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    Fa cup

    Well the planets certainly aligned for my first home match of the season. What a cracking performance!! Our formation looked solid from front to back and every player did his bit. Standout performances from Ryan Blackman (deservedly man of the match in my opinion) and Muhammadu Faal, but we looked impressive all over the pitch. The first goal followed an exceptional box to box run by Blackman, then a through ball to Faal who took his chance very well. Our passing was slick throughout and I thought the way we marked the Braintree no. 8, who looked to be their chief playmaker, was outstanding. He did look threatening when on the ball but we had done our homework and knew what to expect. I can only recall 1 clear chance for Braintree to equalise in the first half and that was a header from a corner just before half time which fortunately their no.9 looped just wide. I thought our game management through the second half was excellent. Crisp passing and good running off the ball, very few wasted long balls, all extremely encouraging. Nathan MacDonald made a superb save about 15 minutes in to keep us ahead. The second goal near the end was no more than the team performance deserved. Good work by Junior Mubaiyi on the right to win the ball, nice pass to Blackman, first time ball from him set Faal free on quite a long run to goal. It was one of those where every Town supporter holds their breath for what feels like ages as the striker bears down on goal. His first touch was perfect - ahead of him just far enough to draw the keeper off his line but also give him time to pick his spot, which he duly did! Great finish to make the result safe. Terific support as ever on a hot afternoon which must have been draining for both teams. Now fingers crossed for another home draw! The pitch looked superb and the rain forecast through the rest of the week will do it no harm at all. Two more matches for me before I am out of town once again. The whole squad can take great confidence from these recent performances - let's hope we can maintain this form in the league.
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    Fa cup

    Fantastic performance yesterday - sore throat from the constant singing (and boo ing their no 5!) and tired hands from the clapping! When was the last time we beat a team at a higher level? This game will go down in the memory alongside Tonbridge Away last year and the Grays Semi. Few line up surprises .. Taafe not in the squad (not aware of an injury?) and then Billy getting injured in the warm up. Junior and Nathan must have expected to get the nod ahead of Charles, but he had a very solid game. Strong performances all over the pitch - but Mo lead the line brilliantly - and ran from start to finish on a hot day. Ryan was a real driving force in midfield and it was a great run and through ball for both goals. Sam Youngs was all over the place and had some great touches too. We had some nice passing moves and it felt like the team spirit really is there. To beat a team in the level above who are almost in the play offs is a great result. Yes they were poor but I think we battled and did not let them play. I have previously criticised sub timings but thought Andy got it spot on - giving Junior enough time to make an impact, and freshen things up when we were under pressure, and then bringing Nathan on towards the end - to see things out in the middle (fair play to his patience this season being mainly a sub). Defence all played well together - led ably by Wethers!! If I had to pick areas for improvement, feels like the squad is lacking in depth - a couple of injuries and we could be in trouble. And we did panic for a while in the 2nd half when we should have tried to keep the ball more. Overall though a memorable day, much needed funds for the club. Any casual fan who turned up yesterday would surely have loved the whole matchday experience and come back for more. Special mention to the Ultras - their unwavering support is fantastic - was really proud to be a Towner yesterday! So looking ahead to the draw, would like either lowest ranked team at home, or would love to get Ricay and turn them over!
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    Potter's Bar capitulation

    Rare for me to comment on the team's performance as I'm normally inebriated on Hasbeen's or looking after Baby Jago discussing the intricacies of Seria A. Plus I know nothing about football. But as everyone else is keeping their ink dry... that was really poor wasn't it? Not only that, a win would have paid the wages for a week or so. Make the players do community service until they have saved the UK economy the (£6750 + £3750 - £2250) which is the MINIMUM we appear to have squandered (see below). That's what I say and I'm sure I'm not alone. At a living wage of £10/h that's £8250/10 which is 825 hours for the team as a whole to do something more useful than poncing about at Potters Bar. I'm not sure if Mr Stimson and his coaching crew are paid, but assuming they are, 825 hours divided by say 15 people is 55 hours' community service each. So next time I'm in Havering I am looking forward to a pothole-free driving experience and some much happier folk in the local retirement homes. Rant over! Jago.
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    Father Jack

    Where are they now?

    It worked for Nathan Livings - Town was the only club he ever settled at
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    Fa cup

    Just to echo what others have said: I picked a great game for my first visit of the season (real life has been getting in the way of my Town visits so far). Town were excellent to a man all over the pitch, and worked incredibly hard to nullify a decent Braintree side, making them look pretty average on the day. Difficult to name names when it comes to standout performances, but along with everyone mentioned above, I think Muleba had a really good game, limiting their 9 (who looked like he could be a real threat) to scraps, especially towards the end of the second half when they were really pushing for an equaliser. As others have said, the depth of the squad is a slight concern, although if it means that youngsters get given a chance to show what they can do at times, then that can't be all negative. I'd also say that given the budget Andy is working with, putting together a strong and experienced 13 or 14, then relying on youngsters and fringe players probably is the best way to approach things. What will be interesting is whether we can maintain that level of intensity, workrate, application and skill throughout the league campaign - 2 years ago, we showed how high we could raise the bar against Maidstone, but couldn't maintain that week in week out, let's hope that this season is different and this excellent start to the campaign is part of a longer run. Saturday was another proud day to be a Towner - well done Andy, Mario, Steve and everyone else behind the scenes!
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    Fa cup

    Wow! What a great day for the Town yesterday. They needed to play well to win against their National League South opponents Braintree, and our guys played supremely well, delivering one of their finest performances of the season in front of their own supporters. This thrilling win was a day to cherish and remember for the Town faithful, who admirably got behind our team from start to finish, and were rewarded with a well deserved FA Cup triumph, which produced more much needed finance for our Club. Early days, but Andy and the Boys are producing some impressive results, in both the IPL and FA Cup, having been beaten only once in all competitions. Keep it guys we are all behind you. Well done everyone. 'UP THE TOWN'
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    Fa cup

    @Raingod Very well summed up. LT has an injury not sure how bad. We have signed a new central defender but his international clearance papers have not yet been approved by the FA. Your comment about squad depth although true do not really concern me,as Andy is using players from u23s and u18s as cover,we have some very tidy players in both squads,and I feel this is the only way for our club to grow in a sustainable way given our limited budget. I hear Wilson has also been released. Yes the Ultras were superb Looking forward to the draw live on Talksport tomorrow at 12.30 ish. COYT
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    Good luck to all our travelling support, I can't be there today so make some extra noise for me. COYU's.. Dibs
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    All Change at Billericay ?

    Glen Tamplin has announced he is standing down as owner and director of Billericay as of today. But remember tomorrow is another day and he could come back again or the club is looking for finance to pay the club's running. Interesting times ahead for the club.

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