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  1. Paul C has been slogging away for all 18 seasons of the PL’s tedious illustrious existence. Count ‘em Paul. In that time he has plumbed the depths (bottom of Div 2 just three seasons ago), felt the heartache (runner up to Wivenhoe – yes, Wivenhoe! in 2019), but never quite had the stamina (or indeed competence) to lift the trophy. Well now that is finally put to bed. A solid 8-4 win over his only challenger Blackballed means we can finally crown him CHAMPION. Seeing as Paul has the best attack and tightest defence across both divisions I think even the most curmudgeonly among you (you know who you are) will agree it is very well deserved. So well done Paul, and hard lines Blackballed. One day your time may come! And so, with one week still to play, interest now turns to the relegation and play-offs places. Only Fat Tom is definitely down. It would have helped if he’d remembered to predict this week as his "Barmy Army" mate UrchinYid was there for the taking. COYS needs a miracle to stay up but everyone else up to and including me in 6th place can still go down – this is what having 4 up and 4 down is all about – cliff-hanger til the end. Baby Jago, with 120 goals, claims he is particularly hard done by to be in the mix, but with a shocking 133 conceded he clearly needs a defensive overhaul over the Christmas break. Just as long as he doesn’t expect me to fund it. The auto-promotion spots are still not secure (excepting the imperious Ozz of course). Wivenhoe and Dinamo can still jump ahead of CuppaTea and Clive – while Lord Upminster or Urchin Queen can still sneak in ahead of MikeMike or Mick The Bat for the other playoff spots. And if “the Queen” goes on a huge goal spree they could both be replaced. (OK so that’s unlikely). It’s terribly exciting innit? Oh yeah, and Alarm Clock to Fat Tom, Golden Boot to MikeMike, and Lucky B@stard to Urchin Yid. Here we go: FA TROPHY DIVISION FA VASE DIVISION NEXT WEEK - The final round - Sat 10 December by 11:30 please Pick the scores on this lot: Perth Glory v Western United (11:30) Swansea v Norwich Blackpool v Birmingham C Boreham Wood v Sahfend Hornchurch v Kingstonian Attendance : Contingency: Forest G Rovs v Cheltenham (“El Glostico”!) Toodle pip, and good luck. Jago
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  2. Rhodes

    Bedford FC

    We seem to have forgotten that there is a League fixture tomorrow evening at Thame United Reserves which means there wiII be a Iive stream: https://www.realbedford.com/live-stream
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