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  1. I think we have kind of loaned our players out to keep match fit. I see Nathan Cooper has played a couple of games for Hemel Hempstead and has scored a goal in the week. Lets hope we get them both back!!
  2. Since George Purcell has left the club again, can you please put Stewards & Co down for Harry Gibbs? Thanks, Thanks Ann - now amended to Harry Gibbs.
  3. Is there any thought as to whether we may be allowed some clean up days at the stadium during the next month, I'm sure some people will be wanting to get out and do something rather than sitting indoors. (Weather permitting)!
  4. Home to Wingate & Finchley whenever it gets played...
  5. is there a route at the moment so we can all take a look at it, especially if its going over the South Downs!
  6. Let me edit that... If you mean the out door drinks bar / board room then it is in the ground. How are they going to know if you take a beer out of the clubhouse that it was from the outside bar? Because that is just ridiculous!!
  7. I see Matt Johnson has left the club. Can you put Ian and Ann down for Charlie Stimson please? Thanks Ann - Charlie Stimson now added
  8. Away to Bowers & Pitsea (again) 😣
  9. Wishing you both well and hope Jean continues a full recovery!
  10. What make (kappa/adidas etc..) is the Shirt as there is different size charts.
  11. Tony - why is there no news on shirts for sale? I'm sure loads of people want the new kit home/away What happened to the link that was mentioned where we would be able to go to the supplier directly and order what we wanted!? Is it still ProDirect Soccer as they have club shops online but never anything for Hornchurch!
  12. Head says Hampton Win, unfortunately. Heart says Urchins to nick it by the odd goal or on pens.
  13. As one half of the stewards I think I know who you are talking about if its in the direction of Hasbeen Hill?? If not, I'm not aware of it. I have had mouth abuse from said person/s and its not on, but nothing happens. Yes the language tonight and like some other match days is also not acceptable, we are a family club, and a line has to be drawn somewhere!! Abuse at the club is not acceptable, including between home supporters/officials AND not acceptable from the visiting away support to home fans/officials like I have heard about tonight.
  14. I would like to know what happened to the team we had in preseason who looked up for it , who was playing some great football against sides in higher leagues and had unfinished business. and the drive and determination to go on and potentially wanting to win the league . I know we have injuries, which doesn't bode well for us, but we were 2-0 up and looked like we could've had more , then it just fell apart with conceding sloppy goals and an inconsistent ref wearing yellow frilly knickers!! But its still early days and things will change which I'm sure they will!
  15. Away to Hampton and Richmond 😣
  16. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/club-information/covid-19-matchday-guidelines/
  17. Dont know, my group have booked a table at Dog and Duck
  18. Apparently they have a few on the gate, so their twitter said. (i think that's where i saw it)
  19. There is a bus from Stratford International Station, that goes just short of the ground.
  20. Stewards & Co ( Ann, Peter, Sean & Anthony) would like to combine to sponsor George Purcell please. Thanks - That must be the quickest sponsorship ever.
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