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    I've got say in all the years I've been watching us play today's result is up there with any I can remember as being so proud of the team for their performance today...
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Message from Jim

    I would like to thank everyone that put nice messages on AFC Hornchurch’s twitter page and forum. It means so much to me, I was overwhelmed and humbled by them all. After making this heart wrenching decision, which I felt was best for the club, I thought it best to address you, the fans, who have supported me throughout my entire time in charge here at this great club. Not only have you supported me through the good times, you have backed me in the bad times aswell, which is a rare thing in today’s world. Whoever inherits the managers job, will inherit the best fans and people in football today. Hornchurch will always be in my heart, and I will remain an Urchin for the rest of my days. Last but not least, I’d like to thank Colin and the directors for giving me the opportunity all them years ago. My next big decision is east side or riverside? Come on you Urchins, Jim
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    The well deserved plaudits for today's performance will surely flood in but a mention for the Urchins behind the goal who resisted the urge to taunt 'head fans with well loved classics such as "10 men, we only need 10 men" and "1-0 and you messed it up". Standing by the Home bench was also interesting as they became increasingly irate. The assistant manager putting his fist through the perspex when we equalised was unexpected and one of the other coaches complaining to the ref "He took 15 seconds from when you blew the whistle" also amused. But beyond that, oh my goodness, talk about knuckle down and give blood, sweat and tears to get a result. When George got the red card it was "gonna be difficult to get a point out of this", then at 1-0 down it was "hope this doesn't turn into a nightmare" then back to "a long time to hold on for a point" . Reflecting at half time though I thought Hx had created more chances, including hitting the post and stayed that way for the first 20 of the second half and justly rewarded with the lead. As legs got tired in the final ten+five it turned into "We don't deserve to lose these three points" but again the boys dug deep and managed the game through to the final whistle. Whisper it softly but time to stop looking over shoulders at the drop zone and time to look upwards at mid table. Next two games at the Bridge can get Hx up there.
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    Well what can you say to that performance absolutely outstanding to go down to 10 men and then come back from 1-0 down to win 1-2 is outstanding the team worked so hard the midfield was brilliant spence with his goal Clark with his holding play but christou that boy never stops chasing balls and is a great asset to the team the defence were solid and Ron and Charlie were brilliant so a great performance roll on next week
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Sponsored Walk to Tonbridge

    I am pleased to announce following the walk at the weekend, we raised £2703 for Project Urchin! This now gets us over the £10,000 mark for the Project and is a fantastic achievement by everyone at the club. Thanks to everyone who supported us!
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    Apologies for my language but f***ing get in there. That was up there with some of our best results following Hx. 10 men after 10 mins, 2 men available on the bench, 1-0 down and win 2-1. Outstanding boys!
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    What's happened?

    As a newcomer to the Urchin cause I have only ever seen Nathan Cooper on the opposing team but he always stood out with awesome performances. Glenn seems to have settled quickly though and his experience at higher levels will hopefully get the clean sheets coming in again. From my Thurrock days, it took a while for Jordan to find a settled position rather than filling in wherever necessary as a utility player but once he started sitting in front of the back 4 at the bottom of a diamond he found his home, from comments I have read many long-term Urchins seem to think the same way. I am also a long-time fan of Joe Christou and was very pleased to see him back in action - and again what I have read on Twitter, match reports etc. also identified him as making an immediate impact. Also, in the short time I've been following the team, I have never seen someone hit the post so many times as George Purcell - if either or both against Folkestone had gone in I'm certain we'd have won that game. George Saunders - how does he not get kicked ten yards into touch to slow him down after mugging off another full back? But, my goodness, when he is on it he is unplayable! To me, he sometimes seems to rush when he has more time to wait for a better situation to develop but so many assists already and can only get better with time. I could also wax lyrical about all the other regular starting XI (could also bitch but I tend to be glass half full) and it is frustrating that the results aren't matching up with the quality of the football. But, 3rd to 15th are covered by only 10 points so string a few results together, get on the bottom of that ladder and then suddenly another couple of results can jump you several places up the table.
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    The great escape

    Yep, looked like it was going to be a repeat of Bishops Stortford where we did everything but score. A neutral would have had difficulty in deciding who was the play-off team. Second half was much improved and the tactical switch to three in midfield to let Saunders roam worked well. A textbook example of why you play to the 95th minute and well done to Sonny, not very many senior minutes but composure beyond his years in a crowded penalty area. The result also crowns Dorking Wanderers as champions, another team much improved from last year but also now playing on 4g this year - is it just coincidence with Worthing in 4th that's 3 out of 4 although Harlow also have 4g and another heavy defeat at home today has moved them to the bottom of the table. So, still 8 points clear of the relegation zone and only 4 games left, two of which are at home against the bottom two. Still not mathematically safe but difficult to see Hornchurch not in the Premier League next year.
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    AFC Hornchurch vs Margate

    Without doubt a very important game. The away fixture was a very miserable Tuesday night where each side played with and against the tide. It was my first Urchin away game and I was very surprised at how many Urchins travelled. Margate were in much better shape at that time and a 0-0 draw was a good result (I am choosing to ignore the blatant handball that only three persons failed to see and my failing memory also seems to think Hx had the ball over the line but not given [I just re-read the match report and there is no mention of this second opinion and I was on the half way line so must be a case of wishful thinking]) This weekend though everything is completely different. I have no desire to upset long-term Urchins but with 2-3 exceptions I think all the released/left on their own choice players have been replaced with stronger players. And, fingers crossed, the results are starting to match the performance. Margate have also had a change of manager and a new loanee striker from Conf National Dartford with Scottish pro football experience. But, to use a boxing analogy, what is the tale of the tape. Well, tonight Margate went behind against Carshalton Athletic in the fourth minute but got a 90th minute equaliser to remain one place and two points ahead of Hx but having played one extra game. Looking at the six game form guide, Margate are 2-2-2 and 14th whilst Hx are 3-0-3 and 11th. But to add context, Hx last three opponents have been top 10 (Leatherhead OMG) whilst Margate have been 11th and below. So, what's my prediction? Well, I see there is an established thread and 2 division league for that sort of thing so I'll keep my counsel. Seems likely that all three George's will be unavailable so Stimmo, Robbo and Southo (?) will need a new vocabulary. Won't be surprised to see A.N. Other on the bench, after all I have seen M. Stimson, 51 named last year. On a personal note I remain unashamedly ex-Thurrock (17 years is a hard habit to break) but am delighted with the welcome extended to me and my fellow 'fleeters. I was privileged to speak with Blackballed at Leatherhead (who told me I am now an Urchin because I've been at every Stimmo game except Whitehawk away) and PonyTailedUrchin (I think) has chatted with me at nearly every game. So, Jago, if you want a shandy (I drive to all games so that's my limit) and a chat they'll point you in my direction (and you can double check my mental health) though you may have to cross the divide into the West End (I think you call it Riverside) or you can find me queuing for a tea and a kit-kat at half time. You said you were shy but I can confirm I am house trained and have just achieved 100% in a recent Prevention of Sexual Harassment course at work so I think you can risk it.
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    Please vote for us to receive 25k of free building materials for Project Urchin! https://www.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support? Please share with your friends!
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    Trying not to get emotional about the game. Massive result for us especially with such a poor ref who ruined the game for both sides. How George got sent off was beyond me. Massive performance from us today - so proud of the team. Well done Hornchurch for pulling that result against the odds
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    I was expecting to read a message about Rob 😂
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Player update please

    Message from Colin Just an update 5 players in from wabbey all played in Ryman premier last year unfortunately a couple are injured ,jimmy was trying to bring new players in himself we have had an awful run of injuries but the fact is we haven’t won in the league since 2nd October that plainly isn’t good enough we hope to have 2 more players in tomorrow who will improve the squad. You all know my relationship with jimmy so I was gutted to see him resign because I knew he could turn it round but in the short period of time I’ve seen mark at work we have the right appointment
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    cup of tea

    Thanks for everything Jim

    I don’t know where to begin with this. Jimmy has put his heart and soul into this football club for a long time and it’s going to be very weird not seeing him in the dugout or hearing ‘man on’ coming from that direction. We’ve had our ups and downs as a club but I can’t begin to imagine the problems and issues behind the scenes of being a football manager especially at Hornchurch where one thing you can guarantee it’s never been boring. To me there’s been more ups then downs , the promotions and the ESL cup wins culminating in a promotion as champions in a difficult league to get out of and we all know the real reason why we got relegated from the conference south. Jimmy has throughout acted with dignity and honesty and has always tried to do the best for this club and I think there’s a lot of fans who are going to miss him. Good luck to Jimmy with whatever he’s does next - it will be good for him not to have to shoulder the burden of responsibility of football management and to be able to relax a bit more!
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    Just had Colin ring me up this morning and he asked me to post this on here; "Massive thank you to all the support yesterday. It was very vocal. Things will soon turn, it wasn't our day yesterday but keep the faith"
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    cup of tea

    Velocity Cup Final

    Congratulations on the win and all the best for the rest of the season
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    The great escape

    From my point of view i think the visiting team and fans thought an easy 3 points but you never write off the Urchins last kick of the game and by home boy Sunny Dutton well you couldn't make it up.As for the visitors great side, if they get promoted will do well,different side from last season as for the fans where did they all come from but fair play to them added to the atmosphere
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    I am pleased to announce that our annual presentation night will be taking place on Friday 10th May. Starting at 7pm will be a Staff v Supporters match (30 mins each way) on the pitch. If you wish to play, please let me know! Following the game shall be a presentation night in the clubhouse. All are welcome to attend!
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    cup of tea

    The great escape

    To me it looked like one of those games(and we’ve had a few this season) where we deserved to get something out of the game and not managed it - but no, we did get a result but my goodness we cut it close. Soft first goal from them to take the lead against the run of play at that time but Haringey’s second was a quality strike early second half. You’d think game over but Hornchurch clearly hadn’t read the script and were always a threat going forward. Two decent goals from us, really pleased for Sonny Dutton. Excellent support from Haringey(minus the drum) , they did seem to have picked up an awful lot of extra support from somewhere though. Decent game and I think a fair result
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    An evening with John Conteh

    What a great evening and JC is an absolute Gentleman. So a big thanks to Colin B for organising it ....... Roll on the next one.
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    Massive result massive performance Sean was smashed from pillow to post but kept his nerve tonight 11 warriors on the pitch and got there reward ,2 huge chances for the visitors Reece Beccles a constant threat but to no avail,great 3 points
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    We are approaching nearly £1000! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far
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    Thurrock / Purfleet fans

    Like this ? (I always knew my programmes would come in handy one day!).
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    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    Agree with you about drums. Should only be allowed if inserted in the rectum. Ronnie's goal similar to Charlie, both composed in rounding the keeper. And a composed defensive line against what was expected to be a lively Enfield attack. I can only think of two serious chances they were given. George going off was a blow but the flexibility of the squad allowed players to swap around without really affecting the shape. Midfield strong as well. Christou and Spence both had worldy chances that fizzed wrong side of the upright. Icing on the cake for me was Harlow getting stuffed 9-1
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    Remi Sutton

    Of course we do, it's professional and recognises Jay's contribution over the last 2 seasons. As for Marks he's been excellent throughout - 15 goals, 7 assists is a good return so far this season, in fact his goal ratio of 1 every 160 minutes is the best at the club this season. We certainly don't need to replace Sean and we certainly didn't need to replace Jay. There's plenty of other positions that needed strengthening first - a permanent centre back alongside Kenzer and a striker alongside Sean and George to name but two.
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    Proud to be an Urchin

    Thanks to the whole team management and players you were all awesome tonight ...... Dibs
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    Atletico Madrid 0 v 0 Real Madrid Watford 0 v 0 Everton Middlesbrough 0 v 0 Leeds (13:00) Stoke City 0 v 0 West Brom Bognor Regis 0 v 0 Hornchurch Att: 400
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    Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!
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    cup of tea

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas and and happy and healthy new year to everyone
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    Mark stimson

    As long as you are not Dagenham Kev in disguise!
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    Mark stimson

    Kev, you would also be well come as would any ex Thurrock supporter.
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    I'd like to second that ...... it's not all about wining the prediction league ...😊
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    Wildlife rescue

    Velocity Cup Final

    I totally agree. Town is not just about a first team and it makes me very proud to be part of the Towner Family. Amazing scenes last night well done all you guys that travelled and to the ultras who were phenomenal. We go again Sat.🤞🤞🤞
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    Cup Final Drinking Arrangements!

    I’m pretty sure most people are meeting at the Windmill from 5 onwards then getting cabs to the ground
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    Worthing away

    Well they were quite good weren't they? The worst of all possible starts and a penalty leaving us two down inside twenty minutes and I feared it was going to be a fearsome beating. A few scares followed but we settled and maybe if we could have nicked one before half time it would have been a different story. Seemed more in the game second half although maybe Worthing were just managing the game, certainly still vicious on the break and Callum earnt his money with some fantastic saves. The third was one that was reminiscent of Sean Marks, ball whipped in from wing and tapped home from close range. A consolation goal in added time for Joe Christou and we all went home. Again though, most results around us were favourable (especially Harlow losing - I hope we put them down) so limited damage. Eight points clear of relegation and five games left, three against lower place teams leaves fate in our own hands and am confident we'll still be in the Premier next year. One final note, how fantastic to see so many kids out on the pitch after the game. The sort of community club that I feel Hornchurch are aspiring to.
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    Jordan Going by the old adage that the fat one is always put in goal, I will have 20/30 mins whilst I wait for the bar to open.
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    cup of tea

    Penalties for play-acting

    I was so delighted about Sean Marks’s red card being rescinded against Margate that I forgot about the person who caused it on the first place i.e. their no.3. Bearing in mind that he was caught on camera cheating and that we might have got something out of the game if it wasn’t for that should the rules be looked at so that retrospective action (e.g. a ban) be taken?
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    Gone with the wind

    Terrible conditions for both sides ,Urchins handled it better in the second half and got there reward with a late Sean Marks goal and a deserved 3 points
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    Reece Beckles-Richard would make a good signing to the club if we could get him back....just saying
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    Mick the bat


    Don't forget it's Luke party later don't get too pissed lads
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    Hx 3 Corinthians 0

    Top notch performances all over the pitch. A deserved 3 points with a clean sheet as added bonus
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    Rudi Hall is pretty memorable! Liam Hope will always be a Town legend. Don't think there were many who knew of him before he joined us but we certainly know his name now - written himself into Town history and can be very proud. Without taking anything away from his first stint, I'm very pleasantly surprised with the positive contribution he made on his return. Thank you for your service to the club Liam, I'm sure you'll always be very welcome at ETFC.
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    We would like to welcome AFC Hornchurch fans to Colston Avenue for the Bostik Premier fixture on Monday. We have put together a web page with all the information you will need to make the most of your short stay with us: https://www.carshaltonathletic.co.uk/fanswelcome
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    https://www.afchornchurch.com/2018/10/25/hornchurch-fc/ This is a major decision for the club as we can now finally return to our original name following the statutory time period elapsing. This move has been carried out by other reformed clubs such as Darlington. By returning to Hornchurch Football Club, I believe this will provides us the opportunity to help the club finally shake off the shackles of what occurred in 2005. I am fully supportive of the move. To help us obtain the general feelings of the supporters, please use the feedback forms provided
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    Father Jack

    Town v Harlow

    ...and about 10 years performances against us
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    Let's start with the obvious. Both teams badly needed a win last night at Nyewood Lane, to close the gap and keep in touch with other promotion candidates. As the old adage goes, if you can't win, don't lose. We didn't, we won! Bognor, with home advantage, started slight favorites, allowing for Towns recent poor run of results, but matches between the two clubs have always been close encounters over the years. With everything to play for, the first half was fast, furious, even, too close to call, until The Rocks broke the deadlock, taking the lead in the 43rd minute, to leave Town a goal down at the interval, and all to do in the second half. After the break, Town continued to press forward in search of an equaliser, and were rewarded when Billy Bricknell headed home in the 68th minute. The deciding goal and match winner came in the 82nd minute when Ryan Blackman fired into the top corner from the edge of the penalty box. Job done! A fine footballing goal won this tight game for an improving Town team. So what about our new forward signing Muhammad Faal who made an impressive contribution on his debut last night? Early days, but the 21 year old, who stands around 6' 3", and boasts a lean physique, is fast, skillful, hardworking, and a constant to the opposition, particularly when breaking forward from mid-field or upfront. Mo certainly looks a very useful signing for the Town, and if last nights display is anything to go on, it won't be long before goals follow. All credit to our players for fine battling performance, and great show of team spirit at Bognor, which secured a memorable victory, three precious points, and moved us back up to 5th in the table. Finally, well done to all the Town faithful who made the long journey down to the South Coast for this match. They saw a very close, entertaining match, and were well rewarded.
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    Enfield Town v Kingstonian

    Completely agree. I've questioned for some time whether the views on this forum are representative of the supporter base and don't think they are. Like TJF says, too quick to criticise, too slow to praise. I don't get to many games but saw 2 last time I was home. The first was the drab 0-0 against Brightlingsea which certainly didn't set the world alight (though we should have nicked a win right at the end). The second was the away win at Tonbridge which was one of the best games I have seen for a long time. We played extremely well and looked every inch a play-off contender, if not better. That was only a month ago and now the knives are out!!!! Give me a break. It's essentially the same team!! Us supporters are a fickle lot. I agree with people saying we are not playing to Bricknell's strengths when he is up front on his own. I prefer to see 2 up front (home and away). But it looks to me like the manager has tried 2 up front the last 2 games and we still lost. And he still gets criticised!! 😅 I think it's simpler. We had the run of the ball in the first couple of months. First game of the season we could easily have lost. The 2-2 draw at Lewes which kept momentum going and confidence high - could easily have lost that one too. Haringey at home - Kirby hit the bar for them in the last minute so could have lost that one as well. The Hayes & Yeading defeat didn't disappoint me - we put out a young team. But since the Trophy loss at Basingstoke, we've not had the run of the ball. 9 times out of 10 Johnson's back pass would have gone to our right back. It didn't, their forward took his chance and we've been like a deflated balloon ever since. Confidence has evaporated. But the playing squad is pretty much unchanged. Brandon Adams going to Ware is disappointing but don't blame the manager. The club received a 7 day approach and the player decided to go to get regular playing time. Why is that the manager's fault? The player chose to drop a league. The manager didn't show him the door. Quite the opposite, I suspect, but it was the player's choice. I enjoy reading the posts. Quite often I completely disagree with people's opinions but's that's the whole point of a forum. Air your opinion. We have a good squad, they just need a win to get some self-belief back. We've got a tough looking December but the players need to look at how they played at Tonbridge to remind themselves they are good. We'll get out of this slump.
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    Many thanks to everyone who came and saw us yesterday to convert their opinions. It's really appreciated.
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    Mr Jago I must put in an official complaint. There are two members of this prediction league that should be banned. Can you remind all members that rule 1) is that no prediction with the mighty Urchins in should have an Urchin defeat, it should have at least an Urchin draw ( being a pessimist ) but mostly an Urchin win. Please reprimand accordingly.

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