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    I've got say in all the years I've been watching us play today's result is up there with any I can remember as being so proud of the team for their performance today...
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    Sucker punch

    We are at half wayYes poor finishing took the gloss off a good performance defending was excellent all night. We are at the half way point of season 2points a game do that the second half with a couple more wins than draws we are in conf South easy. If we all stick together we can do it
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    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    It is something I've been aware of on the hill and I will be addressing it don't know about the East Side character, we have so many positives on and off the field which I promise won't be spoilt by a few
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    The well deserved plaudits for today's performance will surely flood in but a mention for the Urchins behind the goal who resisted the urge to taunt 'head fans with well loved classics such as "10 men, we only need 10 men" and "1-0 and you messed it up". Standing by the Home bench was also interesting as they became increasingly irate. The assistant manager putting his fist through the perspex when we equalised was unexpected and one of the other coaches complaining to the ref "He took 15 seconds from when you blew the whistle" also amused. But beyond that, oh my goodness, talk about knuckle down and give blood, sweat and tears to get a result. When George got the red card it was "gonna be difficult to get a point out of this", then at 1-0 down it was "hope this doesn't turn into a nightmare" then back to "a long time to hold on for a point" . Reflecting at half time though I thought Hx had created more chances, including hitting the post and stayed that way for the first 20 of the second half and justly rewarded with the lead. As legs got tired in the final ten+five it turned into "We don't deserve to lose these three points" but again the boys dug deep and managed the game through to the final whistle. Whisper it softly but time to stop looking over shoulders at the drop zone and time to look upwards at mid table. Next two games at the Bridge can get Hx up there.
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    Well what can you say to that performance absolutely outstanding to go down to 10 men and then come back from 1-0 down to win 1-2 is outstanding the team worked so hard the midfield was brilliant spence with his goal Clark with his holding play but christou that boy never stops chasing balls and is a great asset to the team the defence were solid and Ron and Charlie were brilliant so a great performance roll on next week
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Yesterday’s match

    https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2020/02/club-statement/ Club statement
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    Margate V ETFC

    Wow, what a performance, where did that come from? Not many of us were expecting that, especially when we saw the team without the likes of Sam Hatton, Sam Youngs and Ken Charles (and Mario Noto also unavailable from the bench). What we saw was an assured professional outing, 3 good goals (touch of handball for the second?) and, most pleasingly, a clean sheet! Hard to believe that was, I think, our 9th clean sheet of the season but our first for over 2 months. All the boys put in a real shift on a cold night - stand out performers for me were Junior Mubayi (a really mature performance) and Nathan Livings, but I also heard others giving their personal MoM to Lyle Della-Verde and Ryan Blackman and there were others who had great games too. Crucially, everybody played their part and the management deserve their own congratulations after a lot of recent criticism. Andy Leese was very quick to point out this counts for nothing if we don't do it again against Hornchurch on Saturday (who, by the way, lost last night - we're now 1 point off the play-offs, so everything to play for!). One final point - a lot of us air our opinions on here, and are right to do so, but let's have a thought for the level of commitment put in by players, management team, directors, volunteers and supporters on behalf of our club. The team coach got back to the stadium at just before 1am last night and everybody then had their own onward journeys, with many needing to get up for work this morning. I've been able to enjoy Premier League football more than most this year but, not for the first time this season, last night left me proud to be an Enfield Town supporter. I only wish more people would join us to experience the highs (and lows) of non-league football.
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    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    Guys and gals - the tweets are the views of one or two individuals. Social media is not fact - and rarely does it reflect the opinions of the majority (just check any political nonsense on twitter for example). But it is a good place for people who struggle with normal face-to-face communication to voice their views or prejudices in a safe environment, especially after the event. So - I'd ignore and move on. Responding just legitimises the debate with people who have a lot of time on their hands to get in the last word - so probably will (generally 20-something media graduates and the like!). I suspect the majority of Horsham fans (and players) simply felt they'd had a hard day at the office but felt nothing threatening - certainly there were plenty in the bar chatting with the Urchin faithful after the game. BUT - and I have been meaning to post this for a while - I do think there are one or two individuals at The Bridge whose language and attitude is simply not acceptable. There is one bloke on the Eastside (been coming for a year or so I think), and another on The Hill who I witnessed for the first time yesterday whose constant (and vile) abuse of the officials and opposition players is simply unfunny and must put many people off. Both are in the 50+ age group. I actually left the Hill at half time because of the latter bloke. Note that none of this was specifically directed at Horsham fans (nor the lady physio for that matter) - but it's not a good advert for the club or for new visitors. I'm no snowflake. Passion is important and well placed insults and swearing are all part of the game, especially if done humorously. In fact a new fan mentioned to me that he'd heard banter on the Eastside that he'd not heard in years at West Ham and will be coming back for sure. But I do think we fans (especially the readership of the forum who tend to be relatively balanced) need to self-regulate some of these newcomers. This, I think, is much more worthy of debate than some random/lone Horsham fan's comments on twitter.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Sponsored Walk to Tonbridge

    I am pleased to announce following the walk at the weekend, we raised £2703 for Project Urchin! This now gets us over the £10,000 mark for the Project and is a fantastic achievement by everyone at the club. Thanks to everyone who supported us!
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    Apologies for my language but f***ing get in there. That was up there with some of our best results following Hx. 10 men after 10 mins, 2 men available on the bench, 1-0 down and win 2-1. Outstanding boys!
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    Gone with the wind

    We've had a poxy week the last 3 games, but so much to play for see you at margate, crowd 300 on a horrid day thanks for the support
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    Masters of our own downfall

    Good post dynamo Trust me all the players were disappointed we all react differently I thought the whole game was flat on and off the field especially with the size of the crowd no time to fell sorry for ourselves we go again Wednesday
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    3 year Plan

    Not sure why some people seem to think this is some sort of secret society - the club has always been very open and honest with its finances. Profit and Loss Accounts, covering income and expenditure, are presented annually at members' meetings and are published on the club's website. The most up to date figures presented for ETFC Ltd are those to 30/6/18 (so I would expect those to 30/6/19 will be provided shortly). The figures to 30/6/18 showed a rise in Playing Staff Expenses from £105,181 in the year to 30/6/17 to £125,590. It will be interesting to see how this changed in the following year. Bear in mind though that the club's costs are far greater than just playing staff expenses - figures for Football Related Costs for instance to 30/6/18 were £203,354. If members want more players to be placed on contracts this would inevitably cost more (and would need players to sign - neither Mo nor Josh would) and so these funds would need to be provided from somewhere. I suspect that our members are largely paying as much as they would want to at the moment (many very generously). These are legitimate discussions for an AGM but I suspect there are no easy answers.
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Masters of our own downfall

    It didn't feel right from the off, with miss placed passes all over the shop and no real threat. Their forward line did look dangerous though and despite it never being a penalty, it wasn't a surprise that they took the lead. Having equalised just before the break I thought at half time we would go on and win - not to be. I know people were angry and frustrated at the end. This was a great opportunity to reach the last 16. It's worth reflecting though that not so long ago many on here, myself included, were decrying the break up of the Division 1 North Championship team and the influx of ex Thurrock players. Now we are upset whilst sat in the Premiership play-offs, with games in hand to go top and having reached the Trophy last 32. We've come a long way and one crap game shouldn't undo that. Lots to play for this season still, so onwards and upwards again. By the way, anyone know how the Romford Rockets, Wizards, Wa****s got on?
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    Wildlife rescue

    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Why Only announce once the player has signed surely
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    AFC Hornchurch vs Margate

    Without doubt a very important game. The away fixture was a very miserable Tuesday night where each side played with and against the tide. It was my first Urchin away game and I was very surprised at how many Urchins travelled. Margate were in much better shape at that time and a 0-0 draw was a good result (I am choosing to ignore the blatant handball that only three persons failed to see and my failing memory also seems to think Hx had the ball over the line but not given [I just re-read the match report and there is no mention of this second opinion and I was on the half way line so must be a case of wishful thinking]) This weekend though everything is completely different. I have no desire to upset long-term Urchins but with 2-3 exceptions I think all the released/left on their own choice players have been replaced with stronger players. And, fingers crossed, the results are starting to match the performance. Margate have also had a change of manager and a new loanee striker from Conf National Dartford with Scottish pro football experience. But, to use a boxing analogy, what is the tale of the tape. Well, tonight Margate went behind against Carshalton Athletic in the fourth minute but got a 90th minute equaliser to remain one place and two points ahead of Hx but having played one extra game. Looking at the six game form guide, Margate are 2-2-2 and 14th whilst Hx are 3-0-3 and 11th. But to add context, Hx last three opponents have been top 10 (Leatherhead OMG) whilst Margate have been 11th and below. So, what's my prediction? Well, I see there is an established thread and 2 division league for that sort of thing so I'll keep my counsel. Seems likely that all three George's will be unavailable so Stimmo, Robbo and Southo (?) will need a new vocabulary. Won't be surprised to see A.N. Other on the bench, after all I have seen M. Stimson, 51 named last year. On a personal note I remain unashamedly ex-Thurrock (17 years is a hard habit to break) but am delighted with the welcome extended to me and my fellow 'fleeters. I was privileged to speak with Blackballed at Leatherhead (who told me I am now an Urchin because I've been at every Stimmo game except Whitehawk away) and PonyTailedUrchin (I think) has chatted with me at nearly every game. So, Jago, if you want a shandy (I drive to all games so that's my limit) and a chat they'll point you in my direction (and you can double check my mental health) though you may have to cross the divide into the West End (I think you call it Riverside) or you can find me queuing for a tea and a kit-kat at half time. You said you were shy but I can confirm I am house trained and have just achieved 100% in a recent Prevention of Sexual Harassment course at work so I think you can risk it.
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    Trying not to get emotional about the game. Massive result for us especially with such a poor ref who ruined the game for both sides. How George got sent off was beyond me. Massive performance from us today - so proud of the team. Well done Hornchurch for pulling that result against the odds
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Programme - Merstham

    Hi All, Due to this weekend's forecast, the league have given the club permission to produce an e-edition programme for this weekend's set of fixtures. Therefore to reduce the risk of us losing money, we have decided to produce an online version only for Saturday's game v's Merstham. This will be available on the club website either tonight or tomorrow morning. If demand suffices, we may do a limited print run for the programme next week so please let me know and I'll add you too the list. Please don't take this as we will be doing this in the future. It's a one off circumstance and it makes sense for the club not to lose money should the game be postponed. Fingers crossed the forecast isn't as bad and we can cheer the Urchins! Hope everyone understands. Jordan.
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    Enfield Town v Bognor Regis

    Managed to get along to this one, and was very impressed with how we played - considering Bognor were the form side in the league, they didn't look that impressive, although much of that could have been us playing well and not allowing them to get going. As mentioned above Taafe had an excellent game, and showed how much we have missed him whilst injured - his decision making is excellent, and he almost always seems to play the right ball at the right time, either to retain possession, or picking a forward pass when it's on. We looked a lot more balanced with his inclusion - having a genuine wide midfielder rather than a forward playing out of place makes a huge difference. First time I've seen Urquhart play, and again he looks a decent addition, especially as it seems he can play anywhere in the back four - Muleba at centre back gives us a bit more pace through the middle, and Hatton had a decent game apart from a 15 minute patch in the second half which coincided with Bognor having their one period of pressure. No complaints about Thomas getting MoM, he goes about his job very well, breaking up play and retaining possession. Okojie worked hard all game, and is a decent physical presence - I think Bricknell looked better for having a genuine strike partner alongside him. It really frustrates me that we can put in a performance like this one week, but get hit for 4 another - we clearly are a decent side, and when we get it right, we can compete with anyone, it's just that we don't do it nearly often enough. If we string together some consistent form over the next month or so, then there's no reason why we can't finish 5th, but if we carry on as we have been, I think we'll fall just short. Still very much all to play for, and it makes a nice change to read through the forum without anyone saying that the manager has to go immediately - I just cross my fingers for more of the same on Tuesday (although not holding my breath) 😉
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    Yesterday’s match

    I was disappointed with Potters bar's reaction to what a players dad thought he heard we have a great away support which is very vocal, banter and abuse can be a fine line but racist comments don't play a part. Yesterday I heard what was said and it wasn't racist albeit it is not banter either in my opinion, see you Wednesday. Shame we are not talking about Jamie's goal
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Buildbase 100k

    The Hornchurch FC Supporters' Association have entered the Buildbase 100k competition once again for a chance to win £25k of building supplies which will be used on our upcoming Academy classroom project. https://landing.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support/?f24_pid=a1bc76ca-f7b1-4bc2-a79d-a7ab4c502a70&utm_campaign=FA Application 1&utm_source=force24&utm_medium=email&utm_content=textlink Please get your family and friends to vote in the link above. The final six will be shortlisted and will have to present their ideas to a committee at Wembley.
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    AFC Hornchurch v EnfieldTown

    Agree completely LS - this is very much a long game, and if that means spending more time where we are getting the various foundations in place (and by that, I don't just mean the first team side of things), then that's fine with me if it means we're better prepared for the long run.
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    I see us on a similar path to that of Wealdstone FC since they lost their ground in 1990-91..It has taken them nearly 30 years to climb back (very slowly) to the National League South..We are less than 20 years into our project.
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    Margate V ETFC

    Yes a great performance and an even greater result. When I asked what our playing budget was at the start of the season I was left a bit taken aback by what I was told. The quality of players Andy and his team have been able to attract to the club with this reduced budget is really suprising (good job Andy & co) I have been very impressed by Juniors performances, great to see him getting deserved starts now. Showing future Academy scheme members what is possible with hard work. COYT
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    Richard Katemon

    Margate V ETFC

    Very solid performance last night and very enjoyable. Our two latest signings Lyle and Josh are quality players. Well done Andy and co for bringing them to our club. No mean achievement as we were informed at the AGM we are operating on a reduced budget for the second successive year. And Junior - “one of our own” improves with every game 😊
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    Margate V ETFC

    Well, that was rubbish, wasn't it? Oh...hang on!!!! 😁 (Can't wait to see how the moaners are going to find the negatives in this! 🤔 Only drawing the first half, perhaps? Mo not getting on the score sheet again?)
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    New Harlow Town manager

    I remember him putting some cones out occasionally
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    1-0 win and 10 pints of Guinness. Up the Chins
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    Very disappointing 2-1 defeat last night. Josh Urquhart played left back this time with Joe Payne on the bench, whilst Glenn Wilson came in for Marc Weatherstone and Sam Hatton was back in at right back. Junior also replaced Scott Thomas. First half was comfortable and we went in 1-0 up after a Ken Charles snapshot. Probably should have been further ahead but, at that stage, Brightlingsea matched their lowly league position. As so often seems to be the case the second half was a completely different story and Brightlingsea thoroughly deserved their win. Good luck to them for the rest of the tournament - Corinthian Casuals' win in the league last night pushed them down to second from bottom. Think the next 4 games, all against good sides, will give us a good idea of where we'll be finishing up this year. We really need to raise our game massively if we're to get anything out of these.
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    Good call, completely agree - just caught up with the Chairman's contribution to the Non League Show (link is on the ETFC website), very well done, Paul, well worth a listen, thought you struck the right note and answered some of the recent comments on here about ambition. Carry on listening just after the Chairman signs off as it was nice to be reminded of Enfield's very own Jan Molby - Billy Goldstone! I've also enjoyed many of the Twitter comments about ETFC's best player since formation - lots of very valid shouts with most going for Mark Kirby or Liam Hope, two great players for this club. For me though its Rudi Hall all the way - what an influential player. Surprised not to see more votes for Stuart Blackburne too. Interesting comment from Fabio Valenti that he was average at best for us - Fabio, if that was you at average I'd have loved to have seen you play at your best as some of your football for us was mesmerising. Very encouraged by the new signing announced this morning, Josh Urquhart - looks a very good addition. Hope the rain holds off now and allows the A10 Classico to go ahead. COYT!
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    Well done to the club’s Public Relations team for the game 1,000 publicity. I love reading the Twitter feed and photos, the website article was excellent and Mr. Chairman’s contribution on the Non-League Football Show was first class and well worth a listen. I also thought the publicity the club released recently pointing out the 4 ETFC players who have since moved to football league teams, was timely and well handled. The more hooks we set, the more bites we get - there are plenty of Faal’s , Whiteley’s and Davison’s looking for clubs like ours. This type of differentiator will us help attract quality players - it’s not always just the money. All helps supporters like me who can’t get to many games, stay connected and feel proud of the club. Well done guys!! Now hoping for a performance and result at Cheshunt tomorrow to keep the feel good going!!
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    cup of tea

    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    Great result today. Real squad effort against a well organised side. From my perspective, it looks like Horsham like to overpower sides - close players down, quick to the tackle and a bit of physicality in there as well. Think we matched them in that department and I think we were also the more skilful (although I am biased!). Disappointing plan B from them which seemed to be somewhat (ahem) theatrical with their captain (6) leading the way on that. Also please someone explain to their no 2 how the offside rule works as well, that was embarrassing. Great game Ricky Hayles played a blinder and loving the passion from Chris Dickson when he scored what turned out to be the winner. Very happy Urchin tonight.
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    Wildlife rescue

    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Old Towner. Were you actually at the game. Slippery slope not on today's performance.We were well I the game until Billy Big Bollox ref makes an appalling decision and sends billy off for simulation when he was clearly fouled. Anybody who watches Billy regularly knows the one thing he isnt is a diver. The incompetent linesman ruled out a perfectly good goal by Junior when he was never in a million years off side. Fans on this forum really should start going to games before writing negative posts on here.
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    Massive result massive performance Sean was smashed from pillow to post but kept his nerve tonight 11 warriors on the pitch and got there reward ,2 huge chances for the visitors Reece Beccles a constant threat but to no avail,great 3 points
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    We are approaching nearly £1000! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far
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    It has just been announced that our league match at East Thurrock tomorrow evening has had to be postponed due to storm damage problems.
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    Back in December Town travelled to Bognor on a Tuesday evening and lost a IPL match 4-1. Yesterday, with home advantage, we gave a much better account of ourselves at the QE2, and really could (should) have been out of sight by half time. This was an impressive all-round team performance and, after a goal-less first half, Town were determined to make amends for the Hornchurch reverse, and with their relentless pressure continuing after the interval, goals looked inevitable, and duly arrived from Lewis Taaffe and Ken Charles, to seal an important well deserved home win, which lifted the spirits of the loyal, vocal, Town faithful. This was The Rocks first defeat in seven games, and an important three points for Town against one of our main play off rivals. Well done all! An afternoon to remember. Enjoy! UP THE TOWN
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    Enjoyed yesterday’s game. Thought we were good value for the win. The players we have added recently have strengthened the team and having Lewis available again is like having another new signing. Agreed with the Mom decision- Scott Thomas -he’s often overlooked but makes a great contribution. Let’s see where we are at the end of the month.
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    Exactly right. From my enquiries we need to increase the seating over the smaller stand, and segregate the away supporters. Anyone got a spare 15k knocking around? I really wish we could have discussions on here about how to help our club raise more finances, playing tactics ect And not the same old same old, sack the manager every time we lose or play a long ball. COYT
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    4-1 chins att 222 11 pints of fosters
  41. 2 points

    3 year Plan

    Any discussion on finance is inextricably linked to the supporter’s owned model that we were the first in the country to adopt, back when ETFC was formed. I recall reading somewhere (don’t recall where) that the board is confident that we can maintain the existing model should we achieve promotion to Conference South, but would need to revisit were we ever in a position to grow further. So the question we must ask ourselves, as club owners, is how much more can we all afford to stump up? In my opinion the current model works, and if that means Conference South is the most realistic target using the current model, so be it. Our club is so much more than just the first team. Were independent finance offered in future e.g. local businessman made good with cash to burn offers significant investment in exchange for majority control (I.e. change the supporter’s owned model), the various community projects of which we can be very proud would inevitably suffer (as funds would be channelled to the first team and little else). That doesn’t work for me. A look from our bar across the playing fields to what used to be, and the mere thought of the name “Lazarou” (and there are still so many Lazarou’s out there) should always be taken into account, should we ever hold a vote on changing the model. On the flip side, sometimes change is good. Look at Wycombe Wanderers. They got to League 1 using the supporter’s owned model and have only recently voted to change (admittedly, unlike us, they didn’t start from scratch). I agree with Anfield Towner’s post higher up the thread. There are no easy answers. Unless one of us wins Euromillions 😜
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    Josh scored first for Charlton today. 👀
  43. 2 points
    1-0 Hornchurch with a Joe Christou last minute winner.... It's written in the stars #ChristouDerby
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    All Just a quick update from me. Our membership numbers have way surpassed expectations which has led us to run out of scarves. We are in the process of ordering some more scarves, however these will take 3 weeks to arrive. Therefore please be aware if you join at this moment in time, there will be a delay in recieving your membership scarf. Thanks for your understanding. Jordan.
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    Fingers crossed for Saturday !

    With a combination of waterlogged pitches or no game scheduled for Redhill hopefully Lobster fans will get to see the lads play away at Camberley Town this Saturday. Our last game was back on 7th December when we visited Badshot Lea's new facilities and the traveling fans saw a well deserved 4 goals from Mo Diakite in a solid away 1-4 win so lets hope the good form continues into the new year. It was not just the goals that were worth remembering, but the welcome in the boardroom and the very tasty Sausage pasta that went down well! Have been trying to take in games at other clubs but none of my plans worked out as work or jobs at the club got in the way.. then I spotted that Tonbridge Angles were away today to Maidstone united but it was listed as advance ticket sales only....one thing that makes me grind my teeth for non-league games.......so I give up on that only to find out this morning its now cash on the gate, well I've made other plans for today, were Maidstone thinking they would get a sell out crowd? who knows. Anyhow back CCL, I hope everyones pitches are recovering well and I will be looking to do some pitch slitting and spiking soon as it gets a little firmer to get the machines out. Grass is still just about growing and the turfed goal areas we did in the closed season has worked well and should require just minimal remedial work for next season. We invested in having the pitch drained a few years ago so exploring what we can do to better cope when we have multiple days of rain, its amazing to see the amount of water the drains remove if you lift the cover! From the advice I have seen from drainage firms online is to add sand banding/slitting to link the lateral drains that run across the width of the pitch, anyone had this done by contractors or did the work themselfs? Still printing our programmes but its a right pain in the bum when games get called off and I don't like serving up out of date info using the postponed programme, so I have stared to rearrange pages so that date related stuff is in multiples of pages in the centre of the programme so minimal reprinting is done, also I don't do the staples until I know game is on! I would like to expand programme gate sales to inclued an on-line issue as well, we are lucky to have "Senior Lobster" our club historian who for each issue submits a couple of articles plus an excellent quiz as l think his work deserves a wider audience. Happy new year to everyone, what ever club you follow lets hope 2020 brings what you hope for. To all the committee members, the folk who man the turnstyles, who flip the bugers, serve in the bar, the ground staff, who edit the programme, the people who turn up mid week you don't get to see who get the jobs done behind the scenes a HUGE thank you for all the hard work you do for your clubs.
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    Mo was advised by his agent not to sign a contract at our club. No matter how hard the directors tried if he wont sign he wont sign simples. Maybe you can suggest what you would have done in that situation.
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    Crusty Lee

    Town 5 Borough 3

    Hi, New forum member here. I lack the match analysis skills of some and tend to just go with the gut feeling of 'Did I enjoy it? Was it watchable? Was it worth the money? etc". The answer is an emphatic yes. Of course it helps to see a win but : Loadsa goals - and what good goals. A variety of scorers. Both defences were still finishing off their Xmas puds. A game of 2 halves I thought. Felt we were threading the passes better in the build up after halftime. First half was just punt and hope. A chance to see live football for an easily affordable price - Xmas jumpers for goalposts. There's no VAR. The officials' mistakes are their own and long may they make them. Really looking forward to Potters Bar on New Year' Day. W8 and 313 buses and a short walk - bish, bash, bosh, away win, job done. Hello new decade.
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    Town at Uxbridge in Charity Cup

    The point is if we think it is acceptable that other teams rest players in some competitions then why don’t we apply the same standard to us? this is a charity cup fixture, sandwiched between 2 huge league fixtures in a week. If we played our first team it would of been 3 fixtures in a week. They are not superhuman. Let’s say we played mo and billy up front and one of them pulled a hamstring and was ruled out for a month, we would be berating the manager for risking our star players in a minor cup match which pays no money to the club
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    Gone with the wind

    Terrible conditions for both sides ,Urchins handled it better in the second half and got there reward with a late Sean Marks goal and a deserved 3 points
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    1961 COYS

    Sponsored Walk to Tonbridge

    Well done to everyone that took part , a great achiegvment for a worthy cause. Well done to everyone that donated a graet total.

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