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  1. Dagger, can you please make sure that my surname is spelt correctly! It should say Hodgkinson, like my dads above. Thanks. Thanks Ann - now amended to Hodgkinson
  2. a very difficult decision to make to pick one let alone three! 😳
  3. Can i ask what time this coach will leave Lewes for the return home?
  4. one for me please... Ann Hodgkinson Thanks Thanks Ann - now added to list.
  5. wow! that is a very big generous donation. Total now up to £4253.00
  6. Think all that i wanted to say about yesterdays game has already been said. Can take many positives from yesterdays game, including holding a top 5 side for 85 mins before the only thing that separated us was a single goal. Players can hold their heads high with what was a fantastic performance. Shame no noise from the Tonbridge boys?! Library conditions!!
  7. Reece Beckles-Richard would make a good signing to the club if we could get him back....just saying
  8. firstly we are not in the relegation area and secondly we are not going down!
  9. Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!
  10. It's frustrating to see things not going well. I know that players come and go but fear that we are losing our promotion winning side now that the new manager has come in. I feel, as some one has already said that the team only needed tweaking which I agree with. But it seems as if all Hornchurch players are leaving and we are fielding a team mixed from thurrock and Waltham Abbey with little experience of Bostick Premier level and above combined together. Time will tell, and I hope the team can grind out the results in the last half of the season and stay up. As tough as times will be, we must support the team , management and their decisions!
  11. Always a good view from the hill Look after yourself Jimmy! Don't be a stranger at the club!
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