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  1. Just a reminder that this is tonight... As mentioned would be great to see some CCL people supporting another CCL side
  2. Very little has been said on the CCL's venture into U21 football this season however the good news is that one of our own have made it into the inaugural U21s Surrey Cup Final. Would be great to see as many CCL people there supporting against a high-flying Bostik South side! Details are as follows; U21s Surrey Cup Final Sutton Common Rovers v Carshalton Athletic Monday 23rd April Walton Casuals, Waterside Drive, KT12 2JG Kick off 7:30pm Entry - TBC by Surrey FA
  3. If you're at a loose end this evening Sutton Common Rovers u21s host Westfield Reserves at Raynes Park Vale.. It's a 7:45pm kick off and free entry ??
  4. 6 teams... Interesting - I wonder if the league will run this as there's not even enough to make a league cup competition! Do you know if there's an U21 county cup Chris?
  5. Has anyone got an update on this subject? I've seen a couple of posts on social media from certain clubs about u21s so not a lot... Does anyone know how many clubs signed up? When does the league start?
  6. Farleigh will host South Park in a friendly at Parsonage Field - 2pm KO
  7. I think it's a great idea Lazarus and thanks for confirming what I'd heard via a few parties recently. If you don't mind me asking what are the numbers like for the proposed league if it was to go ahead? Do you think the 'u21' teams would be allowed to enter county cups?
  8. Interesting view Rugg. I think a reserve team is a thing of the past personally. 7 CCL reserve teams are in the Surrey Elite reserve league and I would say that's not a good enough standard to be supporting a first team? U23 (allowed to play 3+ older) would allowed the first team to have a bigger squad and bring through youth players who need 1/2 more seasons. I think it's a better idea that sitting them on the bench week after week not playing much or playing park football where they just get kicked.
  9. I've heard whispers from 3-4 clubs that they're looking into starting an U23 or U21 CCL League - has anyone else heard this? What's people thoughts on this do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea to head that way? With half the reserve sides in Surburban and some in Surrey Elite I think it could be a good way to go (if enough teams buy in to it of course)
  10. I would be very surprised if anyone at Redhill is playing for free... Their budget is probably one of the biggest in CCL let alone CCL1! How else do you explain signing Ryman players like Kerry Kedze playing one division above the Surrey Elite... £££££££££
  11. we are picking up some interesting new players on the strength of what we have, not what we give. Interesting statement you chose to make there Burger... So I assume the new striker you signed who is the subsequently leagues top goalscorer approached you and he plays for free or did you approach him and offer him ££... There's no shame in paying players it happens but I hope it's all worthwhile in the end ;-)
  12. So Redhill should be there or there abouts with the money they're spending.. I know they get a bit of wedge from the car park situation but I don't get how clubs at CCL1 recoup players wages. With 3 men and his dog watching and then paying lads£50/£60 a game. If they don't finished top 2 with Banstead then somethings gone seriously wrong there.
  13. Thanks for the correction BIG JR. For those who have been around the league what does this mean? Game replayed or 3pts to SP? Surely it's got to be an awarded game..
  14. As far as I'm aware AC London v South Park Reserves has been postponed because AC London have been suspended by the league.
  15. Fishing for anything Big JR? Bit immature in your old age isn't it?
  16. Well then if that's the case his fate will be sealed because apart from having a shocking game he also marked lowly by both managers. Back down to the SSEC where his standard of referring will just about be ok.
  17. I haven't got a problem with CWU! Just pointing out the incompetent referee and Lino (dugout side) and I rounded the last fella up we're giving a hell of a lot in favour towards CWU. The game itself was very open, attacking end to end until he ruined it. Having been involved with CCL for the past 6 years I genuinely can't think of a worse performance from the man in the middle. As for the 'keeper getting stuck from spectators isn't that part and parcel of football? The imbecile shouldn't of booted the ball out the ground for no reason and then squared upto the SCR Striker on the half way line - what on earth was he doing up there anyway!? If it's true and he was being assessed then there's no way he should be allowed back at Prem level - saying that I'll end up with him on Saturday ?
  18. Left with 15 minutes to go... 10 men SCR are 2-1 down to the 14 men of Colliers Wood. An absolutely despicable performance from the referee including watching the CWU goalkeeper verbally abuse a member of the SCR management team. Hopefully he's not being assessed otherwise he'll be referring in the SSEC on Saturday
  19. Nearing the half way stage and 1-1 at GGL. SCR down to 10 and had to change keeper but that's nothing compared to one of the worst referring performances I've seen at CCL level.
  20. Who's the Westfield manager? I watched and saw two people in the dugout - there was a short, fat bloke with glasses wearing a ryman jacket who has a terrible mouth on him!
  21. Forget to add surprise teams:- Prem: Knaphill Div1: South Park Res
  22. Premier: 1. Guildford 2. Hartley 3. Epsom and Ewell Division One: 1. Chessington 2. Banstead Athletic 3. Balham
  23. SP Reserves 1-5 Abbey Rangers. Congratulations to Abbey Rangers, they're a good side who deserve to be where they are however I still think they won't get promoted.. One or two things missing IMO. The game was dominated by a shocking referee who got 3/4 key decisions in the match wrong. In my 6 years in the CCL I haven't seen him before and I certainly hope I don't see him again - assisted by the lino who was 1067 years old it was a recipe for disaster.
  24. Thanks to fellow CCL team Redhill who were able to provide us with a friendly after our game was called off. Redhill 1-2 South Park Reserves
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