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  1. Totally agree with the above. I can understand the league implying a rule of the registration of players, especially if it has effected results at the end of previous seasons, although i think there must be a better way around. Stop Whinging's rule seems very fair, if a player has not been involved in over half of his teams game's by December he should be allowed to sign for whoever.....i'm sure the other leagues do not have these rules. It's good to see a youngster from Rayleigh stepping up, they seem to have some good players last year and it will be interesting to see how he gets on. Th
  2. Southminster have been mentioned a few times to me in the past although I have never got the chance to watch them, they did seem to have some impressive results last year. I feel the experience of winning the league will bode well for Frenford, Kelvedon and even Harold wood and i'd hope to see the same names challenging again with the likes of Rayleigh pushing them close this year!! It seems a lot of teams will have a say this year (with or without a budget). Ensign, If stambridge really want to pay someone a wage who was previously happy to play reserve division football and has managed
  3. Apologises, just seemed a very strange choice for everyone to move to Harold Hill all of a sudden. I guess as previously said if a few teams are paying then it would add up but from what i managed to watch last year i couldn't imagine many players being paid. Agree with hughes as i assume everyone has a different view on the money and player loyalties. Would be keen to know who to look out for next year and if there will be any suprises. Just from an overview of the last few years i would expect Frenford and Kelvedon to be challenging and i enjoyed the team Rayleigh have put together l
  4. Why is there so much focus on Harold Hill?? Were they not lucky to escape relegation last year??
  5. Dave Chapman seems to have assembled a good team over at rayleigh, i am not 100% sure where it weren't wrong last year but i am led to believe that games caught up on them. When i watched Rayleigh they seemed to want to play and encouraged a few promising youngsters to get on the ball which is always good to watch. Frenford have always been challenging with Kelvedon over the past years and both appear to have a great set up from the outside and seem to be well managed so i would assume to see them both challenging again, although people seem to know more then me with players leaving and jo
  6. I have managed to get myself over to quite a few games across the season and i struggle to see how some of the clubs can be offering money to players. There are maybe 3 or 4 clubs who have a pitch that you would want to be playing on week in week out from what i have heard on recent chats the players think they are better then they are. Does anyone think that the standard has got any better since the influx of "senior players"?? I appreciate there is no stopping clubs from offering wages but surely there is no incentive in doing so if a club cannot progress any further. Also i would like t
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