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  1. I doubt very much that he was there, after all, all the tickets were sold by the club.
  2. yes, the fencing really does need to be fixed. Was fixed the other season, but large gaping holes appear in the wire, some how....!!
  3. Me too and i hear Derek is also away this weekend visiting family up North. Be good to do this over a couple of Saturdays and into Pre Season?
  4. three more names please Tony... Ian Hodgkinson Ann Hodgkinson Peter Hay
  5. Absolutely amazing. Head not with it, left my voice at Wembley. Feel exhausted today but so worth it. I'm hearing sour grapes of the finest from Hereford.... deary me, a club that wanted 20 thousand tickets couldn't even sell 3 thousand. Small club near Newport County!! UP THE URCHINS!!!
  6. 1. Im fine, busy ish.. 2. Yes of course, lunch at TGI Friday and then White Horse (both right next Wembley Stadium) 3. Personal preference. 4. No, Sharks are fast 5. No 6. No, i 'm only going to see the Hornchurch 7. Cant find one word to describe it 8. No, why do we never see baby pigeons? same as Seagulls, never see baby ones of them. 9.i go with the Crocs. Shark outnumbered 10. Tree hugger... ☮️
  7. Watch out people, Burgess has managed to get himself a ticket... 🤔 😂
  8. I did hear that the team are going the night before?? Anyone know what time, be good to see them off
  9. Got a table for lunch and drinks right next to the stadium. Birthday the same day, so making a day of it.
  10. https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/NLS-1-to-4-club-allocations-2021-22-FINAL-17.05.21.pdf
  11. I'm still in disbelief that Hornchurch have actually made it to Wembley. I see Hereford have had to put a general sale on their tickets as they've had so many returned and unclaimed through their ballot. So much for wanting 20 thousand and they cant even get rid of 3000! 😁
  12. Full schedule Tue 13th July – Frenford (Away) Sat 17th July – Canvey Island (Away) Tue 20th July – Southend United (Home) Sat 24th July – Dagenham and Redbridge (Home) Sat 31st July – Great Wakering Rovers (Away) Wed 4th August – Grays Athletic (Away) Sat 7th August – Chelmsford City (Home)
  13. 13th July Away to Frenford Btw, im noticing these on Twitter as i see them
  14. Think the majority have been sold today, to members, sponsors etc...
  15. They are a separate club to us and have their own way of doing things
  16. woops! nearly forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder!
  17. The supporters association have a pack that you can purchase to decorate the pub with. Should be a few available...?
  18. Its been great! I expect the next week or so to be very busy, so all hands on where needed!
  19. https://www.hornchurchfc.com/2021/05/club-shop-opening-hours/ yes it is
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