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  1. Billy, apparently, has retired? Please correct me on that if I'm wrong. Sam Higgins due back soon.
  2. Can you put my dad (Ian) on both coaches please. Thanks.
  3. Well done to Lewwis and Drew. Does anyone know if this is a first for two siblings to win at Wembley in the same calendar year?
  4. Great game of football. Onwards and hopefully upwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=955cLEF_vrE laughable interview with the Kingstonian manager. He blames the nature of the running track as a reason for their loss. I feel sorry for the running track #Justicefortherunningtrack 😂
  5. Nice to finally speak to you both, love the flag. See you both soon!
  6. He only left to sign for Erith and Belvedere like 2 weeks ago!?
  7. Good game of football. Unlucky not to take all 3 points. Hopefully Bricknell will settle in and a few more regulars come back. Goals will come!
  8. We do go away games. The last one was Bowers. May be it's because not all have the finances for every away game. Or life in general. We are also not the only ones who miss away games, but for you or any one else that's not a problem. Only a problem when its me or Peter. So it would seem. So, from my understanding it's ok to make noise away but when the result on the home pitch dont happen and the its s**t remarks start especially the last few games where the team could do with the support its not there? Also if you or anyone else want to do the steward gate then by all means go
  9. Said the same person who gets so pissed at games he cant even remember what happens...
  10. Torture? Bit of a strong comment there... 🤔 Frustrating, yes! Spells of good play at times but no final product. The effort is there but heads are very much down at the moment. As i could see as the team left the pitch. The long list of injuries is very much not helping at the moment, hopefully one or two may be back at the weekend? 🙏 Think the "12th Man" in the stands and on the hill needs to be heard, to raise those heads back up and push on!!
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