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  1. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Buildbase 25k Competition

    Any news on this?
  2. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Relegation Safety Net

    firstly we are not in the relegation area and secondly we are not going down!
  3. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!
  4. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Player update please

    It's frustrating to see things not going well. I know that players come and go but fear that we are losing our promotion winning side now that the new manager has come in. I feel, as some one has already said that the team only needed tweaking which I agree with. But it seems as if all Hornchurch players are leaving and we are fielding a team mixed from thurrock and Waltham Abbey with little experience of Bostick Premier level and above combined together. Time will tell, and I hope the team can grind out the results in the last half of the season and stay up. As tough as times will be, we must support the team , management and their decisions!
  5. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Player update please

    Leon Mckenzie has joined Walthamstow FC
  6. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Player update please

    Leon Smith and Bode have both left.
  7. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Message from Jim

    Always a good view from the hill Look after yourself Jimmy! Don't be a stranger at the club!
  8. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Mark stimson

    Great work to get a new manager in so quickly. Won't be the same without Jimmy, but we have to move on. Onwards and upwards in fact!
  9. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Next Manager

    Craig Edwards 😁
  10. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Hx 3,George 2,woodwork 3,Chipstead 0

    Good result and a much needed win for a confidence boost before a big game on Saturday. Looking forward to the home tie with Whitstable in the next round.
  11. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch


    A discounted family of four tickets? I speak to away fans on how they attract people to their clubs as they stop to chat while I'm stewarding. One that stood out was Dulwich, who really pushed the free tickets to local school kids, a different school for a different game. Our football club is in a huge area with plenty of schools (Cranham, Upminster, Hornchurch, Elm Park) it would be worth a try. It's not just families who I feel we should attract. What about local unemployed people? How about a discounted rate for them (on proof of benefit at the turnstile). If it means someone being able to get out for a couple of hours rather than being stuck indoors looking for work day after day, it could make a whole difference to them.
  12. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Once again!

    Hampton lost 2-1
  13. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Essex Senior Cup 4th Round

    Home to Great Wakering Rovers To be played on or before 8th December
  14. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    Maybe an idea, if we have access to it, games on the TV in the clubhouse that include champions League etc. Get these games especially premiership games on a Saturday home game advertised, say that our bar is open from 12 noon and get people in that way. Maybe also have a happy hour, certain beers are reduced 50p off. It's an idea worth a try!!
  15. Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    Good result, but never in doubt against a young Benfleet side. Nice to see Theo back on the pitch and give us two goals! Draw for next round is tomorrow I believe.