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    I am pleased to announce that our annual presentation night will be taking place on Friday 10th May. Starting at 7pm will be a Staff v Supporters match (30 mins each way) on the pitch. If you wish to play, please let me know! Following the game shall be a presentation night in the clubhouse. All are welcome to attend!
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    Penalties for play-acting

    My flabber was completely ghasted when I heard the result of the appeal. It is the first appeal at this level that I have ever seen upheld, even other appeals with what seemed to be compelling video evidence. I am 100% certain that without the video there wouldn't even have been an appeal. The question of retrospective action is tricky. Can a red card/ban be given for simulation/unsporting behaviour (I can't think offhand of any other offence that could be applied) so maybe a yellow would be the worst case applicable. I wonder also whether either of the officials would receive a sanction because it has been proven that what they thought they saw didn't happen and for something so game changing you have to be 100% and can't be guessing. I only give the minutiae of the professional game a passing interest but I have heard of retrospective punishments given after trial by TV. Have these been for something of this nature or is it more off the ball stuff that got missed? Presumably it is the FA who would instigate such proceedings rather than the club so, again, I would doubt anything further would happen even if there is precedent at the higher levels of the pyramid. And even if that kind of common sense prevailed it would likely only be Margate that got informed. And then of course there is the question of hypocrisy. I bet that player, indeed any player, would tell you they hate cheating in the game yet there's a high probability that his team mates gave him high-fives and the club did nothing. I would like to think that if a (AFC) Hornchurch player had done the same they would have been sanctioned by the club but maybe that is just a pipe dream and winning at any cost is all that counts. In this matter I am in agreement with Alex Sharp's notes in the following home match program, I could easily beat my children at any board game by cheating but where is the satisfaction and challenge?
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    1961 COYS

    Presentation Night/Supporters Game

    Jordan Going by the old adage that the fat one is always put in goal, I will have 20/30 mins whilst I wait for the bar to open.
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    One for me, please
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    now the playoffs are out of the question
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    Mr Happy

    Haringey Borough v Enfield Town

    Play offs looking more and more unlikely!
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    cup of tea

    Penalties for play-acting

    I was so delighted about Sean Marks’s red card being rescinded against Margate that I forgot about the person who caused it on the first place i.e. their no.3. Bearing in mind that he was caught on camera cheating and that we might have got something out of the game if it wasn’t for that should the rules be looked at so that retrospective action (e.g. a ban) be taken?
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    aka PeteBeatz


    Sorry take me off. I forgot,My wife just told me we have something happening on Saturday.

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