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  1. Wouldn't put it past him going back to Enfield...
  2. Can i ask what's wrong with Steve McKimm, wasn't he at Tonbridge in the National South and more recently Carshalton?
  3. well you would've thought that the right thing to do first would be to announce the new manager, obviously the club have different priorities?!
  4. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2023/05/mickey-parcell-departs/
  5. obviously choosing the right person...?! But an update would be good
  6. why do I lack enthusiasm for the coming season...?? Only appealing is Whitehawk and Chatham as i not been, but sods law those will be a Tuesday night in Feb!
  7. No surprise at all, just waiting for majority of the squad (no offence intended) to jump ship and head to Grays like before.
  8. Needs at least to have experience and know players from the National South. I wouldn't know who's out there really?
  9. Stupid fcking decision! Bet the Mark Stimson haters are happy now, hope you're all pleased with this!
  10. Any idea why Olu and Olly were watching from the side lines? Injured would be my first guess? Could've really done with Olu's pace today
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