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  1. I see he has signed for Enfield FC.
  2. or even B&Q - https://www.diy.com/departments/cuprinol-5-year-ducksback-black-matt-fence-shed-wood-treatment-5l/1370392_BQ.prd
  3. HomeBase has some, well online... https://www.homebase.co.uk/cuprinol-5-year-ducksback-black-9l_p356638
  4. https://www.eastthurrockunited.co.uk/news/we-welcome-tommy-south-to-the-rocks-as-our-new-club-president-2544431.html
  5. ok for 0930/1000 happy to do some painting / gardening
  6. yes saw the fence has come down. Is there a way of the club to contact them regarding the fence and say tarmacing the ground to give it a better more tidyer appearance? Im aware that it will probably cost the council a few pounds...
  7. A question about the main car park, is it the clubs responsibility or the councils?
  8. Is there a way for people to make a donation to the supports association / club instead of 50/50 tickets and paypal (issues with my paypal) say by bank transfer instead? Its my birthday on Friday and due to the lock down i would like to donate what i would "roughly" spend on an evening out to the club instead.
  9. great seeing that game again. Hopefully we will be seeing the Conference South again in the next couple of seasons...?!
  10. Found the photos from the Weymouth game; http://sportinpictures.photoshelter.com/gallery/Weymouth-Vs-AFC-Hornchurch-25-10-2008-FA-Cup-4th-Q-round/G0000.U1OPeoUHWU/C0000bm0crctC85Y
  11. Rob, have you got the game before Weymouth away? I think it was away to Bromley, the one where Brightly got sent off and Styles went in goal and saved the day 😂 Or even Dulwich at home around 2008, possibly earlier, it was a Friday night game and i think Craig Edwards was managing for them at the time, i believe we won. Not sure if you would have, around 2003/2004 home to Basingstoke think we won about 6-0. Sure it was them??
  12. Great day out and a fantastic result. Probably my favourite game of the last 16 years supporting Hornchurch!
  13. This is a hard one to call. IMO i would go with voiding the season so that it is fair across the leagues, but only that reason. I feel sorry for all at the club who have put in so much hard work on and off the pitch this season, to try and get us back to the Conference South. Where does a club like Hornchurch FC go and do after a situation like this as it damaging financially!! 🤔
  14. Has left to join Burgess Hill Town!! According to their twitter... Didnt see that one coming?!
  15. Needs to be appealed! Dont get if you dont ask...
  16. Shame it wasnt as well attended, but if the ideas that was being produced to us goes right then i can only see it benfiting the club in the long run. What do others think?
  17. Great game, hope it continues to Tuesday!
  18. Surely some one has something to say about the game, after all, over 100 people have read the above post!!
  19. "Took control" dont make me laugh!!
  20. Poor is all i can and will say regarding yesterdays game. We move on, with the league to concentrate on, its in our hands now. Lets hope we can all get over that line together!!
  21. They have obviously forgotten what a real pitch looks like, as they have a 3G/4G pitch now! 😂
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