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  1. Obviously I picked the wrong game to watch. Good 1-0 win for camberley, a great goal it was too. They could be the team to challenge south park for the title!
  2. Hanworth villa vs molesey is on Westfield vs windsor is on Camberley vs hartley wintney is on Which game will be the one to go watch!? I'm looking at camberley vs hartley.
  3. EpsoM and ewell picked up 3 points on that pitch and they play football! South park lump as shown again tonight. Molesey without there two strikers for some reason! Gutted as I like watching them bully defences!
  4. Good luck to them both! Ill be there supporting south park!
  5. Another solid 6-1 win for south park! Look forward too seeing them play again. A very well organised team!
  6. I agree with you, as its been shown already. Bottom sides like colliers wood and chessington and hook I have seen play very well on there day and with the players they got could challenge any top side in this league.
  7. This is just going on games I've seen this season rich! You would say epsom as you follow epsom. I don't follow any team in particular in this league.
  8. I gotta disagree, apart from saturday molesey are by far the best footballing side in the league, do you get out of this league by playing football I don't think so, south park are similar too camberley but with more quality! Epsom get the ball down and play and I do like watching them!
  9. I have never been so disappointed in a game of football! Dreadful game to watch, shocking officials too! Camberley had the clearer chances, molesey had an off day and couldn't get there wingers involved where they are dangerous. Ball was in the air all the time as both sides went long! 2 Points out of 9 for molesey, I might stay away as I could be bad luck! Camberleys unbeaten run continues.
  10. Looking forward to this game! Workrate and quality of molesey against the strength and pace of camberley!
  11. Not too much money thrown about this season. Hence why its so close! Camberley must have the biggest budget and that can't be a lot!
  12. Well done epsom and ewell yesterday a very good win. Molesey played better but again couldn't finish. Hit the bar twice and couldn't hit the target. Epsom looked lively up top as usual, there first goal keeper beat at his near post and second was a mistake from the defender giving a weak backpass. I have enjoyed watching molesey the last 2 games, I don't see any weakness in there side and can see some high scores coming.
  13. I am just saying my point of view I am neither a windsor or molesey fan I just watched this game, I didn't like the way the windsor fans were talking. I say too good as they created far more and didn't let windsor have a sniff most of the game. Agree its about putting the ball in the net but performance wise I thought they was a lot better.
  14. I was stood next too a group of windsor supporters last night, 'we are not at full strength again so what do you expect' then I come on here and and see you highlight about your keeper is an outfield player and missing ben harris. I could well be mistaken but it sounded like excuses from the comments I heard.
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