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  1. In all honesty. It was the best thing teams turning down promotion to as league that requires so much travelling and time off work. Maybe just maybe the FA might wake up now and see what's really going on
  2. And just to add. Should Guildford get their act together and get in a position to be promoted again will they be wiser from past experiences and stay at step 5 or risk struggling for players again in the SW league
  3. E&E Rich. How do you prepare for the increase in distances?? Think the FA are expecting a lot from clubs having to travel over 300 miles to play football with no or hardly no funding from the FA. Guildford city are proof of this. The FA nearly killed that club.
  4. Seems as thou only the bottom club from step 4 will now go down. Massive weekend for AFC Hayes and North Greenford coming up.
  5. Same stuff every year and we will be having the same discussion this time next year. The issue is simply that the clubs at step four are not good enough and there are more finishing in the bottom two or three ( relegation spots ) and only one getting promoted from step five. Just messes everything up. As Ellers said. If your good enough to go up then you would have finished in the top three Div1. In the prem if the same club finishes in the bottom 2/3 season after season is it right that they get a reprieve?? Also is it right that the same thing happens at step 4?? Blocking the way for tw
  6. North Greenford & AFC Hayes both relegated today. What leagues will they go in?? Greenford Sparton and Hayes to CCL????
  7. Thanks for your kind words SB Was a great game to watch last night and totally agree with you, at times it looked like the WC players just didn't want to be there. especially Billy Dunn in centre mid for them, age old story of a senior club thinking they just need to turn up in order to win not realising that the majority of our players have or should be playing higher then they are. But Luke Craig has 15 goals this season now, even he is shocked with that total LOL. Onwards and Upwards. anyhow CB Hounslow in the semi final should be interesting. Up Next this Saturday we host Stain
  8. SMUDGE. if I'm wrong I will hold my hands up and apologise and this time I AM WRONG! I miss read one of your post Apologies Dan
  9. 13 members 39 guest and 2 anonymous viewing this topic right now. I wander if any are the ones involved with all this and are just sitting back laughing (evil laugh) at all this. I know smudge said we should kinda boycott Cobham FC should the take over go ahead but it will be us clubs that end up with fines for not going in the bar afterwards for "hospitality" so either way we're f@#cked. Now personally speaking: THIS IS A BLOODY JOKE. Can understand why the league have not commented on matters, courts,barristers,police, bouncers. Wtf are we dealing with here? The whole
  10. Edgware Town v Bedfont & Feltham Deffo on! 7:30pm kick off.
  11. WOW! Cannot believe all I have just read on here. This is like some sort of dictatorship business. OMG I'm shocked to the bone.
  12. Salv. CB Hounslow are not one of the clubs with no lights. They have been ground sharing with us for 3 years now so they are safe
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