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  1. I will do some glass collecting on Sunday if its going to be helpful. Providing i've not drunk too much of the gin 😂
  2. This is not going to be an easy game! Winnable and probably slightly more the favourites if we have a full strength team.
  3. George Purcell, has this evening, left Canvey...!?
  4. An update regarding the polo shirts that should've been already ordered would be appreciated!! Thanks.
  5. Great game today and some good passing football. Couple of tough games coming up with Folkestone and Horsham, Im sure we can come away with points.
  6. Found this on twitter, biggest sour grape goes to this guy, who has nothing better to say and takes his frustration out on our under 11's ball boys.
  7. Was a great night, good photos too
  8. Have the polo shirts been ordered yet?
  9. Could've been a lot worse. Definitely winnable, unfortunately wont make it, as landing at Stansted from holiday an hour or so before kick off.
  10. Away to Potters Bar Town if someone could please amend to say cup.... thanks.
  11. There was a young lady filming from where Rob used to film, but she was from Kempston. Keep an eye on YouTube/Twitter incase they post the goals. Given up waiting for the Wingate ones...
  12. Rob has retired... ? I'm not sure how the recruitment process is going for someone new, have we even tried local colleges to see if a Media / Sport student would like the position at the club? I see theres nothing on the Wingate website, they even still call us AFC Hornchurch
  13. They had someone from Wingate filming, but whether they allow Hornchurch to have the footage, im not sure.
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