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    Fat Tom Daley

    Message from Jim

    I would like to thank everyone that put nice messages on AFC Hornchurch’s twitter page and forum. It means so much to me, I was overwhelmed and humbled by them all. After making this heart wrenching decision, which I felt was best for the club, I thought it best to address you, the fans, who have supported me throughout my entire time in charge here at this great club. Not only have you supported me through the good times, you have backed me in the bad times aswell, which is a rare thing in today’s world. Whoever inherits the managers job, will inherit the best fans and people in football today. Hornchurch will always be in my heart, and I will remain an Urchin for the rest of my days. Last but not least, I’d like to thank Colin and the directors for giving me the opportunity all them years ago. My next big decision is east side or riverside? Come on you Urchins, Jim
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Player update please

    Message from Colin Just an update 5 players in from wabbey all played in Ryman premier last year unfortunately a couple are injured ,jimmy was trying to bring new players in himself we have had an awful run of injuries but the fact is we haven’t won in the league since 2nd October that plainly isn’t good enough we hope to have 2 more players in tomorrow who will improve the squad. You all know my relationship with jimmy so I was gutted to see him resign because I knew he could turn it round but in the short period of time I’ve seen mark at work we have the right appointment
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    cup of tea

    Thanks for everything Jim

    I don’t know where to begin with this. Jimmy has put his heart and soul into this football club for a long time and it’s going to be very weird not seeing him in the dugout or hearing ‘man on’ coming from that direction. We’ve had our ups and downs as a club but I can’t begin to imagine the problems and issues behind the scenes of being a football manager especially at Hornchurch where one thing you can guarantee it’s never been boring. To me there’s been more ups then downs , the promotions and the ESL cup wins culminating in a promotion as champions in a difficult league to get out of and we all know the real reason why we got relegated from the conference south. Jimmy has throughout acted with dignity and honesty and has always tried to do the best for this club and I think there’s a lot of fans who are going to miss him. Good luck to Jimmy with whatever he’s does next - it will be good for him not to have to shoulder the burden of responsibility of football management and to be able to relax a bit more!
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    Just had Colin ring me up this morning and he asked me to post this on here; "Massive thank you to all the support yesterday. It was very vocal. Things will soon turn, it wasn't our day yesterday but keep the faith"
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    cup of tea

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas and and happy and healthy new year to everyone
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    Mark stimson

    As long as you are not Dagenham Kev in disguise!
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    Mark stimson

    Kev, you would also be well come as would any ex Thurrock supporter.
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    I'd like to second that ...... it's not all about wining the prediction league ...😊
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    https://www.afchornchurch.com/2018/10/25/hornchurch-fc/ This is a major decision for the club as we can now finally return to our original name following the statutory time period elapsing. This move has been carried out by other reformed clubs such as Darlington. By returning to Hornchurch Football Club, I believe this will provides us the opportunity to help the club finally shake off the shackles of what occurred in 2005. I am fully supportive of the move. To help us obtain the general feelings of the supporters, please use the feedback forms provided
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    Player update please

    It's a shame that we lose players we have known and enjoyed watching play, but these things happen in football. I would like to thank them all for being part of Hornchurch and I feel I have lost players I would like to call friends. I hope all goes well and be safe. Dibs
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    Father Jack

    Town v Harlow

    ...and about 10 years performances against us
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    Wildlife rescue

    Town v Harlow

    Theo. Marc is a leader.He captained Dulwich and Whingegate. Imo he is just what the team needed he will organise the back line and he is a real tough cookie. Great signing.
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    If it’s exciting football you wanna watch trust me the place to be will be afc Hornchurch at the bridge tomorrow playing kingstonian fc win loose or draw l can promise a new look team more exciting brand of footy come along have an opinion and a pint bring the kids no swearing I promise
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    Let's start with the obvious. Both teams badly needed a win last night at Nyewood Lane, to close the gap and keep in touch with other promotion candidates. As the old adage goes, if you can't win, don't lose. We didn't, we won! Bognor, with home advantage, started slight favorites, allowing for Towns recent poor run of results, but matches between the two clubs have always been close encounters over the years. With everything to play for, the first half was fast, furious, even, too close to call, until The Rocks broke the deadlock, taking the lead in the 43rd minute, to leave Town a goal down at the interval, and all to do in the second half. After the break, Town continued to press forward in search of an equaliser, and were rewarded when Billy Bricknell headed home in the 68th minute. The deciding goal and match winner came in the 82nd minute when Ryan Blackman fired into the top corner from the edge of the penalty box. Job done! A fine footballing goal won this tight game for an improving Town team. So what about our new forward signing Muhammad Faal who made an impressive contribution on his debut last night? Early days, but the 21 year old, who stands around 6' 3", and boasts a lean physique, is fast, skillful, hardworking, and a constant to the opposition, particularly when breaking forward from mid-field or upfront. Mo certainly looks a very useful signing for the Town, and if last nights display is anything to go on, it won't be long before goals follow. All credit to our players for fine battling performance, and great show of team spirit at Bognor, which secured a memorable victory, three precious points, and moved us back up to 5th in the table. Finally, well done to all the Town faithful who made the long journey down to the South Coast for this match. They saw a very close, entertaining match, and were well rewarded.
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    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    4WF, I think anything on this forum by that particular contributor needs to be read carefully as there was some very personal comments made by him about the manager on one topic that is now locked. As for the manager, he still has my backing and I believe he will get it right. I find it very frustrating that some of you can't wait to get on his back when things start to go wrong and very slow to post comments when things were going better earlier in the season. Some of you haven't liked him from the start and even if had won every game this season you'd still find something to criticise him about. There are plenty of younger players still at the club, didn't the manager bring back an u23 side this season (anyone know how they're doing?) and other youngsters are out on loan at other clubs. Last point, there is a meeting coming up where members can attend and make their point direct to the manager. Got to be better than posting on a form surely (not directed at you 4WF, but to all contributors)
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    kimbles left foot

    Thanks for everything Jim

    The greatest manager this club has ever had and without him (and Colin) we may well be languasing in the the bottom half of the ESL or lower. Thanks for the memories Jim both good and bad, enjoy your rest...you deserve it.
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    CD Towner

    Brandon has joined Ware

    Despite early promise, I personally didn’t think he was of the standard required for this level of football so if his departure opens up a spot for someone else to come in, I’d see it as a positive move. The only other argument that I’d suggest is that it’s the defense that requires addressing currently as an urgent priority. Good luck to Brandon for the future.
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    FA Trophy 10th November

    I accept what you say Djw. Having been a supporter, excluding my own playing career and Nat Service, for 70 years I feel a little affronted at times when my posts are deemed by some as disloyal. I certainly don't attend games with the object to find fault. I also agree that it demeans the forum to entered into personal bickering. I also think like you that we have probably the most talented squad since the ETFC was founded (No offence to players of the past.) and I too enjoy watching them. But rightly or wrongly I still believe they could be even better if encouraged to play to their full potential. But as I said a few days ago if we get into the play offs and hopefully beyond then I will be the first to admit I got it wrong and will be happy to do so. Lets all hope we can pull it off tomorrow I am sure we have the capability do do so.
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    Mr Jago I must put in an official complaint. There are two members of this prediction league that should be banned. Can you remind all members that rule 1) is that no prediction with the mighty Urchins in should have an Urchin defeat, it should have at least an Urchin draw ( being a pessimist ) but mostly an Urchin win. Please reprimand accordingly.
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    Urchin horror show

    I’m confused by how we are playing. We have had a number of games where we have played well and these have been where we have played a passing game. Where wingers have been been whipping in crosses for hopefully someone to be on the end of. Where the defence has been rock solid. Now Nathan being out is a real blow. I appreaciate that, but we have the a calibre of players to do well in this league but we must be consistent. Recently it’s been the same old routine: Callum’s long ball and surprise surprise it goes to Sean Marks who enviarably gets a nudge in the back and doesn’t connect. Result ball comes straight back at us. Jay does the throw in. And who to? Sean Marks who try’s to head back, but again the defence usually have their arms round him to frustrate the header. George can’t get shots off because the opposite now know how to stop him. Long ball after long ball doesn’t achieve anything. It has it’s place but let’s vary it please. Anyone from Tonbridge who spied on the game on Tuesday will know exactly our game plan and how to frustrate it. I’ve lost count of the times I have heard the opposing supporters who sit near me say ‘all they do is boot it up’. It’s getting boring. Lewis were a well drilled team. There was clear direction and their passing was good and they showed hunger for the ball. We need to learn from that and if we do we can expect to do well.
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    The Crowing Cockerel

    Hall of Fame

    Surely it'd have to be known as The Rudi Hall of Fame!?
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    Corinthian Casuals (A) DDT Tours is pleased to announce the following itinerary for this Saturday. 10.20 - Meet at Upminster 11.47 - London Waterloo to Tolworth 12.15 - Arrive at Tolworth
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    I disagree on this Theo. Firstly, do Towner fans really despise Brad? I am an Out of Towner so wouldn't say I know the inside track on such things, but I would be surprised if this was the case. I was gutted when he left, and not happy about the way the team followed, yet I sent Brad a message on twitter thanking him. He replied it was a tough tough decision, and I do think anyone apart from Braintree, where he played his whole career, and he would have stayed. As to where we are now, well I think we have a great squad at our disposal now, built by Andy, sitting in the play offs while we are not yet firing on all cylinders. Andy absolutely deserves the chance to make this work this season and we all need to get behind him. Yes, Saturday was not great, but 2 x 6-1s away and generally performances good.this season. Let's remember Brad's seasons in charge always started slowly. Would the team stay together if Andy left anyway? If we were managerless I would be happy to have Brad back, but I am confident we will AT LEAST reach the play offs with Andy in charge and the squad he has assembled!