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  1. I've been advised that there is a coach to Saturday's game at Corinthian Casuals. Departing the club at 11:15am. Usual prices £15 Adult / £10 Concessions. Names below, please... 1. Ian 2. Jean Burd 3. Pete Burd 4. Anthony 5. Lawrence 6. Blackballed 7. Ray 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  2. Legend. Believe it or not, that was 10 years ago!!
  3. Not to forget to mention that the whole Dorking team were wearing GPS vests!
  4. Re,Sean Marks, has scored goals for us this season. We cannot knock that. Not being serviced with ball to create goals is probably frustrating. Plus he did look tired towards the end of second half. Maybe playing on a different type of surface has an effect while Dorking are more customed to their black pellet carpet?!!
  5. I'm sure every Hornchurch supporter is catching their head as to why we were 3 up and playing the best game of football played so far this season then to throw it away in the second half and only come away with one point. Major 2 points dropped!! At this level we cannot allow this to happen as we will find ourselves losing games and quiet possible end up at the wrong end of the table, which none of us want!! Use Tuesday against Basildon to get yesterday's game out of the system and then give all for the all important cup game on Saturday which is a must win. Heads up, keep going Hornchurch!
  6. Stewards? What stewards, only one turned up in the second half because we making more noise than the home side and because Dorking came back into the game more otherwise they didn't have any. What was that one steward restricting any way as I was standing behind the goal but could see the presence of said steward?
  7. Sour grapes comes to mind, always next season Harrow!
  8. https://www.billericaytownfc.co.uk/club-statement/
  9. Apparently Tamplin has put Billericay up for sale...
  10. Consistence with the results but we really do need to keep hold of all three points. They will come I'm sure. Keep going Hornchurch.
  11. There was a fair few FA Cup games yesterday and i believe we are due in at the next round. Which is to be played the Saturday 8th September. But when is the draw? Normally the following Monday? But tomorrow is Bank Holiday.
  12. One point definately taken yesterday against a young and lively Bognor side. Who will not doubt be in the top half or top 5 lookig to go straight back up. Good start to the season, keep going Hornchurch!!
  13. A little help is needed just for an hour or two prior to kick off at tomorrows game. As I will be on my own and I think Tel is still away? 1-3pm. I be at ground half 12 ish. Thanks.
  14. I would say that would be a fair enough opinion
  15. Staying up and avoiding relegation. Mid table holding our own would be ideal. Anything higher a bonus. A good FA Cup / Trophy run would be good
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