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    Season ends

    Not the finish we wanted truly believe we would have gone up, big thanks to Mark, his staff and all the boys great effort, and to all you supporters who backed us magnificently all year. Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon
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    Seasons Greetings...

    To all Urchins everywhere wishing you a great Christmas and promotion in the New Year ....... COYU'S Dibs
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Food Bank Donations

    With the move to Tier 2 restrictions here in Havering and the potential economic impact that this will bring as we approach winter, the Supporters Association has agreed that we will now collect foodbank donations at each home game, rather than on a monthly basis. Contributions can be left at the Track & Trace stations or Clubhouse entrance. The recent campaign by Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for children in need during the school holidays and fans of Premier League clubs boycotting Pay Per View fees of £14.95 and instead donating their money to local charities and food banks, have shown how football can help those less fortunate in our society. I appreciate that many of us may also be struggling right now, but even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference, so please do all you can to support this when and if you are able.
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    Recent behaviour

    After speaking with club officials this morning I think it’s only right the a few things are cleared up in relation to this. The club does not condone foul and abusive behaviour towards players, officials or staff and has reiterated this the last few years and with a number of posters around the ground highlighting this. The behaviour last night was not acceptable, we know who is responsible and the persons involved will be spoken too. I understand that people can get frustrated at games, myself included and some things are directed at players etc. Whilst this happens at all games across the country and is accepted there is a line which shouldn’t be crossed and we are finding on occasions this is being crossed. The use of certain words is just not acceptable. I am also aware of a certain accusation towards the same person last night. After speaking with a number of persons we have found no evidence of this incident occurring and therefore would like to squash the rumours around this. We have a number of new fans now attending games and do not wish for them to think all of this is acceptable and the ‘Hornchurch Way’. Therefore we as a club will do our upmost to bring this to a complete stop and that people can feel confident coming to games for them to enjoy. I can only apologise for last nights behaviour and promise you that words will be had and a repeat of this will not happen. Up the Urchins. Luke
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    Sucker punch

    We are at half wayYes poor finishing took the gloss off a good performance defending was excellent all night. We are at the half way point of season 2points a game do that the second half with a couple more wins than draws we are in conf South easy. If we all stick together we can do it
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    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    It is something I've been aware of on the hill and I will be addressing it don't know about the East Side character, we have so many positives on and off the field which I promise won't be spoilt by a few
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    Recent behaviour

    Thanks Luke. If as much energy had gone into encouraging our own players as was directed at opposition players and the referee in the form of abuse, then we might have won last night. Abuse thrown at opposition players only makes them more determined in my opinion - I hope I'm not the only one who can see that. I'll shut up now.
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    Sunday 30th Bank Holiday Fun!

    Dear All, Apologies for the confusion yesterday with this but I can now confirm this is going ahead!! This year unfortunately the annual cricket game cannot go ahead due to certain restrictions put on the cricket club by the ECB so instead we have something different planned..... Sunday 30th August at the football club the bar will be open and there will be a bbq on the go too! We will also have rounders set up on the pitch as well as access to a quick cricket set. This is a family event so bring your friends, bring your children, bring you family and let’s raise some funds for the football club as well as having a good time and a laugh! Any questions let me know, Luke.
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    Wk 2 50/50 Tickets on Sale Now!

    Hi All, Our second 50/50 draw will be taking place on Saturday (16/5) at 3pm. Please note that cut off point for the draw is 2pm on the 16th unless all 500 tickets are sold before then. If so updates will be posted on social media, here and the website. Tickets cost £1 each or 6 for £5. How it Works? 1. Visit https://www.hornchurchfc.com/product-category/50-50-draw-tickets/ to buy your tickets. 2. Pay for your tickets using PayPal. 3. You will receive email confirmation that your purchase has been successful. 4. On Saturday we will display everyone's ticket numbers on our Twitter page and website. The draw will be made live on the Supporters Association twitter page at 3pm on Saturday using a random number generator. 5. If you win, you will be contacted by a member of the committee for your bank details so we can transfer you the winnings. *The Winnings - The winner will receive half of the total profits earned from the sales (i.e. Sales - Paypal Fees). This will be advertised prior to the draw. If you have any problems, please let me know by contacting Jordan on hfcsa@hornchurchfc.com or myself by phone on 07962802552 Good luck everyone Luke
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    This week's archive game

    Tomorrow would have been the last game of the season so I have found something special to put a smile on your face which hopefully will last until we begin again, hopefully, in August. It's from about 11 years ago (!) and is a game that has become legendary - Weymouth v AFC Hornchurch in the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup from October 2008. https://youtu.be/kvlLt27q9Fs Enjoy. As usual, any problems let me know. PS Next week would have been the play-off final. Whether we would have been involved in it or not we'll never know, but I'll try and dig something out for that weekend too. I have something in mind - I've just got to find it 🙂
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Yesterday’s match

    https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2020/02/club-statement/ Club statement
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    Margate V ETFC

    Wow, what a performance, where did that come from? Not many of us were expecting that, especially when we saw the team without the likes of Sam Hatton, Sam Youngs and Ken Charles (and Mario Noto also unavailable from the bench). What we saw was an assured professional outing, 3 good goals (touch of handball for the second?) and, most pleasingly, a clean sheet! Hard to believe that was, I think, our 9th clean sheet of the season but our first for over 2 months. All the boys put in a real shift on a cold night - stand out performers for me were Junior Mubayi (a really mature performance) and Nathan Livings, but I also heard others giving their personal MoM to Lyle Della-Verde and Ryan Blackman and there were others who had great games too. Crucially, everybody played their part and the management deserve their own congratulations after a lot of recent criticism. Andy Leese was very quick to point out this counts for nothing if we don't do it again against Hornchurch on Saturday (who, by the way, lost last night - we're now 1 point off the play-offs, so everything to play for!). One final point - a lot of us air our opinions on here, and are right to do so, but let's have a thought for the level of commitment put in by players, management team, directors, volunteers and supporters on behalf of our club. The team coach got back to the stadium at just before 1am last night and everybody then had their own onward journeys, with many needing to get up for work this morning. I've been able to enjoy Premier League football more than most this year but, not for the first time this season, last night left me proud to be an Enfield Town supporter. I only wish more people would join us to experience the highs (and lows) of non-league football.
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    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    Guys and gals - the tweets are the views of one or two individuals. Social media is not fact - and rarely does it reflect the opinions of the majority (just check any political nonsense on twitter for example). But it is a good place for people who struggle with normal face-to-face communication to voice their views or prejudices in a safe environment, especially after the event. So - I'd ignore and move on. Responding just legitimises the debate with people who have a lot of time on their hands to get in the last word - so probably will (generally 20-something media graduates and the like!). I suspect the majority of Horsham fans (and players) simply felt they'd had a hard day at the office but felt nothing threatening - certainly there were plenty in the bar chatting with the Urchin faithful after the game. BUT - and I have been meaning to post this for a while - I do think there are one or two individuals at The Bridge whose language and attitude is simply not acceptable. There is one bloke on the Eastside (been coming for a year or so I think), and another on The Hill who I witnessed for the first time yesterday whose constant (and vile) abuse of the officials and opposition players is simply unfunny and must put many people off. Both are in the 50+ age group. I actually left the Hill at half time because of the latter bloke. Note that none of this was specifically directed at Horsham fans (nor the lady physio for that matter) - but it's not a good advert for the club or for new visitors. I'm no snowflake. Passion is important and well placed insults and swearing are all part of the game, especially if done humorously. In fact a new fan mentioned to me that he'd heard banter on the Eastside that he'd not heard in years at West Ham and will be coming back for sure. But I do think we fans (especially the readership of the forum who tend to be relatively balanced) need to self-regulate some of these newcomers. This, I think, is much more worthy of debate than some random/lone Horsham fan's comments on twitter.
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    Match Day Ticket Info

    With most clubs offering online tickets it makes sense to have a thread that covers availability, links etc etc so we're not all hunting around separately for them. I'll also update our fixtures page with "Buy Tickets" links when we have them. Fixtures Page: https://www.hornchurchfc.com/teams/first-team/fixtures-results/ 31/10: Bowers & Pitsea (FA Trophy): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bpfcfat3q/buildbase-fa-trophy-3rd-qualifying-rd-bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch 03/11: Folkestone Invicta (ILP): https://fifctickets.onlineweb.shop/ This is their main page - there are separate links for Adults & Concessions 07/11: Bowers & Pitsea (ILP): https://bowersandpitseafc.ktckts.com/event/bwp2021h06/bowers-pitsea-v-hornchurch
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    Missing match days

    Sorry we have not attended any home matches this season but Jean is slowly getting over her stroke and we have my mother living with us. At 97 she is very active but she has not been out since April and we have to be careful not to bring home any infections. So for a while we are self isolating as a precaution. Miss the club and supporters hope to see you all in the near future. Pete and Jean
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    Little Titchmarsh

    HFCSA Covid Cover

    A big WELL DONE to all the HFCSA for their great work at yesterdays game, with the organising of all the cover needed to keep us Covid compliant. Great work all. The Burf
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    Penalty misery

    Fair assessment, best performance so far, I think ruff was spent but not sure about George, shame both penalty takers. The reason we played so well is simple, we worked our nuts off.
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    Any chance of blindfolds too? 🙈 Joking aside well done for a professional approach.
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    Ground works

    Just a big thank you to all the helpers tidying the stadium, looking good
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    Another game from the archives

    Hi all, Following on from last week, here's another game for you to enjoy over the weekend. And it's a thriller - AFC Hornchurch v Waltham Abbey from January 2018 A disclaimer:- It's a football match with a real football crowd and emotions are likely to run high. I haven't gone through it forensically so there is likely to be some 'adult' language (maybe even from me), so be aware. Any comments or requests please let me know Enjoy. https://youtu.be/h7DyZFN2gSs
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    Missing your football ?

    Check your twitter feeds ! In an attempt to give you your football fix and to relieve some boredom I'll be publishing some AFC Hornchurch matches from my archive. I'd put the link here but it's not working for some reason. Any questions, comments or requests please let me know.
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    Even the great Enfield sides of the 70s and 80s only attracted gates of 500 - 600 or so for most league fixtures often less. So the fact that our average attendance is around the 360 is a reflection of our location. Many other football options exist for Enfield based football supporters. What a difference it would make if we got the type of crowds being enjoyed by Worthing. This has arguably been one if not most successful seasons we have had , consistently in the top 7 or 8 , one of our better FA cup runs and our best ever FA Trophy run. So it’s disappointing we haven’t improved on last seasons average which makes me think we may have reached our level for the time being. I’d very much like to be proved wrong come May Even so it’s no mean achievement to have established ourselves as an Isthmian Premier League club but to move on we need to grow our club - it can be done but it will not be easy.
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    Wildlife rescue

    He's not the Messiah...

    How about praising the work Arky and his team do by keeping our club with such a selection of merchandise. I have followed the town since there formation and Enfield before and I have never heard a negative remark about our shop. Well done Dave Pat Sheila and Cliff.👍👍
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    Gone with the wind

    We've had a poxy week the last 3 games, but so much to play for see you at margate, crowd 300 on a horrid day thanks for the support
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    Masters of our own downfall

    Good post dynamo Trust me all the players were disappointed we all react differently I thought the whole game was flat on and off the field especially with the size of the crowd no time to fell sorry for ourselves we go again Wednesday
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    3 year Plan

    Not sure why some people seem to think this is some sort of secret society - the club has always been very open and honest with its finances. Profit and Loss Accounts, covering income and expenditure, are presented annually at members' meetings and are published on the club's website. The most up to date figures presented for ETFC Ltd are those to 30/6/18 (so I would expect those to 30/6/19 will be provided shortly). The figures to 30/6/18 showed a rise in Playing Staff Expenses from £105,181 in the year to 30/6/17 to £125,590. It will be interesting to see how this changed in the following year. Bear in mind though that the club's costs are far greater than just playing staff expenses - figures for Football Related Costs for instance to 30/6/18 were £203,354. If members want more players to be placed on contracts this would inevitably cost more (and would need players to sign - neither Mo nor Josh would) and so these funds would need to be provided from somewhere. I suspect that our members are largely paying as much as they would want to at the moment (many very generously). These are legitimate discussions for an AGM but I suspect there are no easy answers.
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    Dinamo Urchin

    Masters of our own downfall

    It didn't feel right from the off, with miss placed passes all over the shop and no real threat. Their forward line did look dangerous though and despite it never being a penalty, it wasn't a surprise that they took the lead. Having equalised just before the break I thought at half time we would go on and win - not to be. I know people were angry and frustrated at the end. This was a great opportunity to reach the last 16. It's worth reflecting though that not so long ago many on here, myself included, were decrying the break up of the Division 1 North Championship team and the influx of ex Thurrock players. Now we are upset whilst sat in the Premiership play-offs, with games in hand to go top and having reached the Trophy last 32. We've come a long way and one crap game shouldn't undo that. Lots to play for this season still, so onwards and upwards again. By the way, anyone know how the Romford Rockets, Wizards, Wa****s got on?
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    5-1 win v Staines Town

    Good performance last night as a very strong Town side comprehensively outplayed Staines Town in our defence of the Velocity Trophy in front of an official attendance of 120. First half goals from Ken Charles, a Ryan Blackman hat-trick and Bobson Bawling saw us race into an unassailable lead. Whilst we 'lost' the 2nd half 1-0, that didn't tell the full story. Staines' young keeper pulled off a string of at least half a dozen good saves as we continued to pepper the Staines goal - though without Ryan who was withdrawn at half time far more of our shots were woefully high or wide. A good run-out for the boys nonetheless. Team was McDonald, Hatton, Weatherstone, Muleba, Payne, Livings, Blackman, Della-Verde, Bricknell, Charles, Bawling - subs (all used as this trophy allows 5) King, Mubayi, Ibe, Youngs and a welcome return from injury for Jack Hockney.
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    Wildlife rescue

    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Why Only announce once the player has signed surely
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    Town 5 Borough 3

    Highly enjoyable game between two evenly matched teams. The match report on the website is spot on, congrats to the reporter. Blackman and Youngs both had excellent games in midfield, both tackling and passing well. We were shaky in defence but it seems to me that most teams in this league are stronger going forward than defending. Mohammadu Faal bagged another two well taken goals but I was more impressed by Bricknell who worked his socks off, particularly in the second half. He fully deserved his goal and I think Faal's all round game has improved as a direct result of playing with, and learning from, Bricknell. A closing word about the manager, who, in my opinion, gets far too much stick on this forum. To his credit, whenever the squad has needed reinforcing due to injuries, suspensions or poor form, he has brought somebody in. The new player looked useful, despite being absolutely flattened in the first half, and I won't be surprised if another centre-back comes in at some point, as we do lack cover there. I'm looking forward to Potters Bar on New Year's Day - if we can get a win there, it will have been a good festive period! Happy New Year to all!
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    Friday night

    Just want to thank all the teams at Fridays quiz all the usual lot plus some newcomers great fun and night cheers Colin have a great Christmas
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    MTHead were you actually at the game. Think it's fair to say our game plan went out the window after the early goal and then Billy's penalty miss could gave changed everything,Go in 1-2 at half time and who knows,and also remember missing key players of course didn't help But we lost to a better,fitter well organised team of full time players but take nothing away from our boys who didn't disgrace themselves and took us to the furthest we have been in the FA Trophy. Proud of you guys.⚽️⚽️
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    Such a gutsy performance not at our best but in adversity we came through always fancied us when it went to pens the physio will be busy this week but games like this can lift us all through the coming matches well done to all
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    Lockdown Help

    Hi All, Hope you’re all keeping well and as safe as you possibly can during the current lockdown. As per the previous lockdown if anyone is struggling with getting shopping or needs help with anything at all then myself along with the other members of the supporters association will try and help out where possible. All you have to do is ASK, no job is big or small, we are all here to help! Hopefully see you in a month, Luke.
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    Kentish Maid

    Alex Bentley

    Has left Tonbridge Angels. I'd welcome him back with pleasure but he did very well at Tonbridge at Conference South Level.
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    Lowestoft playoff final 7th May 2012 please. Well done Rob these are filling a void for us all .....
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    Father Jack


    Four posts deleted from this thread. Keep it civil please
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    I think it's a very emotive subject, and there's an awful lot of additional stress on everyone at the moment - I'd suggest that we all might be well advised to take a step back and think before we post. Ultimately at the end of the day, we are (mainly) all Town fans, and I think all good people despite our many disagreements - now is the time to be supportive of each other, and hopefully this forum can be a source of humour/banter as well as keeping the Town collective in touch with each other.
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    Folkestone v Enfield Town

    Back in November we lost 1-3 at home to Folkestone, and in their last six matches they have beaten Hornchurch (2-1), East Thurrock (3-1), and League table-toppers Worthing (1-0), so they are not a bad side, and are probably strong contenders for a play-off place. In the absence of any comments so far from the Town faithful who travelled to the game, it is interesting to read the Folkestone supporters take on the match, which they conclude could have gone either way, particularly in the last half an hour. Also, special mention of an outstanding goal-keeping performance by Nathan, and a fine video clip showing his superb save from an Invicta goal-bound free kick. Never the easiest of grounds to pick-up points, so a decent away performance and result against a side currently lying 4th in the Table. Well done guys! Let's hope we can repeat our FA trophy win at Stortford on Tuesday evening, and produce another top draw performance next Saturday at the QE2 stadium, in front of a big crowd, when we host league leaders Worthing.
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    He's not the Messiah...

    Hello We do take cards in the shop and have done all season. As for the navy things, it.'s what people have asked for as the team have navy tops, gillet's etc. If you' d like more of the lighter Royal Blue more than happy to oblige. In fact we had some of that shade polo shirts in the shop last night. Dave.
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    Fat Tom Daley

    Programme - Merstham

    Hi All, Due to this weekend's forecast, the league have given the club permission to produce an e-edition programme for this weekend's set of fixtures. Therefore to reduce the risk of us losing money, we have decided to produce an online version only for Saturday's game v's Merstham. This will be available on the club website either tonight or tomorrow morning. If demand suffices, we may do a limited print run for the programme next week so please let me know and I'll add you too the list. Please don't take this as we will be doing this in the future. It's a one off circumstance and it makes sense for the club not to lose money should the game be postponed. Fingers crossed the forecast isn't as bad and we can cheer the Urchins! Hope everyone understands. Jordan.
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    Margate V ETFC

    Yes a great performance and an even greater result. When I asked what our playing budget was at the start of the season I was left a bit taken aback by what I was told. The quality of players Andy and his team have been able to attract to the club with this reduced budget is really suprising (good job Andy & co) I have been very impressed by Juniors performances, great to see him getting deserved starts now. Showing future Academy scheme members what is possible with hard work. COYT
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    Richard Katemon

    Margate V ETFC

    Very solid performance last night and very enjoyable. Our two latest signings Lyle and Josh are quality players. Well done Andy and co for bringing them to our club. No mean achievement as we were informed at the AGM we are operating on a reduced budget for the second successive year. And Junior - “one of our own” improves with every game 😊
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    Very disappointing 2-1 defeat last night. Josh Urquhart played left back this time with Joe Payne on the bench, whilst Glenn Wilson came in for Marc Weatherstone and Sam Hatton was back in at right back. Junior also replaced Scott Thomas. First half was comfortable and we went in 1-0 up after a Ken Charles snapshot. Probably should have been further ahead but, at that stage, Brightlingsea matched their lowly league position. As so often seems to be the case the second half was a completely different story and Brightlingsea thoroughly deserved their win. Good luck to them for the rest of the tournament - Corinthian Casuals' win in the league last night pushed them down to second from bottom. Think the next 4 games, all against good sides, will give us a good idea of where we'll be finishing up this year. We really need to raise our game massively if we're to get anything out of these.
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    Good call, completely agree - just caught up with the Chairman's contribution to the Non League Show (link is on the ETFC website), very well done, Paul, well worth a listen, thought you struck the right note and answered some of the recent comments on here about ambition. Carry on listening just after the Chairman signs off as it was nice to be reminded of Enfield's very own Jan Molby - Billy Goldstone! I've also enjoyed many of the Twitter comments about ETFC's best player since formation - lots of very valid shouts with most going for Mark Kirby or Liam Hope, two great players for this club. For me though its Rudi Hall all the way - what an influential player. Surprised not to see more votes for Stuart Blackburne too. Interesting comment from Fabio Valenti that he was average at best for us - Fabio, if that was you at average I'd have loved to have seen you play at your best as some of your football for us was mesmerising. Very encouraged by the new signing announced this morning, Josh Urquhart - looks a very good addition. Hope the rain holds off now and allows the A10 Classico to go ahead. COYT!
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    Well done to the club’s Public Relations team for the game 1,000 publicity. I love reading the Twitter feed and photos, the website article was excellent and Mr. Chairman’s contribution on the Non-League Football Show was first class and well worth a listen. I also thought the publicity the club released recently pointing out the 4 ETFC players who have since moved to football league teams, was timely and well handled. The more hooks we set, the more bites we get - there are plenty of Faal’s , Whiteley’s and Davison’s looking for clubs like ours. This type of differentiator will us help attract quality players - it’s not always just the money. All helps supporters like me who can’t get to many games, stay connected and feel proud of the club. Well done guys!! Now hoping for a performance and result at Cheshunt tomorrow to keep the feel good going!!
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    cup of tea

    Hx 2 Horsham 1

    Great result today. Real squad effort against a well organised side. From my perspective, it looks like Horsham like to overpower sides - close players down, quick to the tackle and a bit of physicality in there as well. Think we matched them in that department and I think we were also the more skilful (although I am biased!). Disappointing plan B from them which seemed to be somewhat (ahem) theatrical with their captain (6) leading the way on that. Also please someone explain to their no 2 how the offside rule works as well, that was embarrassing. Great game Ricky Hayles played a blinder and loving the passion from Chris Dickson when he scored what turned out to be the winner. Very happy Urchin tonight.
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    Disappointing yesterday as we were never really in it after conceding the goal inside a minute. We're certainly going through a bad patch at the moment but its only lasted 2 or 3 weeks and this group of players has played some good football at times before then. They need to get a bit of confidence back, particularly in front of goal. The positives to take are that we could have folded to a much heavier defeat in that second half but the players worked hard and never gave up. The reality of a better organised, bigger in stature and fitter (fully professional) side was just too much for us. Whilst we wouldn't have deserved it, a scored penalty (instead of a save) and Billy's spectacular effort going in (rather than hitting the bar) could have got us a draw so we weren't a million miles away and the players can be proud of that. Hoping for an improved result on the road at Worthing before the derby games against Haringey and Potters Bar over Christmas and the New Year.
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    kimbles left foot

    All gone quiet over here

    All very quiet on here lately, we have a big game Saturday with a healthy cash prize for getting through as well as a large gate to boot (Hopefully). Dulwich certainly won't be pushovers but we are due a good cup run so let's get over and cheer the lads on to victory!
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    If anyone tells me they dont like football they are lying! Every up and down emotion was experienced last night! Every single player worked so hard! I struggle to run for a bus after a day at work so full admiration for them for playing 120 minutes of competitive football after a day at work! Jordan Clark was man of the match for me! I'm slowly starting to believe Notts County away might just happen! Up the Chins!

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