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  1. 6 hours ago, cup of tea said:

    Can’t argue with the scruffy pitch but there’s little we can do about that because of the athletics club. A lot of work goes into maintaining the pitch but there’s only so much the staff can do. I’ve seen worse this season

    They have obviously forgotten what a real pitch looks like, as they have a 3G/4G pitch now! 😂

  2. Great discipline from Hornchurch not to get wound up by Horsham.

    A very important three points from the game to help keep us in the mix, if we go on to win our games in hand then who knows!

  3. From Oxford City Forum...

    To anybody not in attendance a 4-4 draw that goes to penalties would sound like an exciting pulsating game that probably had everything, this was definitely not the case.

    A poor game with very little in the way of quality from either side.

    Some positives, delighted for Elliot Benyon who has worked his bollocks off in every appearance so far, took both of his goals very well and they are beyond deserved.

    Stef again on the scoresheet, his goals/minutes ratio must be very good

    Thought Josh Ashby was our best player, but i'm unsure why at 2-1 we suddenly decided to revert to 6 across the back and trying to lump the ball up in the hope that Benyon could do something with the scraps, we invited the pressure on and they deservedly equalised, at times we looked like a Hellenic league side literally just smashing the ball into the air.

    We couldn't cope with Marvin Morgan at all, he is an awkward customer but not exactly the most cultured of footballers but he tied Jefford in knots.

    Extra time was bizarre, again a bit of quality from Josh with the freekick and a nice finish from Brown.

    To rub salt into the wounds we ended up stuck on the M25 for a further hour on the way home!

    All the best to Hornchurch, although i imagine Dulwich will give them a good hiding



    😂😂😂😂😂 🍇🍇🍇


    Departs - 10.30 a.m.

    Adults - £15

    Concessions - £10

    1 Blackballed

    2 Anthony

    3 Ann

    4 Peter

    5 BeteBeatz

    6 Kel

    7 Ken

    8 Max

    9 BURF

    10 Barry

    11 Les 1

    12 Les 2

    13 Les 3

    14 Les 4 return only (Luke)

    15 Tom

    16 Norman Posner

    17 Rhys









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