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    Well it's all very quiet on here so I thought I'd pop in with something that may be of interest to at least some of you. Or maybe not - but at least it's something, Anyway - Mr McBride asked me earlier in the season for a copy of the programme when he "scored a hat-trick" for Purfleet against the Mighty Urchins "back in the day" - you know when Thurrock were still Purfleet and you could still buy a bag of chips for sixpence (old money). So I checked with a couple of local experts which programme to dig out, (you know, Hx-guru Tony, who checked with Fleet-sage Norman), and I'm afraid I have bad news Colin. No such programme exists... largely because you didn't actually score a hat-trick - I guess your mind is a bit muddled these days. 😆 Though you did bag two dodgy knee-bounces in the Thameside Trophy in 1990-91 which was a 4-2 win for Purfleet. (I'll send you a copy of that separately). So having started a bit of a research I thought I'd share the programme for the first match of 1988-89 which happened to be Purfleet's first game in the Isthmian League. You'll see Colin on the teamsheet where he pottered about in a SHOCK 1-0 win for the visitors. The actual Hornchurch team was not quite as per-programme but close enough. (If you really want to know you can check "Hornchurch FC - The Official History - 1923-2011". Available from all good book shops, and the Club Shop! And more importantly you will see that I was running the line with my favourite yellow flag, suffering untold abuse from Harry & his mates on the Eastside no doubt. The programme was 4 pages of print but I've bunged the cover on as well - so it won't take too long to read. Anyway - hope you are all surviving. Jago (and no it wasn't me on the line you fools).
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    Edgware Town

    An interesting signing. I've stuck that on the Brentford FC Forum.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Sponsored walk - its back !!!!

    We've started our training for the past few weeks. 12 miles smashed today! I'll get the socials done over this weekend.
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    The travellers have moved on and the large (open) car park looked in good condition when I visited this morning. Well done to the Council for getting this sorted - a relief to us all.
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    Daily Dose

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    It’s quiet from Berko. Evidence provided! 🤦‍♂️
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    Berkhamsted Raiders

    Daily Dose - Do you mean from BerkoRaiders or Arsenal Fan, their two stories are certainly World's apart aren't they so I wonder which one is correct. This was a post made in September last year from someone involved with Berkhamsted FC who I gather is referring to the Berkhamsted Raiders Chairman so the plot thickens doesn't it.
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    Daily Dose

    Berkhamsted Raiders

    😂. The silence is almost deafening
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    Daily Dose

    Keep the banter going

    That’s a great spot, I remember creating and wondering why no one commented at the time 😂. And at the time, In the words of the Wealdstone Raider, “you ain’t got no fans’, springs to mind.
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    Berkhamsted Raiders

    https://www.berkhamstedraiders.com/update-on-the-berkhamsted-community-stadium-project/ “Berkhamsted Raiders CFC is driving a project to create a “Berkhamsted Community Stadium” (BCS) on the existing stadium site at Broadwater Stadium.” Raiders wanted it to be demolished & rebuilt with a 3G, Berko FC didn’t. I’d be surprised if Raiders could access £500k+ funding if they weren’t a party on the new agreement.
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    Wildlife rescue

    League anmouncement

    Albury it's on the official ishmian official site matey.
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    Hello For our blog 'Two Men In Search Of The Beautiful Game' we went to Stag Meadow for the Hellenic League Premier Division match, Windsor FC Vs Burnham FC. We wrote all about the game, took loads of photos & made a video too. We would like to invite you all to check it out and hope you enjoy it. BLOG - https://beautifulgame2015.blogspot.com/2020/10/lets-go-football-windsor-fc-vs-burnham.html VLOG - Please subscribe to our channel - https://youtu.be/SSYvbJU8WS4 If you are on Facebook, please come and 'LIKE' our page - https://www.facebook.com/beautifulgame15 - you will find all our photos and videos from the games we attend there. We are also on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/beautifulgame15 - which is also a good way to keep up to date with what we are doing, and you can find us on Instagram too - https://www.instagram.com/beautifulgame15
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    This is encouraging. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54977370

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