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  1. 02-December 10 - Happy Birthday russ1 :)

  2. most of the clubs wouldn't be able to afford the tunnel/bridge every week!
  3. 'service unavailable' when i try the link
  4. is this a wind up or what then?
  5. according to their forum it could be off! (due to weather)
  6. i was standing directly behind the few welsh fans who thought it necessary to stand right in amongst the eastside disco and have to say they were there to get a reaction without a shadow of doubt. when words were exchanged i thought they should have gone and stood with there own fans but seemed to hang around trying to provoke reactions.
  7. what action do you suggest? open his liver?
  8. no need for shirt to change imo
  9. russ1

    Today's NLP

    I can see Deidre now Lorraine has gone?
  10. how about- put the ties in the shop, sell them,club makes a profit and urchin aid the bank gets the £1100 back
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