daniel Akindayini

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