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  1. We do go away games. The last one was Bowers. May be it's because not all have the finances for every away game. Or life in general. We are also not the only ones who miss away games, but for you or any one else that's not a problem. Only a problem when its me or Peter. So it would seem. So, from my understanding it's ok to make noise away but when the result on the home pitch dont happen and the its s**t remarks start especially the last few games where the team could do with the support its not there? Also if you or anyone else want to do the steward gate then by all means go
  2. Said the same person who gets so pissed at games he cant even remember what happens...
  3. Torture? Bit of a strong comment there... 🤔 Frustrating, yes! Spells of good play at times but no final product. The effort is there but heads are very much down at the moment. As i could see as the team left the pitch. The long list of injuries is very much not helping at the moment, hopefully one or two may be back at the weekend? 🙏 Think the "12th Man" in the stands and on the hill needs to be heard, to raise those heads back up and push on!!
  4. Agree, well done to all involved! the best so far
  5. I thought Johnson was cup tied? I think the Johnson that's at Braintree is Matt Johnson who use to play for us a few seasons ago. we have, as of the game last night, 9 players injured. Brown is hopeful for return on Saturday, not sure about the rest. Dickson, so programme says was his last game last night as he wants to pursue his full time job, which i think is a PT.
  6. Will we able to pay by card or is it all cash?
  7. Huge game. I'm sure they may well bring a few if we are lucky tomorrow
  8. Away to Bowers....again.....!! To be played weekend of Saturday 2nd October.
  9. Great result and a much needed 3 points. Hope the screaming woman doesn't have too much of a sore throat in the morning... 😂
  10. Home to Barton Rovers Tie to play on 4th September. They play same league as Ware and Waltham Abbey. (I think)
  11. If anyone has ordered the new shirt via the ProKit website, i have chased mine and they have only recently received the stock into the warehouse so should be dispatching soon. My last update was 22nd July, with estimated dispatch of 5th-10th August. So hopefully wont be long for myself and anyone else who may have ordered.
  12. Is this happening soon, as i would like to purchase Membership not just for myself but Bob Etherton too. Im travelling down to Devon on Friday 27th so happy to take his down with me as will be meeting up.
  13. Amazing day. One definitely to remember.
  14. See Havering Council Facebook Page have posted the route and estimated timings for the bus tour- https://www.havering.gov.uk/HornchurchFCParade?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Orlo
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