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    cup of tea

    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    Is it to scale? If so we can replace the decking with er, decking
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    Right it’s the FA Trophy Special - Basildon A few of us are meeting a couple of people and drinking in Wickford before the game and getting a cab to the ground. The pub we will be drinking in is called the Duke We are looking to get the 11.59 from Shenfield which arrives at 12.11 If you are going from Romford then get the 11.36 which arrives at Shenfield at 11.53. If you are picking it up from Harold Wood then you can get the same train at 11.43. I would say meet at the station 10 mins before. I’ll be going from Harold Wood
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    Fat Tom Daley

    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    I just want to win the Thameside for the actual trophy. It's incredible!
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    Stephen Southall

    FA Vase 3rd Round draw

    Southall drawn away to Deal Town, who play in the same league as Tunbridge Wells who we beat in the 1st Round. Deal won the vase in 2000 Should be a great game
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    I wouldn’t swap our board for theirs , that’s for sure
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    Its the handful of fans that will suffer as its only going to attract those plastic fans which Billericay have got. Money attracts and so does a cup run, just look at the crowd Maldon got against Leyton. They hardly get passed 150 for a normal league game. But what goes around will come around!
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    When Saturday Comes Magazine

    Agreed. The magazines I used to buy are pretty much redundant now, due to the rise of websites such as PornHub...
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    Mean while in Romford....
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    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    With so many cup competitions I thought I'd summarise where we are. As things develop we'll add to the thread and update this post. Latest status in bold. FA CUP 07/09/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 6-0 Kempston Rovers 21/09/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Potters Bar Town 2-0 Hornchurch FA TROPHY 26/10/2019 - 1st Qualifying Round - Hornchurch 3-1 Berkhamsted 09/11/2019 - 2nd Qualifying Round - Basildon Utd 1-6 Hornchurch 23/11/2019 - 3rd Qualifying Round - Oxford City vs Hornchurch VELOCITY TROPHY Starts with a group competition, 7 groups of 6; 3 groups of 5. 3 teams (Dereham, Guernsey and Whitehawk) not competing. Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage. 3rd Round draw - Winner Group 5 vs Hornchurch. 10/12/2019 - 3rd Round - Bracknell Town vs Hornchurch ESSEX SENIOR CUP Hornchurch enter the competition at the 3rd Round stage. 05/11/2019 - 3rd Round - Brentwood Town 2-4 Hornchurch 02/12/2019 - 4th Round - Chelmsford City vs Hornchurch (7:30pm kick off) THAMES-SIDE TROPHY 20 teams in total Round One - 4 matches Hornchurch enter the competition at the 2nd Round stage Date TBA - 2nd Round - Hullbridge Sports or Canvey Island vs Hornchurch
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    2019/20 Cup Competitions

    Don't knock the ETT Cuppa - we beat Orient once - first time I can actually remember us beating a league team. Some time in the 80's (OK it may not have been the first team exactly ) - Plus it's a great piece of art wot we have even won once (see below). I think it's been mothballed for a few years but some of you statos will be interested in the below... Here's a complete list of finals for the ETT.... 1945-46 Leytonstone vs. Grays Athletic 6-5 1946-47 Leytonstone vs. Barking 2-1 1947-48 Grays Athletic vs. Romford 5-1 1948-49 Leytonstone vs. Barking 1-0 1949-50 Ilford vs. Romford 3-2 1950-51 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 4-3 1951-52 Romford vs. Leytonstone 1-1 Re-play Romford vs. Leytonstone 4-2 1952-53 Leytonstone vs. Barking 3-3 Trophy shared 1953-54 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 5-2 1954-55 Ilford vs. Leytonstone 4-0 1955-56 Romford vs. Ilford 5-4 1956-57 Barking vs. Ilford 3-0 1957-58 Romford vs. Barking 2-1 1958-59 Barking vs. Grays Athletic 2-0 1959-60 Ilford vs. Barking 2-0 1960-61 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-2 1961-62 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 1-0 1962-63 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 3-1 1963-64 Dagenham vs. Leyton 1-0 1964-65 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 2-1 1965-66 Leytonstone vs. Ilford 4-1 1966-67 Leyton vs. Leytonstone 4-2 1967-68 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-1 1968-69 Dagenham vs. Grays Athletic 2-0 1969-70 Dagenham vs. Walthamstow Avenue 3-0 1970-71 Ilford vs. Dagenham 3-2 1971-72 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1 1972-73 Leytonstone vs. Walthamstow Avenue 1-0 1973-74 Competition not completed (power shortages) 1974-75 Dagenham vs. Leytonstone 1-0 1975-76 Competition not completed (fixture congestion) 1976-77 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Leytonstone 2-0 1977-78 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Clapton 3-1 1978-79 Competition not completed (weather conditions) 1979-80 Aveley vs. Clapton 2-1 1980-81 Grays Athletic vs. Basildon United 2-1 1981-82 Leyton-Wingate vs. Basildon United 1-0 1982-83 Clapton vs. Southend United 1-0 1983-84 Clapton vs. Chelmsford City 3-3 Clapton win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark 1984-85 Hornchurch vs. Grays Athletic 2-2 - Hornchurch win 5-4 on kicks from the penalty mark 1985-86 Walthamstow Avenue vs. Grays Athletic 3-2 1986-87 Billericay Town vs. Chelmsford City 1-0 1987-88 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 2-0 1988-89 Grays Athletic vs. Southend United 3-2 1989-90 Southend United vs. Redbridge Forest 4-1 1990-91 Grays Athletic vs. Billericay Town 1-0 1991-92 Billericay Town vs. Ford United 2-2 Billericay Town win 3-2 on kicks from the penalty mark 1992-93 Leyton vs. Rainham Town 5-4 1993-94 Canvey Island vs. Grays Athletic 2-2 Canvey Island win 4-3 on kicks from the penalty mark 1994-95 Purfleet vs. Chelmsford City 2-0 1995-96 Canvey Island vs. Witham Town 5-0 1996-97 Barking vs. Canvey Island 1-1 Barking win 8-7 on kicks from the penalty mark 1997-98 Canvey Island vs. Aveley 1-0 1998-99 Ford United vs. Southend United 2-1 1999-00 Canvey Island vs. Purfleet Final not played (fixture congestion) 2000-01 Grays Athletic vs. Great Wakering Rovers 3-3 Grays Athletic win 3-0 on kicks from the penalty mark 2001-02 Grays Athletic vs. Tilbury 3-1 2002-03 Competition not completed (fixture congestion) 2003-04 Ford United vs. Barking 1-0 2004-05 Aveley vs. Romford 1-0 2005-06 Canvey Island vs. Maldon Town 3-0 2006-07 Aveley vs. Tilbury 3-1 2007-08 Brimsdown Rovers vs. Canvey Island 2-1 2008-09 Competition not completed (fixture congestion)
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    Yes - I know Baby Jago has transgressed the rules by inserting blank lines. I've had a word but feel an official warning is a little unfair on the wee lad (plus I'm scared of him - he's got that red-head temper thing). So he's had a pre-warning only. I now await accusations of favouritism and nepotism from Mr One in Ten * 50,000 (Dinamo) and his sidekick, Hatted Tightwad. * That's a rather good 1980's Midlands reference for us old boys and frankly I deserve a "like". Please note - this line feed business only seems to happen when you use Chrome on iPads (or maybe other tablets)- which is what B.Jago used (and Blackballed a few weeks ago) so please take care with that particular combination. What's wrong with Safari anyway? Enough wittering - here are the correct scores : THE WIZZZARDS Bayern Munich 2-1 B. Dortmund Leicester 1-2 The Arse Burnley Clarets 1-1 West Ham Blues England Ladies 1-2 Germany Damen Basildon 0-3 Urchins Att: 161
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    Brentwood 2 Hornchurch 4

    Not a very pretty game and another slow start before going behind. A wonder strike from Saunders to equalise shortly after the break. Dickson breaks through, shot parried but Dickson first to the ball to tap home for the lead. Dickson then bringing the ball forwards and being urged to pass but shoots, keeper gets a hand but can't keep ball out. Dickson once more looking for his hat-trick and again parried by the keeper but this time Ronnie Winn on hand to tap home from tight angle. Naughty Urchins behind the goal start singing "3 assists, the keeper has got 3 assists". Best chant I've heard in a long time - naughty Urchins. Final few minutes and a consolation for Brentwood before Hornchurch manage the game to the end.
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    Simon King played for Buckingham United
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    Brentwood 2 Hornchurch 4

    nice result and good to see Lewwis Spence back on the pitch too.
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    Velocity Trophy Group 5 winner, will be one of the following; Bracknell Town v Marlow Chalfont St Peter v Hanwell Town Westfield v FC Romania Thames side and Velocity we don't really need, as i don't think there is too much of a prize at the end. Correct me if i'm wrong please....!

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