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  1. my honest comment of the game.... Cheers Ref, all about you.....Well Done, hope you never officiate again!! 👏
  2. Hi Paul, I'm going to copy the pictures and prices and put them on the board in the clubhouse.
  3. Is the club celebrating this at all this season?
  4. How much will Season Tickets be and also for Supporters Membership?
  5. Insane! Who'd thought a little pub team from Hornchurch would sell out.... Must be a new record?
  6. Finally the hoof it up long ball and the all fall down play acting, scream for a fail from Enfield didn't pay of this time!! Cheats don't prosper!!!! UP THE URCHINS!! well deserved.
  7. My thoughts entirely! Paid to see a game of football, but all i got was a crick in the neck from watching hoof it up, long ball. Disgraceful play acting side and i thought the Carshalton manager/player in the extra added minutes (Carshalton time) of added time was bad enough the other week!
  8. Billy, apparently, has retired? Please correct me on that if I'm wrong. Sam Higgins due back soon.
  9. Can you put my dad (Ian) on both coaches please. Thanks.
  10. Well done to Lewwis and Drew. Does anyone know if this is a first for two siblings to win at Wembley in the same calendar year?
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